Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

It is that time of the year again to start thinking about organizing the best and scariest Halloween party ever! Halloween parties are one of the best parties to organize. Everyone loves a party with a theme. With Halloween, you don’t have to crack your heads over what theme your party should have, the theme is CREEPY!

All you have to worry about is how to make your party spooky and fun. Here are some great Halloween Party Decoration Ideas to get you started.

Whoooooo! Whoooo! Booooo! Lets get started then with our Halloween Party Decoration Ideas!

Let’s start with the ceiling. You can decorate your ceiling with a 20 foot giant hanging black spider.

It is lightweight and easy to install making it a very easy Halloween Party decoration to put up. You can even keep it to be reused the next Halloween.

Greet Your Halloween Party Guests with these scary skeleton flamingoes. They’re scary yet elegant.

Party Decorations can start outside the house at the lawn. These pair of Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor Ornaments are great for a Halloween Haunted House party.

Let’s move on to lights. In Any Halloween Party, You Will Need Lights

These Peep And Peepers Halloween Lights Will Spook Your Party Attendees In Your Haunted Halloween House Party

Hide these fun Halloween lilghts in trees for an outdoor Halloween Party or place them strategically at the front of windows to make it seem as though there is someone peeping out from your house.

These are great for a Halloween Party especially a Halloween Party with a Haunted House Theme.

We must not forget the food at your Halloween Party. Why not serve your Halloween Guests on a scary treat stand

What better way to serve your guest for a Halloween Party then to have your party treats on a Halloween CupCake Stand and Holder  . These Halloween treat stand can hold up to 24 cupcakes. You might want to make those scary cupcakes!

Your Halloween party food should have a scary theme. You can make scary looking food or make ordinary food look scary by adding Halloween Picks and other easy decoration.

Last but not least, your party guests just might need to use the bathroom. Ahem! Don’t forget to decorate the bathroom for your Halloween Party. Use the same theme as the rest of your house whether it is ghosts, spiders, witch, skeletons or whatever it is you like for this year. Raise the scare factor in the bathroom.

Scare your guests right off their seats (toilet seats that is) with this Halloween Skeleton Grinning Skull Toilet Paper Holder Decoration for your bathroom.

Don’t forget your Halloween Balloons and Halloween Banners.  A set of Glow In The Dark Halloween Skeletons Balloons are just perfect for any Halloween Party Decorations.

They are so simple to do. All you need to do is blow them up and hang them in strategic positions in your house. Oh, do make that, a dark part of your house because these Halloween Balloons glow in the dark!

You can then add some scary Halloween streamers or lighting to give the extra spooky factor. First place your balloons in strategic positions, then add hanging spiders, skeletons, Halloween Wall Stickers and other Halloween Banners and streamers to complete the look of your Halloween Decoration.

Then add little details like a scary skeleton in a corner, a lighted pumpkin or ghost in an unexpected place.

Wall Decals are an easy way to decorate. Wall Decals make a great decoration piece for a Halloween party

Those peel and stick wall stickers or wall decals are perfect for changing the look of any room for a Halloween themed party. A Halloween Witch Giant Wall Decal  will change the look of your room instantly and set the mood for Halloween.

Pumpkins are a must have Halloween Decor for your party. Head over to DLTK for some great pumpkin carving patterns. “Jack O’-Lantern can be more than just a pumpkin with some creative Halloween Party Decorations.”

For a low budget Halloween Party, all you will need are some nice Halloween party napkin sets, halloween balloons and a few homemade Halloween party decorations and you have got a Halloween party. Halloween Party Sets And Halloween Table Runners Are Great For Setting Up Your Halloween Party Tables.

Every party needs party sets and party accessories for serving party food. Halloween party just makes it all the more fun with interesting and cool Halloween Party Sets for serving your Halloween Party guests.

These are the little touch, the extras that make everything complete. Then you can sit back and enjoy your Halloween party! Don’t forget to check out my other blog for Themed Halloween Costume Ideas.

Shangri-La Hotel, KL Mooncake

Before we could finish eating our mooncake from my previous post, we received a box of Shangri-La Hotel, KL mooncake. We got a traditional one with lotus paste with yolk and white lotus paste. These are good for older folks who do not like the new varieties of mooncake but hey, I’m not that old. Only 50….

Anyway, here is the ‘unboxing’ of our Shangri-La Hotel mooncakes.

It came in a nice paper bag that matched the cover of the mooncake box.

Shangri-La Hotel Mooncake

Shangri-La Hotel Mooncake Bag


You know, when it comes to mooncakes, the box usually cost more. Every year, all the hotels and restaurants and bakeries will try to beat each other in designing the most beautiful and creative mooncake box.  You have mooncake boxes that pop out, slide open etc. I’ve damaged quite a few in my feeble attempts to pry them open the wrong way.  I was curious to see what this one will do.

Shangri-La KL Mooncake box

Shangri-La Hotel Mooncake Box

Well, the Shangri-La mooncake box, splits into halve!

Shangri-La Mooncake Box

The Shangri-La Mooncake Box opens sideways

You can slide it all the way, till it forms a straight line with four drawers. Hmmm… cute but the pretty design at the top gets broken into two as well. Pity. Designers take note.

The mooncake box looks like this when straightened all the way

The mooncake box looks like this when straightened all the way


Open up the drawers and hey, pretty baked mooncakes inside another paper box within a plastic case.

Shangri-La KL Mooncakes

Shangri-La KL Mooncakes


Here is a closer look at the pretty baked mooncake.

Shangri-La Lotus Paste Mooncake

Shangri-La Lotus Paste Mooncake

I won’t be writing about the mooncake taste today because I still have to finish eating up our Ritz Carlton KL, Li Yen Restaurant Mooncakes. ~~Fly me to the moon~~



Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes 2014

This year, quite by chance I received not one, not two but three Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Boxes as gifts. Hmm… what shall I do with all of those mooncakes. I mean my familly are over the moon with moon cakes but three, three sets from the same establishment? I guess I’ll just have to review them then, don’t I? Right, first lets have a look at the Mandarin Oriental Mooncake boxes. Ok, they’re not all like that. I have three remember? So I stacked mine up one on top of another. I guess they’ll make good looking storage boxes after we’re done.

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Boxes

Well then, let’s have a look inside. Ahhh… fortunately when we looked inside, they weren’t identical. We had two with four boxes inside and one with six boxes inside.

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake BoxMandarin Oriental Mooncake Box 2

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Flavours – What sort of flavours did we get? In the four box one, we had lotus paste with one yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, chicken ham mixed nuts and green tea charcoal. (I’m rather partial towards the green tea and charcoal one because I love green tea. ) While in the six boxes one we had dragon fruit flavour, durian flavour and white lotus paste. I guess that the four box one would appeal more for the older more traditional folks. It is traditional with a twist of modern. I am not sure but usually one gets to choose what sort of flavours you wish to include in your box.

In the older days, people prefer giving and getting the double egg yolk ones because they’re supposed to be more expensive and more generous of you. So many people like to give those as gifts but I personally don’t like receiving those. We always end up digging out those yolks. What a waste. However, many people like to play it safe and give away these kinds of traditional mooncakes. The six box one was more modern but not forgetting the traditional with the inclusion of white lotus mooncakes.

Younger folks are more adventurous and like to try all sorts of flavours and combination of flavours. The durian one was just so so. I don’t like durians in mooncakes, well not that much but I can’t resist durian in any form. Still I’d much prefer durian in their original form. The dragonfruit mooncake was nice in color but it didn’t taste anything like dragonfruit, not even a whiff. The lotus ones were nice but not exciting and to my surprise, I liked the mixed nuts mooncake the best of them all. Actually I hate mixed nuts mooncakes but this one was just right. Not oily, no strong spice smell and with lots and lots of nuts and not too sweet. Perfect. On one quarter of a piece I even had about 4 whole almonds! Now, I’m nuts over their chicken ham mixed nuts mooncake.

Now, the pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture a picture of the dark green and black green tea and charcoal mooncake before it got devoured. I love green tea and they taste good too in mooncakes. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my mooncakes now.

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake. Pastry looks and tastes good.

Mandarin Oriental Dragonfruit Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental Dragonfruit Mooncake. Could not taste the dragonfruit.

Mandarin Oriental Durian Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental Durian Mooncake. Nice but I prefer the real thing, durians that is.

Mandarin Oriental Lotus Paste Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental Lotus Paste With Single Yolk Mooncake. Good but I prefer without the yolk.

Mandarin Oriental Mixed Nuts Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental Chicken Ham With Mixed Nuts Mooncake. Perfect, even though I hated mix nuts mooncake to begin with.

Mandarin Oriental White Lotus Paste Mini Mooncake

Mandarin Oriental White Lotus Paste Mooncake. Nice. I like that they’re mini ones so they’re not too heavy on the palate.

Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes come from their Chinese Restaurant Lai Po Heen.

Halloween Party Ideas 2012

It’s October, 2012! Time flies. Are you ready for Halloween? You should have started to think about it or started planning for your Halloween Party by now. If you have not, here are a few Halloween Party ideas to get you started. Hop over the pages below for ideas on how you can decorate your home for a Halloween party or for a Halloween party for your teen in Monster High Halloween parties or ways to decorate your house for Halloween for a spooky or haunted house look.

I really love those spooky shower curtains. Will you dare to have one in your bathroom this Halloween? I’m afraid, not only will it spook your Halloween party guests silly, you just might be afraid to get up at night to visit the bathroom.

If you want to DIY for your home party, then you will need Halloween Theme Craft Supplies.

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If the kids are going trick and treating, they you should check these pages out for free trick or treat bag templates, or you can shop for your favorite Halloween candy (while checking out what are the preferred Halloween candies by checking out the Halloween candy poll) or if you prefer not to have any candy at all, then have a look at the non-candy alternatives for Halloween below. You will also need Halloween costumes for the kids. There are plenty of themed Halloween Costumes Ideas For Families And Kids here.

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 What’s new for Halloween 2012? Here are some new and unique ways to celebrate Halloween 2012. Get a Halloween iPhone cover or interesting Halloween jewelry pieces for yourself or a friend. These are really fun ways to celebrate Halloween.

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The above pages were written by me. You can find more Halloween pages by me on my Squidoo profile. Thank you for reading and Have A Happy Halloween 2012.

When Is The Moon Festival?

The Moon Festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or The Mooncake Festival. Every year, I know that the Moon Festival is approaching when my kids start reading and telling me about the Moon Festival Stories and Moon Cake Festival Essays they have to write in schools. You can also get a good clue that the Moon Festival is coming if you visit the malls here in Malaysia. You will see lots of mooncakes being sold and pretty mid-autumn festival decorations. So when is the Moon Festival this year 2012?

The Moon Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. So when exactly is the 15th day of the 9th Lunar Month in 2012? This year 2012, the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month is on September 30, 2012. So are you ready to eat your Tai Thong Mooncakes? If you are, here is the Tai Thong Mooncake price list for 2012. When you get to the page, click on the right hand side of the mooncake graphics to turn the pages and view the latest range of famous mooncakes from Tai Thong with the Tai Thong Mooncake Price List 2012 on the last page of the virtual mooncake brochure. Yum. Yum.

Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns

Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns

One sure way to know that the Moon Festival is coming is to visit a Malaysian mall.

Kids get to play with candles and lanterns during the Moon Festival. When my kids were younger, I used to get them battery operated lanterns for safety reasons. I hated the loud music that was part and parcel of the battery operated lanterns and used to tape up the speaker.

Now they can play with real lanterns like these.

A Hello Kitty Lantern for a girl.

Hello Kitty Lantern

Hello Kitty Lantern

An Angry Bird Lantern for a boy.

Angry Bird Lantern

Angry Bird Lantern

Moon Festival is coming soon as you can see at Mid Valley Megamall’s decoration for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival at Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Autumn Festival at Mid Valley Megamall

Do you like to eat Mooncakes? I do.



Some time ago, I found this Moon Festival Story on YouTube for my girl to help her in her Chinese Essay homework on Mid-Autumn Festival. This video on Moon Festival is in Mandarin with English subtitles. Kids studying Chinese should find some of the terms used in this video on Moon Festival useful to know.


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