Recently we bought a greenhouse from Shopee from this store:

It was something my son suggested as his after school exam project. The greenhouse came in a packet as seen below. It was easy to fix. Just like playing with Lego. There are 3 kinds of cover for the greenhouse. Army Green, Transparent or White. We chose the transparent one.

It was not easy to find the size we wanted, so we bought two and put them side by side.

The greenhouse came with racks for the plants, no need to buy extra racks, that is the great part about it.

If you are wondering why our greenhouse went from transparent to green, it is because the transparent one was too hot for our weather. We were sweating buckets each time we were in it. Imagine how the plants must have felt. Fortunately it was easy to buy green mesh to replace the covers. We bought the sunshade garden mesh from Shopee as well:

We also put up an irrigation or self watering system for the plants in our greenhouse. We decided to grow vegetables from seeds. It was really good, because the mesh kept the pests and weeds out. After two months we could harvest and eat our own homegrown vegetables weekly. We had successfully created our own urban farm at home!

Below are the tips for setting up your own urban farm garden greenhouse in tropical weather, based on our trial and error and mistakes we made along the way until eventual success.

  1. Consider the heat. If you have a lush garden with overhanging trees, you could get a transparent greenhouse. We had direct heat with no trees, the transparent one without windows was much too hot for our tropical weather. Eventually, we had to cut it away and replace it with green garden mesh. We should have bought the army green one with windows for ventilation.
  2. Remember to tie your greenhouse down to the ground with stakes. We did not have soil, so we tied it to our bigger and heavier plant pots. However, it was not good enough or we did not do a good enough job. Soon our greenhouse began to tilt. Another reason was because our floor was probably not very even to begin with. You need to secure your greenhouse firmly to the ground. Otherwise, it may tilt from the weight of your pots of soils and plants.
  3. Consider setting up an irrigation or self watering system if your greenhouse is not easily accessible. We placed ours in the back porch. We go to our back porch less often than the front one, so we needed an irrigation system to make sure our plants get enough water. With a self watering system in place, now, we only have to go once a week to add fertilizer as the greenhouse really helps to keep pests and weeds away.

Setting up an irrigation or self watering system for your plants …. Next topic is coming soon….

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