Kids Room Organizers And Storage Solutions

Kids Rooms can easily be organized by using some of the kids room organizers and storage solutions in this hub. Get rid of the clutter in children’s rooms with these cute boxes, shelves and bins.

Kids Room Organizers And Storage Solutions

I am not a very organized person so what helps me get rid of clutter are storage boxes, organizers and bins. This is especially important for my kids’ playroom and bedroom. Having the right storage bins, shelves and boxes helps me keep AND find their growing collection of toys and books. I firmly believe that having a place for everything and keeping everything it its place is the magic trick for getting rid of clutter in kids’ rooms or any other rooms in the house for that matter.

In this lens, I will feature all the right storage solutions and organizers for kids bedroom or playroom. You will find storage bins, storage boxes, storage benches, racks and more. These organizers and storage solutions for kids rooms will keep the rooms looking fresh, neat and clear or clutter and messiness.

Toy Organizer and Open Style Type Of Storage Bins For Kids Room – Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

I like this type of open style storage bins for kids toys. The reason why I like them is due to their ease of use. All you need to do is organize the toys into each separate bin for example dolls for the pink bin, cars for the blue bin, building toys in the green bin, building blocks for the purple bin and more.

This is what I do. I even label the bins according to each child. This bin is for you. That bin belongs to you. Whenever the kids want to play with their toys, all they need to do is glance and pick the bin with the toys they wish to play with at the moment. When they are done, I get them to keep everything back in the bin, then I put it back on the shelving unit. It’s the perfect storage solution and it helps teach my kids to be responsible and pick up their toys after they play.

However, do note that for open style storage bins like that, you will need to wipe them from time to time to keep them free from dust. So, if you don’t have the time to do maintenance, you can go for storage boxes with lids instead or bins that more like pull out drawers so that the toys are not so exposed. This will make the toys harder for children to reach though. So, do think about the pros and cons and what works out best for you.

Kids Toy Chest Or Toy Storage Boxes – Toy Boxes With Lids Keep The Toys Out Of Sight When Not Used To Keep The Room Looking Neat And Tidy

Guide Craft Transportation Collection Toy Box

If you are the type which like everything neatly in its place, then perhaps a toy box or chest would be better as a kids room organizing solution. Toy boxes with lids keep the toys out of sight which gives the room a more tidy look. You can get pretty looking ones with kids favorite cartoon characters or plain wooden ones to match the interior of your room.

One thing to note, remember to get those with safety hinges so that little fingers don’t get hurt while taking the toys out.

Kids Book Display Units Make Good Book Organizers – You Can Choose A Book Rack That Comes Together With A Toy Rack Or A Separate Book Rack

Tot Tutors Book Rack

Young kids may enjoy a book display unit. Keep things colorful and add lovely picture books to encourage children to read.

However, book display units usually hold only a small number of books. So if you are the type who loves books and you think you will be buying a lot more books for your young child, then a proper book rack or shelf would be better as you will find that the books quickly grow in number and you will soon run out of space!

A small portable book display is however excellent for a young child’s room.

Bongo Buddies And Other Fun Pop-Up Storage Hampers For Kids

Bongo Buddies And Pop-Up Storage Are Lightweight And Portable


Storing Kids Toys can be made fun by having bongo buddies or portable pop-up organizers.

They are usually lightweight and portable and can be carried around from room to room. Be mindful that it is best to keep lightweight toys like soft alphabet blocks, plushies and other soft toys to keep them from tearing.

Bongo Buddies are fun and can be folded away when no longer needed or can be brought from playroom to wherever mum is busy working at the house. It is portable, collapsible and can be temporary or permanent storage for kids toys.

Colorful Storage Bins In Various Sizes Can Be Used For Kids Storing And Organizing Solutions – Plastic Storage Boxes And Large Storage Bins With Or Without Cover

Tot Tutors Primary Colors Large Storage Bins, Set of 4

Sometimes children grow up so fast that in not time at all, their racks and shelves are too childish for them. However, plastic storage boxes and canvas storage bins can be reused when the children have outgrown their toys and their furniture. They can be recycled for storing other household stuff.

Storage Bins without lids can be stacked up when not in use whereas plastic storage boxes with lids are useful in keeping dust out.


3 Tips for Building Your Own Sauna

A personal sauna can be an amazing investment. Not only will it relax you after a long day at the office, but you’ll also be able to enjoy all the physical and psychological benefits of a steam room without having to make a trip to the spa. A personal sauna can even increase the property value of your home!

But what if you’ve never built something like this before? What should you know before you start laying the bricks? Here are just three tips for building your own sauna.

1. Budget, Budget, Budget

Pricing is a very important concern as you build your own stream room. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but you’ll need to be careful not to spend excessively and leave yourself without the money you need to build a safe and effective steam room. You’ll also want to practice self-discipline when it comes to unnecessary upgrades and add-ons! Draft a budget and stick to it for the duration of your project.

2. Know What You’re Doing

You’ll need to do more than just watch a how-to video on YouTube. You should have a keen understanding of all the parts, tools and labor requirements of the job before you build, so start researching several months before you actually take a hammer to anything. Learn about the tools of the trade. Research steam sauna parts and their functions.

3. Consult the Experts

There’s no shame in talking to the professionals if you aren’t 100 percent sure of what you’re doing. In fact, it’s the most prudent move you can make. A fully functional personal sauna has a lot of intricacies and complexities, so if you want to make sure it’s completely operational for years to come, it’s worth getting the advice of the experts.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you build your own sauna. It’s definitely an investment worth making, but like all things, it should only be done with a plan. A little research today can save you a lot of headache tomorrow!

What’s A Good Gift For A Couch Potato?

Do you know someone in your life who loves to sit around and watch TV all day long? If you do, then this is just perfect gift for him or her for Christmas. It is also an excellent gift for a dad for Father’s Day or mom for Mother’s Day. A massage chair pad. It is much cheaper than getting a full blown massage chair and it is portable. You can carry it around from room to room and even attach it to your car seat if that is what you prefer. However, I think it belongs in the living room best for when you are relaxing watching TV. This shiatsu massage cushion with heat is excellent as a gift for someone who loves watching TV.

I got this as a ‘just because’ gift from my husband a while back. I often suffer from lower back pain. This massage chair pad provides great relief for my lower back. I love how you can adjust the massage, vibrating, rolling or deep kneading with or without heat. You can also adjust the areas you want to massage, all over, higher or lower, concentrate on just one area of your back or all over. I like to have my back massage while the seat is heated and vibrating at the same time. You can customize it to your liking.

I really prefer a Massage Chair Pad to a massage couch because of its portability. In fact, I am sitting on my massage chair pad now as I write. I am a writer and blogger. I maintain 5 blogs and have written several ebooks. This means I work long hours online. My massage chair pad gives me good relief for my aching back. It is also very nice to use in the living room for TV time.

Some massage cushions are not high enough to reach the back and neck in which case a massage pillow may do the trick for massaging the neck.


Photo Gallery

You can customize your massage cushion to your liking.

See all 4 photos
You can customize your massage cushion to your liking.

Rolling, Deep Kneading, or Gentle Vibration. Its up to you.

See all 4 photos
Rolling, Deep Kneading, or Gentle Vibration. Its up to you.

A shiatsu massage cushion is the perfect gift for a couch potato this Christmas.

See all 4 photos
A shiatsu massage cushion is the perfect gift for a couch potato this Christmas.

The massage chair pad comes with a remote control for ease of use.

See all 4 photos
The massage chair pad comes with a remote control for ease of use.

Buy Now At

If you like a total body massage, you can go for a foot massager as well. In this way, you can get a foot reflexology while you watch TV.

Gifts For The Handyman Dad For Father’s Day

Have you got a handyman dad? The kind who likes to DIY everything himself? I don’t have a handyman dad. My mom died when I was 10 and dad had me and 4 other siblings to look after in addition to making sure we had a roof over our heads. So, though I think my dad would probably have enjoyed being a handyman around the house, sadly, he didn’t have the time to.

My husband is different. He is the typical handyman around the house. He is a father to our two kids. I have him in mind when writing this lens.

I’m rather afraid of going shopping with him in a handy mart or anywhere where there is a hardware store. He would spend hours admiring the tools! A handyman father like him would love the handyman gifts in this lens and so will yours.

First, Your Handyman Father Will Need A Book – How Your House Works

Here’s a book for the handyman father who loves to spend hours working on his house. The handyman father seldom calls in a plumber or electrician, or carpenter to fix his house. Why should he? He can fix everything himself! However, it would be good if you could give your handyman father a book on How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding & Maintaining Your Home to refer to before he fixes anything.

This way, what he repairs won’t need fixing afterwards since he will have a handyman manual as a reference. Psssst.. quite often my handyman husband will try to fix something, and then after hours or days of fixing, we eventually have to call someone in to fix his repairs! So a manual or a book for handyman father is definitely a good gift idea for Father’s Day.

How a House Works (Family Handyman) a book by Reader’s Digest authored by Duane Johnson talks about everything you need to know about how your house functions including frames and structures, electricity and lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling and more. Just right for the handyman father.


Next, Your Handyman Father Will Need A Comprehensive Toolbox Kit

A Toolbox Kit especially a comprehensive one filled with all manner of tools, bolts and nuts is the next best thing a handyman father would love. Take for example this Apollo Precision Tools DT6803 297 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit in Three Drawer Steel Tool Box. It has 297 pieces of sockets, wrenches, pliers and more needed for general repair around the house. It even has 3 drawers to keep those 297 pieces of tools!

Why, giving a handyman father a comprehensive toolbox kit like this is like giving a woman a cupboard full of shoes! 😉


More Gifts For The Handyman Father For Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers!

Here are some other Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Handyman Dad. Take your pick from funny customized handyman certificate for dad to handyman snacks gift baskets or a handyman tool belt or high performance and cordless power drills.

Are You Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality?

While there is a great deal in the news and the media about outdoor air pollution, many homeowners need to look inside their residences with real concern. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that many homes have air that is two to five times as polluted as the outdoor air, even in industrial cities.

The reason for this new phenomenon has its roots in the energy crisis of the 1970s. Since that time, homes and offices are constructed to eliminate heat loss, eliminating many drafts and sources of fresh air. As a result, many homes rapidly accumulate large levels of pollutants and irritants that represent health hazards. These pollutants include mold spores, dust, dirt, and microscopic materials that come from furniture, pets and even drapes. 

As these contaminants are allowed to circulate, they create deposits in the lungs and breathing passage, causing everything from minor irritations to major allergies and even asthma. This becomes a problem rapidly as the average human breathes in 6,000 gallons of air a day. In fact, the rate of allergies and asthma in American children has grown at an alarming rate to reach historical highs. In some cases, indoor air quality is so bad it can cause fatal medical conditions.

Everyone homeowner must take steps to deal with this problem air, especially if they have young children in the home. The first step starts with a quality in-home air filtering system, available from any qualified Trane heating and air conditioning service company. Clean air is vital to good health, and it’s important to understand and deal with this growing problem of poor indoor air quality.

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