So you’ve heard of all the benefits of adding collagen into your skincare routine but you don’t know where to start. I find that the best starting point is to get a full set of collagen products instead of ad hoc. Here’s one such set.

This set of Beaudani Collagen Skincare products consist of

  • Collagen Mist
  • Collagen Powder
  • Collagen Fluid (Liquid Lotion)
  • Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch

Step 1:

Add collagen powder to the collagen mist. The blend provides rich nutrition to the skin for wrinkle & complexion improvement Adding collagen to the mist maximizes the effect of skin care and elasticity care. Collagen Content will become the same as 30 times used in ampoules when collagen powder is mixed with the collagen mist.

Step 2: Apply Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch

The Collagen Concentrate Patch comes in a pack with

  • 4pcs for Forehead, Neck
  • 8pcs (4pairs) for Cheek
  • 4pcs (2pairs) for Eye

The patch looks like a sheet mask or gel mask but feels very different. It is a cosmetic patch that instantly dissolves collagen fibers and penetrates quickly into the skin being the first patented nanofiber technology in Korea. This patch is designed for intensive partial care on the desired area with an appropriate amount to enable better absorption into the skin.

I find it a little bit challenging to use. A help with a partner would make it easier as the patch is very thin since it dissolves when misted. Make sure your hands are dry before you peel of the patch to prevent the patch from sticking to your hands and. Get help to position them in place and then spray the mist. The patch will dissolve instantly like magic. Your skin will have an instant sheen to it.

Step 3. Apply the Infusing Collagen Concentrate Fluid

This fluid feels like a lotion. It is packed with collagen. When applied, the collagen ingredients will be absorbed evenly throughout the skin.

All of the products feels natural with no strong smell or colour.

You can stop at Step 3 but if you prefer, you can add the following next steps to your beauty routine.

Step 4. Apply moisturizer as you normally would

Step 5. Apply CC. Cream for day or facial oil for night

Step 6. Apply Sunscreen

Step 7. Apply your make-up as usual if you are using make-up products like foundation, concealer, cushions, loose powder etc.

Watch the video below for Steps 1 to 3

Recommended Steps 4 & 5 for day/night

Where to buy:

You can buy these collagen products direct from Korea at K Mommy’s Pick store at Shopee:

Use code KMOMMPSP1, KMOMMPSP2 or KMOMMPSP3 to get 5% off the price. This is an exclusive Shop Voucher code so make sure you “Add Shop Voucher Code” at the given tab and not “Enter Code at Platform Voucher” to make sure you redeem this code with success.

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