The other day we discovered a snake in our toilet bowl. Yes, a snake. Yikes! We were in such a state of shock the only thing we could think of doing right there and then was to flush the toilet bowl at lightning speed. We didn’t stop to take photos or call the firemen, We just followed our reflexes.

I later learned that flushing may not necessarily remove the snake. It’s still lurking somewhere down there in my sewers. What a comforting thought….

Too late now. The snake is gone but the thought of it coming back scares us so much we quickly went and ordered a toilet seat safety lock. This is a safety lock that is meant to baby proof your toilet from curious babies and pets too. At the same time it will hold back any snakes from crawling out of the toilet bowl. Ewe.

Just in case you don’t think it will happen to you, note that I live in a double storey terrace house in the city. There are no forests near me, well, maybe some bushes but that is about it.

So here it is, our toilet seat safety lock. It is very easy to install using strong 3M adhesive. No screws or drilling required. It is very easy to operate too. It locks at the push of a button and unlock with a push of the same button while pulling the lever. That’s it. Hopefully, we can sleep better at night after this.

Where to buy this Toilet Bowl Safety Cover:

The toilet seat safety lock in locked position
This is the unlock position for the toilet seat safety lock
Press this button to move back to lock position

Where to buy this Toilet Bowl Safety Lock:

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