Our DIY Earrings Starter Box Set Loot!

I wanted to get a friend started on a new hobby. This friend is rather creative so we decided that jewelry making was the perfect thing for her. So I looked around online, found and purchased these to get her started on a new hobby of making jewelry, earrings, bracelets for gifting out to friends. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

The very first thing we needed was a set of diy jewelry making tools. The most basic of all would probably be a wire cutter, a flat nosed plier or some round nosed pliers and some wires. This seem to do the job nicely.

We bought a 7 Pack Jewelry Making Tools Needle Nosed Round Nose Pliers Side Cutters Beading Jewelry Wires Jewelry Making Supplies from here.

Next we needed some beads and earring findings. Since we are really beginners with no experience, we decided to get box sets that come with everything. I found the following which are perfect the perfect starter sets for making diy earrings jewelry. After some searching, I bought one with geometric design, one to make Christmas themed earrings with red and green beads and one to make tassel earrings. Love them.

All our jewelry making tools in one place ready for the start of our new hobby

My friend said that this is her favourite diy earrings box set of all. She said that the set can also be used to repair her jewelry.

Below are some of the suggested designs for each of the sets we bought.

Here’s where we bought the DIY earrings starter kits.

1. Tassel Earrings Making Starter Kit to make 10 pairs of earrings

2.  Leopard Dangle Earrings Making Starter Kit with Geometric Resin Charms 

3. Christmas Crystal Beads Dangle Earring Making Kits with Snowman Angel Wing Glass Beads

After buying the above, I continued to search and found lots of lovely diy dangling earrings making kit or bracelet making starter sets. So tempted to buy more!

This store sells quite a lot of designs for the starter kits. The brand they sell is called SunnyClue DIY Jewelry making kit. It comes very nicely packaged in a box with all the jewelry making materials in a plastic container as shown in the picture below. You can go to the store called Arricraft. I did a quick search and here are some of the various designs available for the diy jewelry making kits.

The shared links above are all from shopee where I bought the kits from. For those who prefer to shop at Lazada, perhaps you could try this instead. DIY Beads Jewelry Making Supplies Kit for Bracelets Necklaces Earrings I didn’t get the set below, because I think the beads design look more for preteens or teenagers. It would be a very exciting set for the younger people and it is all inclusive with all the things you need to make jewelry be it earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

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