Epoxy Flooring Systems For Garage

Most garages in residential homes are covered with cement flooring. That makes it look kind of old and cheap. You should consider epoxy flooring systems to turn your garage into a professional looking space that you would be proud off. Besides that, it is durable too. For examples of types of Epoxy Flooring Systems for garage, have a look at Philadelphia epoxy floors.

Various options like metallic, flake, quartz, pigment in different colors will turn your old garage into a functional place of beauty that you can easily clean up. There are Epoxy flooring specifically for garages that are  oil and chemical resistant. They also last for years.

Here’s what you should know about Epoxy Flooring. Epoxy Flooring systems are not paint but rather they are a tough resin coating. The thick coating is what makes it so hardy so you don’t have to worry about scratches when you drop a tool from your tool box when working in your garage on your epoxy finished flooring. That’s what makes it hardy and durable. Having said that however, you should still exercise care by not dragging heavy sharp things across your garage floor.

Clean-up is easy because you just have to wipe off any gasoline or brake fluids, motor oil or other chemicals without worrying about stain marks since the flooring resists oil and chemicals.

Epoxy is often used for industrial and commercial projects because it is hardy. This is exactly what makes it suitable for your home garage. If you are someone who likes working in the garage, you will want to work in a professional and bright auto showroom. Epoxy flooring can instantly transform your garage into one that you will be proud of and love spending time in. You can choose a high gloss finish for that auto showroom look.

Another part of your home that will benefit from epoxy flooring is the kitchen or the basement.


Sometimes You Have To Say What You Want To Get What You Want

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and if I hadn’t said anything, no one would have remembered. So before the date, I marked it down on the spouse’s calendar who reminded the kids on the day. Sneaky, yes? Well, if you don’t say it, you won’t get it.

We don’t usually celebrate occasions very much. I know the spouse gets all stressed up just thinking of what to buy and how to celebrate. It just isn’t him. So, this year I decided to spare him and make myself happy at the same time. Sometimes you have to say what you want to get it.

May and June is a peak celebration month for us. We have the girl’s birthday, my birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, our wedding anniversary, mid-year school holidays. This year its our 15th anniversary and my 50th birthday. Lots of reasons to celebrate.

So, I decided to have a one-in-all celebration. There’s no point going out on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and rushing with the mad crowd. The kids are in the midst of exams and they are too busy studying.

So I wrote down all the upcoming important dates and brought it to my spouse. I could see his worried frown as I proceeded to announce all the upcoming dates. I could see him thinking of how on earth he was going to celebrate all of those dates so near to each other. Poor guy!

Finally, I told him that I would really like for him to take me to that place that he took me when we were dating and I gave him two dates to select. Both of these dates fall during the upcoming school holidays. We will have our all-in-one celebration then, my girl’s birthday, mummy’s 50th birthday, our 15th year wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Of course he couldn’t say no. So now everyone’s happy. We’ll get to go to the place that I want, we get to celebrate, we’ll avoid all the crowds, we’ll save from eating out just once instead of 5 times and the man, well, he was simply relieved.

The moral of the story? Do not fret and become unhappy because your spouse is not the type to remember important occasions. Remind him and tell him what you want BEFORE the event, not pout and argue AFTER the event that was forgotten and not celebrated.






Ready for Kids? Tips from Conception to Birth

Deciding to have children is an exciting experience for many people. If you’re a woman though, it also comes with some serious health concerns since you’re the one who will actually be carrying the baby. While you shouldn’t be scared to have kids, there are things you need to consider.

Man women also find that having children isn’t quite as easy as they thought it would be. For some women, the relatively simple idea of just getting pregnant can take months or even years to happen.

Use this guide to learn more about having children. From conception to birth, there’s a lot that moms need to know.

Find a Doctor

Every woman who is thinking about having a baby knows how important it is to seek medical care if they want a healthy child. However, many women simply aren’t happy with their current doctors for one reason or another.

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant in the next year, finding a Cypress OBGYN that you can trust can really mean a whole lot to your overall health. Not only will they be able to guide you through your pregnancy, but they can work with you right from the beginning.

After all, having a healthy child starts with you. You’ll also be able to develop a relationship that you can use throughout the rest of your adult life as a woman. After you have a child you’ll still need a doctor who can help you with a variety of issues that may or may not pop up in your life.

Eat Right

It sounds totally cliché to say that you’re going to be eating for two when you get pregnant, but when you’re carrying a child, your nutritional needs are no longer just your own. That’s why it’s important to eat well.

To make sure you’re giving your child everything they need, you should get in the habit of eating well before you’re even pregnant. By eating lots of fruit, vegetables and lean protein before you even have a baby, you’ll also be preparing a healthy body for your child.

Talk with your doctor about any special nutritional needs you may have when considering getting pregnant. Sometimes what you eat can make a huge difference in how easy it is to have a baby and how you feel once you’re pregnant.

How To Clean Your Cowhide Rug

Effective Ways To Clean A Cowhide Rug
Many people like to use cowhide rugs in high traffic areas. The reason is that cowhide rugs are extremely durable and are mostly able to resist staining. This type of rug is also easier to maintain when compared to other rugs. Any rug that is in constantly being used will need to be regularly cleaned. It is also more prone to experiencing different types of spills and debris. An attractive feature of cowhide rugs is how they’re able to be cleaned with items common in most homes. They should never be dry cleaned or put in a washing machine. Chemical cleaners should never be used. It is also important they never become soaking wet.

Shaking Out
It is recommended that owners take their cowhide rug outside at least once a week and give it a good shaking. Doing this is an effective way to remove large particles that have gotten on the rug as well as dust. It’s best to hang a cowhide rug on a clothesline, fence or banister. Hit the rug with a broom or similar object. This will cause dirt and dust to get off the rug even if it’s in deep.

It’s possible to clean a cowhide rug by brushing it lightly. When doing this, it is important to brush in the direction of the fur. A wire rug brush that was made to brush animal fur can be used. It is also possible to put unscented talcum powder on the fur and leave it for a few hours and then brush the rug. This is a good way to remove dirt, dust, grime, and odors.

Steam Cleaning
It is good to steam clean a cowhide rug. This method is very effective when it comes to removing difficult stains and odors. The process begins with the cowhide rug being vacuumed. This will remove any loose items like soil and other debris. The most effective way to vacuum a cowhide rug is to use the hose attachment. The hose should always be moved with the grain of the hair. The steam cleaner should also be moved in the direction of the grain of the hair. When the process is finished, the cowhide rug should be damp but not wet. The rug should dry completely before being used again.

Cleaning Food Stains
When food stains from pasta, chips or anything that is not liquid gets on a cowhide rug, it first needs to be removed with an item able to scrape away foodstuff. It could be things such as a spoon, pet brush or even a very dull knife. The scraping needs to be done in the direction of the hair. If there is a stain, it needs to be removed with a damp cloth and sudsy water. This should be done with a non-alkaline soap. When this is done, a new damp cloth can be used to remove the residue. The cowhide rug then needs dry at room temperature.

Removing Grease Stains
The process of removing oil or grease stains from a cowhide rug is very much like removing food stains. It starts by carefully scraping off as much of the oil and grease as possible. As with removing food stains, this can be accomplished using a spoon, pet brush or even a very dull knife. It is important to remember to scrape the oil or grease in the same direction as the hair. The next step is put a small amount of organic eucalyptus oil directly onto the stain. A cloth that is clean and dry need to then be used to wipe up the stain. The cowhide rug will need to be completely dry before it is used again. Should the stain remain after this process, it may be time to contact a professional rug cleaner.