I write and maintain the following blogs and websites:

1. Parenting Times – This blog is a mini parenting resource on its own. It is a cyber filing cabinet of parenting articles and links. A place to find links to children’s favourite sites, online games, craft ideas plus a place of discussion on childcare and other parenting issues faced by parents.

2. Mothering Times – This blog is an excellent resource for new mothers on all things related to motherhood starting from pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, to all aspects of childcare, feeding, sleep, temper tantrums, toilet training etc. It has good content and articles plus relevant online links for mothers.

3. Mumsgather – This blog is maintained by a SAHM of two children under five years old. This family friendly and lifestyle blog is regularly updated and the author enjoys writing about parenting and other family related issues, women issues, shopping, gossip, and of course anything that is related to blogging.

4. Quotes Station – A Quote A Day Keeps The Blues Away! Positive thinking takes practise. This blog was created so that I have a place to practise thinking positively.

5. Be Health Aware – My secret new blog. I have just started it so I have not included it in many of my profiles yet.

5. I also write at HubPages. You can visit my HubPages profile here. It is filled with articles and gift ideas for parents.

I enjoy writing the occassional poem and sharing my children’s arts and crafts. Links to those can be found here:

1. My Poems – I love to write poems. Usually the poems I write are about family and love. My family is my inspiration for my poems. This page contain links to some poems I’ve written over the past two years.

2. My Kid’s Crafts – I love to do crafts with my kids and they enjoy it too. This page contain links to some of the fun crafts we have done together. I hope to add to this list from time to time. If you’re looking for some easy craft ideas, do visit the links as I’ve posted photos of the completed craft projects.

I love to blog and if I had more time, I’d probably have a lot more blogs and websites than those listed above. Lol! I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Thank you for dropping by.