Kids can be painfully honest

Recently I won some skincare products in a contest. Previously I had not bothered with skincare before because it was expensive, I didn’t have the time and I’m lazy. Since, I have this set of expensive skincare, I might as well use it and so I did.

Naturally the kids became curious to see me applying stuff on my face. I explained that the products were supposed to make my skin look better.

The little one came closer to have a better look at my face and said “Mummy, actually your face is quite ugly” in all seriousness. I was trying hard not to laugh as I explained to him that my face is ugly because of all the pores whereas his skin is young and smooth.

A week later….

The little one came and peered at my face again and said “Mummy, how come you are not yet beautiful?” This time I couldn’t stand it anymore and I burst out laughing. Kids really can be painfully honest at times.

That’s why I don’t buy skincare products. However, I shall continue using this one since I won it and it is very expensive. Thankfully I didn’t pay any money for it, otherwise I would be heartbroken to hear that remark from my son. 😉

Do You Read Your Old Blog Posts?

Do You Read Your Old Blog Posts? I normally don’t. After writing, I promptly forget about it. The only time I go back and reread is when I have to use my personalized Google Search Box to find out when my children and I fell sick! How convenient to have a diary with a search box. 🙂 That reminds me, I haven’t added two of my blogs in my search box. At the moment my search box yields results from 3 of my blogs because I forgot to add the other two.

Anyway, I went back to read one of my old blog posts written way back in 2006 because it keeps on appearing on my Statcounter. It is this post: Why Women Nag and Men Don’t Listen. It appears No. 2 on Google for the search term ‘Why Women Nag” so that is why I get the visitors but the funny thing is Why do people keep on searching for this?

I wonder if the people searching for it are male or female. I have a strange suspicion that they are men.

I reread the post and had a good laugh. However, it also serves as a reminder to myself to listen more to the kids rather than nag. That is a tall order! I am afraid I haven’t been very successful in that area since 2006 till now. If anything, I’ve gotten worse!

What about you? Do you read your old blog posts? You should. It may make you cry or laugh.

Watching old movies

movie poster

Now that the kids are older, they are able to watch many more types of shows than just Barnie the purple dinosaur types of shows. Be right back

So, what we’ve done is buy old movies that we used to love watching and watch them with the kids.

At the moment, we’re watching Star Trek. We’ll be watching Indiana Jones next. We’ve watch ET and some others and we would probably get The Neverending Story, Ghost Busters, Star Wars and more.

Most of these movies are 80s movies but they’re still nice to watch.

It is really enjoyable to watch old movies with the kids. Not only do they enjoy it, we get to enjoy it too. Winking smile

Aggressive Tuition Center

My girl’s classmate had given my telephone number to one of the teachers at the tuition center she was attending because she wanted my girl to attend the same tuition center as her.

Last week the teacher at the tuition center called me. I told her that we were busy preparing for school tests so we have no time to attend the free class that they were offering. At the same time, I enquired about their after school tuition hours.

Yesterday, the teacher called me again. She said…

“I am calling to confirm that your daughter will be attending the free class today.”

I repeated what I told her.. that my daughter was busy preparing for tests and she has no time to attend the free class.

She said….

“I know your daughter has tests. We are doing revision for tests now. We are doing past year papers today. I would like to confirm that your daughter is coming.”

Two thoughts come to my mind.

1. The poor teacher has to double up as marketing agent too.

2. Why on earth would they think that I would want to sent my daughter to a strange new place to “benefit” from a free lesson to do past year papers on the eve of her tests? She should be doing light revision at home and getting more rest! Not going to some strange place and doing past year papers! She is only 9 for goodness sakes.

I really think that we are going overboard in preparing our kids to sit for tests in school.

Anyway, I declined politely but just out of interest, I asked her how much they charged for lessons. She says it is RM45 per month for one subject and it gets cheaper if you take more subjects.

Children On Facebook

After reading the article Playing I Spy with Facebook, I have only one comment.

The first thing that came to my mind is, when my children start a facebook account, I shall be the one to show them how and what they should or should not do. I would also insist that I be their friend on facebook.

However, I would never leave a negative comment on their accounts. Encouraging comments are okay but not negative ones. If there is anything I need to talk to them about their conduct or their friend’s conduct on facebook, then I will talk to them in person instead of leaving a comment. I think it is ridiculous to leave a comment on your children’s facebook account when you have something important to discuss with them.

Firstly, they will be afraid of being laughed at and ridiculed by their friends. Secondly, facebook is not the place for any family or even lovers discussion for all to see. Family discussions should be kept private.

Lastly, no, I do not think that I will be invading their privacy by being their friend on facebook. Certainly not! I am their parent. For their own safety, I SHOULD know what is going on in their lives. I would not read their diary but a facebook account is unlike a diary. Sometimes, if the privacy profile is not set up, the whole world can read what is being written, so why shouldn’t I, the parent? However, as I said, for the sake of their privacy, I will refrain from commenting anything negative. I will also refrain from reading it in detail and discussing things with them in detail. Just enough to know that they are doing the right thing is good enough.

As a parent, I would make it a point to know my children’s friends so that they do not get into the wrong company, all the more so for cyber friends with its different set of rules for friendship and relationships.

Thats my two cents. Whats your take on this?

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