Maggi Pazzta vs Knor Instant Pasta

Recently I had a chance to test out two instant pasta. They are the Cheese Macaroni Pazzta by Maggi and Instant Pasta Chicken Bolognese variant from Knorr.

Back of the products showing ingredients and cooking instructions

Both the Maggi and Knorr instant pastas are instant pastas. The Maggi one requires cooking for 5 minutes whereas the Knorr one requires steeping* for 5 minutes. (*steeping = soaking food or tea in water or other liquid to extract its flavour or to soften it)

So here goes the Knorr Pasta preparation

Pour the contents of Knorr’s instant pasta into a bowl. Spiral pasta is provided.

Add the packet of ingredients. Then add 110ml of hot boiling water, cover and stand for 5 minutes.

The pasta is ready to be served.

Now, let’s prepare the Maggi Cheese Macaroni Pazzta

Pour the macaroni into a pot followed by the packet of ingredients

Add 250ml of water, turn on the fire and cook/simmer for 5 minutes.

Your cheese macaroni is ready to be served.

The Knorr one tasted a bit rubbery, but I think it can be improved if steeped for a little while longer or even cooked for a short time like the Maggi one.

Taste wise, I can’t really compare the two because the variants I had are very different ie Chicken Bolognese vs Cheesy Macaroni. The taste is personal, do you like cheesy or tomato based sauces?

Convenience wise, this is great for students, singles, office workers who wish to have a quick meal or on mom’s lazy days but if mom is not lazy, I think it is better for mom to add another 15 minutes to cooking time to cook pasta from almost scratch using canned pasta sauce. Of course if you really want to make everything from scratch it requires a lot more time!

Convenience wise, Knorr is better because you have a cup variant too and all you need to do is pour boiling water and let it stand just like instant cup noodles whereas the Maggi one needs to be cooked for a short while which may not be convenient for those without cooking facilities.

Price wise, you need to compare satchet vs satchet. Knorr is about RM2.50 for a 40g satchet (if you break it down, usually the satchets are sold in 3s) whereas Maggi is about RM3.30 for a 64g or 70g satchet.

Have you tried the instant pastas? Did you like it?

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Knorr Instant Pasta
Where to Buy: Unilever official store

Knorr Instant Pasta is available in satchets (around RM7.50 for 3x40g) or cup (around RM3.85 for 40g) in the following variants – chicken bolognese, creamy mushroom, cheesy carbonara.

Maggi Pazzta
Where to Buy: Nestle Official Store

Maggi Pazzta is available in two variants ie Cheese Macaroni and Mushroom Penne at around RM3.30 in satchet form ( (Cheese Macaroni 70g / Mushroom Penne 64g) )

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