Free Printable Valentine’s Day Love Coupons For Him

Don’t know what to get for your other half or spouse for Valentine’s Day? Why not try Love Coupons. This page introduces you to some cute Valentine Love Coupons, those that you can make or purchase.

Free Printable Love Coupon Books For Valentine’s Day

It is fun to make and receive love coupon vouchers. Have you made one before? I have made one for my husband years ago but he never redeemed any of them. I came to the conclusion that either he is not the coupon type (whatever that may mean) or my coupons must have been very dull and boring.

If you are the crafty type, you may like to make your own diy love coupon book for your boyfriend, spouse or significant other this Valentine’s Day. You can also make love coupon books at any other time including for his birthday or Christmas or just for fun.

This post highlights some of the best free printable love coupons you can find online, all nicely presented and reviewed for your easy reference. Valentine’s Day Love Coupons is a fun DIY Valentine’s Day Craft. You can really have fun while making them.

For those of you who are time strapped, you will find some love coupon books you can purchase at the bottom of this lens. You can still give coupons to your man even if you don’t have time to make them yourself. These love coupons usually come with text and are perforated.

I hope you enjoy this article. Some of the free printable coupons are really creative and fun. Some come with text and others are blank for you to fill your own. Just don’t make them boring or you will find your coupons stashed away in his drawer lost and forgotten.

In addition to love coupons you can also browse my other post for some Romantic Gift Ideas For Him.

1. The Love Voucher Book Free Printable Love Coupons – Free Printable Love Vouchers By Nancy From Creatus Design

Here is a simple but sweet love coupon book. It is created by Nancy of Creatus Design. She has called it “The Love Voucher Book”.

The Love Voucher Book has 4 pages in pink, blue, yellow and green and it comes with a cover. You can fill in the date of issuance, validity period as well as entitlement yourself. If you find that 4 pages is not enough, you can always print more pages for more vouchers.

Love Vouchers are great as a gift or as part of a gift to your man for Valentine’s Day.

To print this free printable Valentine’s Day voucher book, go to Nancy’s blog post Sweet Tweets For Your Valentine Craft

2. Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card And Love Voucher Template – Printable Valentine’s Day Voucher Plus A Bonus Valentine’s Day Card Template

I really like the look of this one. It looks masculine and the bonus is it comes with a free printable Valentine’s Day Card and Envelope. I also like that the Free Printable Love Voucher comes with a “Terms and Conditions” section. Now, that is fun!

The free printable Valentine’s Day Card says “I wood love it if you would be my Valentine.” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”. The free printable Love Voucher contains 8 vouchers in a page and it comes with instructions on how to put them together. You can fill in the Voucher details yourself including what the voucher is good for and how long it is valid for.

Love Vouchers are a fun way of showing your love.

To print this free printable love voucher, go to this blog post by Love Vs Design

3. Free Valentine’s Day Coupon Book By Delightful Order – Valentine’s Day Love Vouchers To Last The Entire Year

I like this free printable Valentine’s Day Coupon Book because it has a love voucher that can be redeemed for each month of the year. After all, love is all year round and doesn’t come around just on Valentine’s Day.

The free printable Valentine’s Day Voucher reads “I love you in February/(year)” and “During this month you are entitled to ….” There is also a space for you to sign and seal your love as the issuer of the voucher. Very Sweet.

You can download this 12 free printable Valentine’s Day voucher for each month of the year at the Delightful Order blog

Find Your Valentine’s Day Gift For Him Here – These Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Can Be Presented To Him Together With Your Surprise Love Vouchers

4. Free Personalized Valentine’s Day Coupon Template – Make It A Personalized Non-Corny Voucher Filled With Inside Jokes That Only The Both Of You Can Understand

What I like about this free personalized Valentine’s Day Coupon template is the fact that it comes with step by step picture instructions on how to make it. I also like the handwritten style of this template. It is recommended that you fill this coupon book with your own private jokes that only both of you will understand and that you try to avoid to corny ones to make it more fun and personalized. Great ideas.

However, the template can only print out one coupon at the time. So if you have the time and patience… why not? It is for the love of your life, after all and it is Valentine’s Day.

Get the free template for this Valentine’s Day Personalized Vouchers here at Kind Over

5. Free Valentine Coupon Book With Pre Printed Text Or Without – Free Valentine’s Day Coupon Book That Gives You An Option To Fill In Your Own Text Or To Grab T

Here is a quick and easy last minute Valentine’s Day Coupon book. In fact, you can use it at any other time too, like his birthday or for Christmas because it doesn’t say “Valentine’s Day” on it.

You can select to print either the blank coupons or the ones with text included. Text says, “1/2 Hour Massage”, “Breakfast In Bed”, “Date to watch sports game at home and more.”

You can download this quick and easy Valentine’s Day Love Vouchers from the Mommy by day Crafter by Night blog. According to the blogger who provided this free printable, it is small so you can have some fun hiding it.

This Valentine’s Day coupon book is free. All the blogger asks for in return is that you become a follower of her blog. I just became one.

6. Free Printable Voucher For Dinner Dates And More – You Can Also Make Your Own Voucher By Using The Blank Template Version

Here is another pre printed Valentine’s Day Voucher with Dinner Dates or Nights In or Nights Out choices. Yes, we know how fickle our men can be. So giving them a voucher to be redeem helps us get to know when they would like to spend it out on a date and when the prefer to stay home cuddling.

If you are the creative kind, just print out the blank templates and fill in your own choices for redemption by your man.

Go to Unfortunately Oh to print out these Love Coupons For Valentine’s Day.

7. Sexy Coupons For Him

If you are not the crafty kind or simply don’t have time to print and make your own, you can still give your other half a Valentine’s Day Coupon Books They are easily available online and are not very expensive like this sexy coupons for him.

Before purchasing this coupon book, do read the customer reviews to see if it is for you.

More Valentine’s Day Love Coupon Books From Amazon

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So your teen girl wants to have a Halloween Party. One good Halloween Party theme for teen girls is the Monster High Halloween Party theme. This lens features some must have Monster High Halloween Party Supplies and kits for your party girl that will make her the envy of her friends.

The monster high party theme is just right for a Halloween party for teen girls because at Halloween you would want your party to feature some monsters. However, for teen girls, you don’t want to go overboard and create really scary monsters for their party. You’d want some sweet monsters that teen girls can relate to and Monster High fits that description to the tee for a non-scary and almost cute and sweet monster party for girls.

Monster High Value Party Pack BUY NOW!

Everything you will need for a Monster High Halloween Party or A Monster High Birthday Party can be found on this post.

Monster High Halloween Party Supply Kit – Party Kits Give You Everything You Need For Your Monster High Party Theme

Monster High Party Decorations – You Will Need Party Decorations With A Monster High Theme

I like this Monster High Halloween Party Kit for a group of 8. It includes everything you need for a Monster High Halloween Party for a group of giggly 8 girls on Halloween. Just double up if you have more  girls.

You will have cups, plates, napkins including a solid purple table cover.

Monster High Halloween Party Packs And Party Favors – A Party Is Never Complete Without Party Packs To Give Away To Party Attendees

A good idea is to get a value party pack like this Monster High Mega Value Pack – 48 pieces.

Monster High 48Piece Favor Pack BUY NOW!

It includes 8 mini notebooks, 8 mini skateboards, 8 lip-shaped whistles, 8 heart bracelets, 8 kaleidiscopes and 8 keychains. That’s just right for a Monster High Halloween Party of 8. Or you can divide the items up, then mix and match the Monster High gift items, put them in sweet transparent paper and tie them up with pink or purple ribbons. Then you can give these to a bigger party of kids giving you even more value.

A Monster High Trick Or Treat Bag Can Be Used For A Monster Halloween Party As A Party Favor Bag – The Monster High Trick Or Treat Bag Can Also Be Used For Trick or Treating

Rubies Costumes Monster High Trick or Treat Bag One-Size

A Monster High Halloween Party Could Do With Party Favor Bags

What can you put in your Monster High Halloween Party Bag? Here are some ideas for you. Just make sure that everything comes in the Monster High theme.

1. Lip Gloss in various colors
2. Stickers and tattoo sheets
3. Stationery
4. High Party Packs
5. Nail Polish, Hair Clips, Bookmarks, Friendship bracelets and more

High 5 if you love the above items!

Rubie’s Costume Co Monster High Tot Bag Costume BUY NOW!

A Complete Party Favor Bag Saves You From Having To Shop For Individual Items Because It Comes With Everything Included In It

For a big group of girls, it is cheaper to buy in bulk and shop for individual items yourself.

However, you can buy a specialized bag with everything in it for the special girl who is playing host.

Monster High – Party Favor Purse Party Accessory BUY NOW!

Are You Planning To Bake Your Own Monster High Halloween Or Monster High Birthday Cake?

Monster High Designer Prints Edible Cake Image

If you are planning to bake a Monster High Cake for your Monster High Halloween or Birthday Party, you may need a Monster High Designer Prints Edible Cake Image, Monster High cupcake rings, monster high candles and more.

1 X Monster High Designer Prints Edible Cake Image BUY NOW!

A Party Needs Invitations And Thank You Notes, Even A Monster High Party – You’ve Been IN-BITED to a Monster High Party! Fang you very much for Coming.

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Monster High Main Characters Are Perfect For A Halloween Party

The Monster High Characters include the daughters of Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Werewolf, Zombies, Ghosts, Mummies and more. They are perfect for a Halloween Party!

You Can’t Have A Monster High Halloween Party Without Dressing Up As One Of The Characters. Search here for that perfect Monster High Halloween Costume For Your Teen.

Other little things that make your Monster High Party Complete. We recommend the following:

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