How To Renew Your Indonesian Maid’s Passport Yourself

On Monday, I was at the Indonesian Embassy for 8 hours, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. I was there to renew my Indonesian Maid’s Passport myself. I have done this before in the past, about 2 years ago, saving myself a neat sum of agency fees. No doubt, the process is not that easy but neither is it hard and it only takes one day of your life. It is worth saving the amount in fees so why pay someone to do it when you can do it yourself?

So, if you are planning to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport yourself, I hope this post will help you. Before you go to the Indonesian Embassy, make sure you go to the Post Office to buy insurance for your maid. It is mandatory now. You will be required to submit a copy of the maid insurance when you are applying to renew your maid’s passport. The maid insurance is called Pos Maid Protector , you can view the premiums in the link I have just provided. The Pos Maid Protector is basically a Personal Accident insurance coverage for maids in the event, your maids meet with an accident or death, or in the event unwanted accident or damage happens to a third party due to negligence of your maids. At this point of writing, there are 4 plans, each for 1 or 2 years, it is up to you.

Once you have purchased the maid insurance, you can head over to the Indonesian Embassy. The address is as follows:

No 233, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia Tel: +60 3-2116 4000

Working Hours:

Mon – Thur : 09.00 – 17.00 (Lunch : 13.00 – 14.00)

Fri : 09.00 – 17.00 (Lunch : 12.30 – 14.30)

* Do note that all counters are closed during lunch break. I was not able to get there first thing in the morning. I arrived slightly after 9am. As a result my number was only called after lunch.

Here is the location map of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Please take note that the maps are not always accurate, however it will give a general idea of where it is located.

View Larger Map

* “The location is beside Kuwait embassy and Prince Court Medical center. It is just at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Tun Razak so you have to be carefull to go there if you are driving, actually you can go by Jalan Delima and come again to Jalan Tun Razak. For your information, It is not at the junction of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Jalan Tun Razak.”  (I got this information from a review on Google Maps)

To renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport, you will need to have the following documents:

  1. 3 copies of contract (Kontrak Kerja) – which will be given to you at the Embassy
  2. 2 copies of the Maid Insurance
  3. Maid’s Old Passport (Original)
  4. 1 copy of Maid’s Passport (1st, 2nd and last page. The 1st page has the maid’s photo and information on it, the 2nd page is the page with the work permit information and the last page which says “Official Notes/Catatan Resmi” has information about the old passport.)
  5. 2 copies of employer’s I/C
  6. 1 copy of letter of authorization if you are not the employer (for example, your husband is listed as the employer and you the wife are making the application)
  7. 2 copies of I/C of the person making the application on behalf of the employer (for example, the wife of the employer)

Items 6 & 7 are not required if you are the named employer in your original maid application.

Once you have these documents you are ready for the procedure to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport. Photocopy services is free at the Indonesian Embassy, however the queue can be long so it is better to have these documents ready beforehand. However, the good thing is they will know exactly what to photocopy.

Procedure to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport

  1. Collect the cover letter and 3 copies of the work contract (Kontrak Kerja). Make sure your maid knows her next of kin’s name and address as this information is required.
  2. Make photocopies of your documents if you have not done so. Photocopy is free of charge.
  3. Show your documents and collect a number to enter.
  4. Queue up to go to the photo taking room. Make sure your maid is not wearing white as the background for the photo is white. Photos are taken free of charge.
  5. After the photo is taken, enter the waiting room and wait for your number to be called.
  6. When your number is called, submit the documents and pay the passport renewal fee. (RM 18 for 3 years or RM75 for 5 years)
  7. After you have submitted the documents, wait for your number to be called again. This time your maid will be “interviewed” (asked some questions) by the Embassy staff.
  8. After the interview, wait for your number to be called again to collect the passport.
* Make sure you are not wearing shorts or sandals.
The procedure is also stated in the KBRI Kuala Lumpur. You can check to see if there are any new updates to the procedure here – Penggantian Paspor RI Habis Masa Berlaku

About the Work Contract (Kontrak Kerja)

If you visit the KBRI Kuala Lumpur (Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur) website, you will notice that you can download a copy of the Kontrak Kerja. At the moment, I don’t think the copy that is provided for download is enforceable yet. The downloaded copy preprints a salary of RM700, the contract is for 2 years. The agent will be required to sign  a “job offer” and a day off or payment in lieu is stated clearly in the contract. Certain jobs are also prohibited like painting house, repairing the fence, gardening, washing the car etc.

The contract that is currently provided, allows you to state the number of years, you may fill in the salary yourself, your agent does not have to sign and there is no mention of a day off. However, they will announce a minimum pay of RM600 over the loudspeaker at the Embassy.

My experience when renewing our Indonesian Maid’s Passport

  • My husband dropped me and my maid at the Embassy around 9.30am. There were touts everywhere. I just brushed them off by saying “Sudah buat”.
  • We collected the cover letter and 3 copies of the contract. We sat on the bench to complete and sign the contract. I saw that the photocopy queue was very long. Fortunately we had made our copies earlier.
  • When we had finished completing the cover letter, we got our entrance number. Our number was 2102.
  • We queued for the photo taking session. The elderly woman behind me with a face full of white powder tried to cut our queue and when she couldn’t she stood very very close to us, pressing herself against us and at the door of the photo taking room she even put her hands on my shoulder and back. There was another smiley faced younger woman, who smiled and then suddenly she was in front of us in the queue, she tried this smiling tactic a few times and finally managed to cut queue behind the powdered faced elderly woman. Everyone was just pressing or standing as near to each other as they could. Sigh. The man had another queue, different from the women. There were less men, so they just sailed right through. I noticed that they have put up breastfeeding curtains for women who needed to breastfeed their children. That is a good thing.

    It was very crowded

  • After taking the photos, we entered the waiting room at around 10am. There was no place to sit. The room was big but it was very crowded. I was not sure whether I had photocopied the correct pages of the passport so I slipped out to the photocopy station. The queue was gone by then. I had not photostated the last page, so they did it for me.
  • When I returned I saw many people who had come from the photo room queueing at the counters, so I queued too thinking that was what I was supposed to do. After a while, they made and announcement to ask everyone to sit down and wait for their numbers to be called.
  • My number was 2102, the number that was called at the time (around 10am) was 2021. I waited till 1.00pm. The number that was called was 2092 at the time. Then they announced that it was lunch time and pulled down all the blinds at the counters to close up for lunch.
  • We left the building. There were people everywhere. Some of the were sitting in the middle of the grassed road divider chatting and eating. We found a convenience store at the next building. I bought two maggie mee cup noodles and two sachets of milo and horlicks and asked the man whether we could eat at his shop. He had hot water and a table with 4 chairs. He said no problem so that was where we had our meal, away from the crowds and in cool aircon comfort. Phew!
  • After lunch, our number was called fairly quickly. I lost track of time. The girl checked the documents, asked my maid where she was from and requested for payment. I paid RM18 for 3 years renewal but at the end of the day, I found out that they had given us a 5 year renewal. I noticed that all the maid passport renewal were four digit numbers starting with the number 2. There were only 2 counters serving the maid passport renewal. They were counters 8 & 9.
  • After paying we were told to go to counter 20 when our number was called again.
  • At counter 20, the man asked my maid how long she had been working and whether she was going to go home for a holiday. When my maid replied yes, he showed her a card which looks like an I/C. He asked her whether she knew of that card. He told her that the card is the KTKLN card (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri). He told her that she must have the card when she returns to Malaysia or she will not be allowed to enter the country. Then he told her that the card can be applied at various places in Indonesia. He asked her to copy down the address and contact number of the Indonesian office closest to her home so that she can apply for the card in Indonesia. There was a list of addresses and contact of all the places where this KTKLN card can be applied for in Indonesian pasted on the wall in front of the counter.Then he told us to go to counter 18 or 19 when our number was called to collect the passport.

    The waiting room outside, after 5pm

  • We waited till 5pm. Closing time. Our number was still not called! At 5 pm, they ushered everyone outside to another waiting area. This time they called by name instead of numbers. We heard our maid’s number called so we queued up at the counter to collect her passport. At the counter, the girl told mymaid, “No, your number has not been called yet”. I queued up and tried again. I informed the girl that our name HAD been called. The girl said “No, it is not with me.” Finally, much to our relief, we heard my maid’s name being called again. As it turned out, there was another name very much the same as hers!
  • By the time we left with the passport, it was 5.30om. We had arrived there at 9.30am. There had been a lot of pushing and shoving and standing very close to people all day. What a tiring day.

Yay! We've got our documents.

I hope this post helps those who wish to renew their Indonesian Maid’s Passport themselves. I’ve tried to make it as detailed as possible but if you still have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Please note that I am not an agent. I am just the employer’s wife who also happens to be a blogger. :) The procedure here is what I experienced on this day 28th May 2012. It may change and be updated by the authorities later on so what appears accurate now may change over time.

Below is the sample copy of letter of authorization to renew maid’s passport on behalf of named employer. (For example wife applying on behalf of husband or vice versa). I wrote it myself so the Malay may not be accurate or fantastic but it is was accepted without question so you may use it as a sample.



Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia

KBRI Kuala Lumpur

(Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur)

No 233, Jalan Tun Razak

50400  Kuala Lumpur


Perkara :    Penggantian Paspor Habis Masa Berlaku

Nama   :   

No Paspor.:   

Saya, ——————, (NRIC No: ——————) memberi kebenaran kepada isteri saya, ————– (NRIC No: ——————) untuk menandatangani kontrak kerja dan bertindak bagi pihak saya untuk penggantian paspor habis masa berlaku pembantu rumah kami, iaitu ——————- (No Paspor —————-).


Terima Kasih,



Nama Majikan:

No I/C:

Maids are domestic helpers, not nannies

Recently, we were invited to a late night wedding dinner which we declined. The person who invited us wanted to know why we would not let our maid put the children to sleep while we attended the wedding dinner. She seemed surprised. I am surprised that she is surprised.

To me the duties of a maid is that of a domestic helper. They are not nannies and not trained to be nannies. Quite often I see pictures of smiling maids carrying baby sized dolls as part of their training. I think it takes more than that to be able to handle babies, toddlers and kids. The main duty of a maid should be helping around the house to ease housework burden. Sometimes it may be necessary due to circumstances where the maid has to help out in looking after kids too but I think sometimes people forget that the important word is “help out”.

Sadly, quite often I see the maid ‘taking over’ the duty of a parent in feeding toddlers, bathing babies, changing infants and sometimes even helping older children with homework etc. They have become almost like substitute parents. Sometimes I see maids walking around the mall wearing the baby of her employer in a sling. Isn’t it strange that this special place next to mummies bosom that should be exclusive to mums and dads only is being substituted by another? It does not seem right to me that even such a personal ‘task’ is ‘delegated’ out to maids.

Just yesterday, I saw a very young maid chasing two toddlers around. She was obviously unable to handle them and she does not have the authority to scold or discipline. The kids were uncontrollable.  Where was the mother? She was chatting nearby. She only called out to the kids once after a very long time despite them getting into a lot of mischief while the maid tried to pick them up and carry them away from trouble again and again.

Maids are for helping ease the burden from housework so that we will have more time with our children. They are not supposed to look after our children for us so that we will have more time for ourselves. So my friend, I am sorry I can’t attend your wedding. I know my kids are older now but I will not let someone else put them to bed. Neither will I leave them at home alone at night for several hours with just the maid while I am out enjoying a dinner with my spouse.

I don’t think I am being overly cautious either. With kids, it is always better to err on the cautious side. We brought them to this world and it is our duty to protect and look after them until they are able to look after themselves. Out of topic here, recently, sister’s Filipino maid ran away after 6 months. Sister is not as cautious as me. She allows the maid to go out on errands with just the driver at times. Recently, the maid, my very old disabled dad, his nurse and the driver were out. The maid took RM300 to buy necessities for dad from the pharmacy while they were out. They waited and waited for her at the car but she never came back….


Maids and Policemen

My life is rather mundane but this excitement, I can do without. On a fine Sunday morning, my maid’s aunt who claimed to be her Godmother came to look for my maid.

I was out with the maid at the time. We were buying breakfast. She told my husband that she had come to borrow money from my maid. She said that she had every right to take money from the maid because she was her godmother. Otherwise, she threatened that she will beat her up and call the police.

My husband called me and I informed my maid who said that she did not wish to she her aunt. She says that if she sees her, she will keep on coming back again and again. She asked me to pretend that she was somewhere else and asked her aunt to leave.

We knew that it would not be so easily resolved as that. If the aunt did not get to see her she would probably come back again and again. She had been calling her several times before this.

So she went back to the house to meet her aunt. I told her that if her aunt gave her any problems, she should not worry, we will call the police. As a safety precaution, we called the police anyway. I don’t feel very safe having a stranger come to my house demanding for money and threatening to beat people up. She may come alone now, but who knows what she will do the next time.

The police came in 5 to 10 minutes. Very fast. Three of them came. They were very kind too even though we told them that the matter had already been resolved by then. I don’t know what the maid spoke to her aunt about but she said that she agreed to send some money home for her and she asked her to deal with their relatives back home instead of bothering her. Then she asked for RM10 to give to her aunt for transport money back to wherever she came from.

As far as I know her aunt was working up north then she said that her employer had sent her to work here. She calls up at different hours from different phone numbers and now she turns up at my house. I wonder if her employer knows what she is up to or even whether she is still legally employed. Sigh.

Sandiwara in my otherwise mundane life but as I said, I prefer life to be mundane.

Good help is like Gold!

I have a good helper at home. “But you are not working. Why do you need a maid?”  Well, initially we got a maid to help out because of health reasons but it has turned out very well indeed. Because of her, I have time to concentrate on my children fully. I do not have to rush and slave in front of the stove, ironing board, toilet bowl, floor whatever.

My life is a rush as it is, even with a maid. Without one, I would be harrassed, irrate, even more rushed. I’d probably bark and bite anyone who is trying to cross me while I am rushing to complete things. The children would have a more irritable mum, and the husband would have a short tempered, stressed up wife. Hmm… actually he does have a short tempered, stressed up wife but in a lesser degree. 😉

“Oh you are so pampered. You are a housewife with only two kids and you have a maid. You don’t have to go to work and you have a maid.” Well, actually we could do without one now that my health has improved somewhat but life with one ( a good one, that is) is so much more calmer. When I am rushing around making sure the kids get their bath and do their work, I look at the hot food on the table and the fact that I don’t have to worry about the dishes afterwards and sigh with such relief!

I look at the nicely ironed school uniforms and clean school shoes and sigh with more relief! The maid does not help me at all with the kids and she is relieved about that. In her previous employment she had to take care of two young kids about the age of mine and because she was with them so much, she became surrogate mum and the kids cling to her wherever she goes. She did not have to do much housework then, her main job was to look after the kids but she tells me that doing housework is easier. I can attest to that. 😉

We have not always been this “pampered”. When the kids were younger and before my health issue surfaced, I used to look after the baby, the toddler, the house, the cooking etc without any help. Not even during confinement during the early days when baby was born for both babies. We did not have a confinement lady or any female relative who could come round to help out occassionally. I do have female relatives of course, but everyone is caught up with their own lives and routines, no one can come round to help. So we did it all ourselves, with the help of books and the internet and catered food during the confinement period. We look back at ourselves and laugh now but it was tough then. Very very tough especially since I had trouble breastfeeding both babies. I don’t know why both the babies have latching problems so breastfeeding was unsuccessful for the first two whole months for both my babies. Gosh, that was tiring!

Since we had gone through the tough, did it all ourselves time, we do appreciate our maid now, more then ever. :)

Canggih Maids

There are four distinct groups of people waiting for kids outside the school at dismissal. They are the parents or grandparents, the van or bus drivers, the personal drivers and the maids. If I am early I would usually just sit and read and sometimes cock my ears a bit. 😉 You can learn quite a few things just by listening. You can learn about school regulations, homework, activities etc etc.

Yesterday there were the group of maids as usual. They were looking at their handphones. One of them had the above video playing. “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls from Korea. They were scrolling through the phone to listen to songs.They were chatting in Indonesian Malay about the songs and how to get the songs. All of a sudden, they broke into English. All of them could speak reasonable English. They then spoke English to one another. One of them said “You got blue tooth or not?” The other one said “Yes.” Then the other one said “Can lah. Got blue tooth can already.” They spoke alternatingly in Indonesian Malay and English. Interestingly, they spoke English like a typical Malaysian with all the “meh”, “mah”, “loh”.

They are certainlyl very up-to-date indeed. Even their phone is more canggih than mine. No joke.

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