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Do You Like To Pin On Pininterest?

Wednesday 18 July 2012 @ 9:25 am


I like to Pin on Pininterest and I like following Pins. Pininterest is a site where you can share all the beautiful things you find on the web through your own Pinboards. They say a picture speaks a volumes and that is exactly how Pininterest works, sharing of websites through pictures.

Funnily, I find that most pininterest users are female and what is shared the most of all are recipes, crafts, clothing and accessories as well as quotes. For example if someone shares a picture of a piece of mouth watering chocolate cake, most likely clicking on that picture will bring up the recipe for that piece of chocolate cake.

I pin most of the images on my Squidoo lenses as well as some on my blog because I find that it really helps in the traffic. Even old blog posts can have a surge of traffic if you share one of the images from that old blog post.

Since I am a very active Pininterest user, I find that having two things really helps in my finding and pinning sites.

  1. To have a pin it button on all of my sites. That helps me to pin the images and helps others pin it too if they like it.
  2. To install a pin it button on my bookmarks bar. (only for Google Chrome Users). I find this excellent in pinning images.

If you have a blog and are a heavy pininterest user, I recommend you to do both. You can find the pin it buttons for your website and your Google Chrome Browser here. To have the pin it button on your browser, all you have to do is drag the button to your bookmarks bar. Once that is done, whenever you visit a website or url, all you have to do is click on the pin it button on your bookmarks bar and you can easily pick from a whole range of all the images from that url. You do not have to search for the images one by one, they are all presented in a page. It is really easy, much easier than clicking “add it” and then scrolling through the images one by one. I recommend it.

Are you on pininterest too? If you are, leave me your pininterest profile or username in the comments and I will follow you. :)

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How To Add A Pininterest Pin It Button For Your Blogger Blog

Friday 18 May 2012 @ 6:25 pm

Today I added a Pininterest Pin It Button for all my blogger blogs. This is a great way to get traffic, even for your old blog posts.

With more and more information available online, people’s attention are getting less and less. People are reading less and less and now, they just want to look at pictures before deciding whether to read. I suppose that is why Pininterest is so popular.

Pininterest has a section called “Goodies” which includes Pin It Button for websites. However, I couldn’t quite figure out how to use that for this or for my blogger blogs. For this wordpress blog, I merely searched for Pininterest Plugin and installed the first plugin I saw out of the various available.

As for my blogger blogs, I used this – Pininterest Pin It Buttons And Follow Buttons For Blogger and WordPress from Spice Up Your

I implemented the step by step instructions from that blog on how to install the pininterest Pin In Button for all my blogger blogs. Great! Now, visitors will have more than one ways to share content from my blog. My Parenting Blog especially is full of images of crafts to share whilst my Quotes Blog has many beautiful Quotes and Images.

Happy Pinning.

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Gifts for Mothers With Funny Mom Quotes

Friday 27 April 2012 @ 12:38 pm

I have not been blogging much lately. I have been busy writing Squidoo Lenses and publishing my books. I find that after blogging for 8 years, I have to move on to other things in order to keep myself motivated. Oh, I won’t close my blogs, that is for sure. Doing other things, gives me more things to blog about!

My latest online venture is starting a CafePress Shop. I have started the shop with a niche for moms who like funny quotes to lighten up their day. I am not a good artist but I am good with words and I love Quotes, that is why I decided to concentrate my shop on Gifts for Mothers with Funny Mom Quotes.

It is easy to do many things online like starting a blog, writing Squidoo lenses, even starting up shop and publishing your own book! However, do not be fooled into thinking that because these things are easy to do, it is easy to make money online. Many of these things do not make money online. It is the process of doing them which is fun and fulfilling.

These days I carry a notebook around with me, to jot down all my thoughts and ideas and writings. If I don’t, I forget them and they are lost. Starting on new things like writing a book and starting a store has made things interesting again, just like the early days of blogging. The good thing is my books and items are print on demand so I don’t have to come up with any money for this hobby. That is a good thing because otherwise I would not have the financing to do any of these things which I love. :) I enjoy doing them even if I don’t sell a single item or book. Isn’t that crazy? I guess that is what they call passion. :)

Below is the my facebook page for my second book. Have you liked it yet?

Draw Something

Wednesday 28 March 2012 @ 9:54 am

Everyone seems to be playing Draw Something. I was quite amused to find that my Parenting Blog has been getting lots of hits from my post Can I Play Draw Something Online? Just take a look at this log which I copied and pasted from the Recent Keyword Activity log from my StatCounter. Between 8.03 to 8.33, there were 10 visitors from people searching for Draw Something Online. That means someone wanted to play Draw Something Online every 3 minutes. :P

I copied and pasted this log which came with live links but deleted the links in case I get penalised for over linking or something. ;) In this log you will find the date, the time, where the visitors are coming from, whether google, yahoo or bing etc, the search term as well as the url they visited. Sometimes you see  little numbers after the search term. Those mean whether my blog post is #1 or #4 or etc on google’s first page. It is dynamic so if you do a search right now on google for “Draw Something Online” you may see my post on different spots, sometimes #1, sometimes #3 etc. The little magnifying glass shows details about the visitor and where he or she is coming from.

It’s fun to monitor my stats. My visitors has doubled ever since I wrote the post. Too bad my adsense did not double, if anything it went down. Haha. That just goes to show that more visitors may not always mean more sales.

Do you like to play Draw Something? Which do  you prefer? Draw Something or Angry Birds Space? Go to my post Draw Something Online and Vote in the Poll. At the moment, I have just 10 voters. Aww.. but no worries, the numbers will go up. Have a look at this other poll I did some time ago. There are 788 votes as off today. :)

I love polls. I am mad about blogging. I love watching my stats. I love Squidoo. I’m happy to be able to do what I love. :)

28 Mar 08:33:37
 play draw something online to iphone #1
28 Mar 08:32:53
 draw something online #4
28 Mar 08:30:43
 can you play draw something online #2
28 Mar 08:29:26
 play draw something online #6
28 Mar 08:26:27
 draw something online #4
28 Mar 08:26:19
 draw something online #4
28 Mar 08:22:38
 draw something online
28 Mar 08:18:30
 english in china’s kintergarten #5
28 Mar 08:11:09
 can you play draw something online?
28 Mar 08:07:42
 draw something online #4
28 Mar 08:03:58
 draw something online

Oh, I Thought I Was The Only One

Thursday 9 February 2012 @ 9:04 am

I have been away from my computer for a while. The kids were home for the Chinese New Year holidays and hubby took a long leave too. So I have been really out of touch about online activities. So out of touch that I didn’t even know that my good friend had launched her first book yesterday. Its called “Oh, I Thought I Was The Only One”.

I’m really proud of her achievement. It just goes to show that sometimes dreams do come true if you follow your dreams.

I’ve known this friend for 20 years.  At the time, we were both 16 and we wore pigtails or sometimes pony tails to school. We used to talk about our dreams. She dreamed about counselling people and becoming a psychologist. Well she now has a Masters in Psychology, Specializing in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and she has just written a book to help people to cope with the downturns in their life. I think it helps anyone going through a difficult time to know that they are not alone, that they are not the only one.

Congratulations kopi soh for following your dream of helping people and for achieving this through a book. My friend is now planning her second book. Its called “Secrets Behind Blog Doors”. How intriguing. I can’t wait to see the launching of that one.


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