Do you like to try sheet masks? I do! Sheet masks are very popular nowadays and there are many varieties available. So many that sometimes I don’t know what to choose. Part of the popularity is because it is like having a quick facial spa which you can do yourself at home.

Today was a particularly hot day. My husband and I left the house to buy paint but on the way there I noticed that my car battery indicator light was on. This could mean that either my alternator or fan belt was out. We decided to drive straight to the workshop after the hardware shop and true enough we had to replace those parts but it would take 4 hours meaning we had to leave the car at the workshop and walk home in the scorching sun!

I was so tired and hot by the time I got home I decided to try out my new JKONA Marine Miracle Balancing Hydrogel Mask. This Hydrogel mask with micro pore sheet and highly enriched firming essence enhances skin firmness & vitality.

How is a Hydrogel Sheet Mask different from other masks?

A hydrogel sheet mask has breathing micro pores and adheres to the face easily to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. It is made of gel instead of cotton or paper. The JKONA Marine Balancing Hydrogel Mask has marine plant ingredients including 7 kinds of brown algae which contains B7 Complex. It also contains pearl extract and hydrolyzed conchiolin protein. Together these ingredients give loose skin firmness and promote plump skin.

The pack you received is an anti-wrinkle pack. Wash the face, apply hydrogel, and leave for 15 minutes. It is a pack that has the effect of preventing wrinkles as the hydrogel adheres to the face.

How to use the Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Cleanse the face and use a toner to prepare the face first, then put on the mask for 20 minutes.

I only had about 20 minutes before I had to prepare lunch so I quickly tore open the package. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mask came in two parts. The upper covers the forehead, nose and cheeks. The lower part covers the cheeks and chin. This makes it easy to fit any face shape. You know how difficult it is to pull mask that are too small or have oversized masks that cover the neck but not the forehead. By having two sections, the mask is easy to fit plus it adheres to the skin easily as soon as you put it on. The mask itself is protected and covered by two layers of film. Just remove the top and bottom layer before applying the mask to your face.

I felt instantly cooled down for a quick me time. After 20 minutes, I removed the mask and I was supposed to pat the balance but I found that all the ingredients had absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling smooth. You know how it is like when you wear masks and sometimes there is so much of leftover liquid making your face feeling sticky. This one did not feel like that. The face felt smooth and normal.

This is the front and back of the JKONA Marine Miracle Balancing Hydrogel Mask packaging

Removing the mask from the packet.

The mask comes in two sections.

This is me having a quick 20 minute me-time with the JKONA Marine Miracle Balancing Hydrogel Mask

This is how the JKONA Marine Miracle Balancing Hydrogel Mask looks like after I removed it

Where to buy

Retailing at RM7 per sheet, you can buy it from Kmommypick’s store on Shopee. The store is run by MJ Kim from Korea. She curates and handpicks some of the best Korean products that she is using, have used, and have come to love. The products will be sent to you directly from Korea.

Buy Now:

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