How To Belly Dance Your Way To Fitness

Belly Dancing for Fitness

I’m writing this post right after finishing my belly dancing for fitness. Yes, belly dancing, that sexy Arabian dance can be used in your fitness routine as part of your exercise program to a slimmer you. Belly Dancing is a fun aerobics workout that will trim your hips as you twirl and swirl and dance along to the music.

There is no better workout than a workout that spells fun! And Belly Dancing is fun with its exotic music and pretty costumes. Apart from being just fun, its is a full aerobics fitness workout that will get your heart rate up.

You can get into shape in the most enjoyable way with the belly dancing poses, stretches and rhythmic movements.

Why don’t you start Belly Dancing for fitness by taking a Belly Dancing Workout Challenge?

Belly Dancing Workout Challenge Week #1

Try doing this Belly Dancing Workout daily for a week. This is a nice and easy Belly Dancing Workout for beginners.

This Belly Dancing Workout Video comes in 3 parts. Each section is about 9 to 10 minutes long giving you a workout of up to 30 minutes.

Belly Dancing Challenge Week #2

Do this Belly Dancing Basic Moves for Fitness everyday for a week and see what happens. You will find that it’s hard even to complete a session when you are trying it out for the first time. It can really be tiring and your arms and legs may hurt the next day.

Belly Dancing Challenge Week #3

Arabic Belly Dance for Fat Burning to burn that fat right off your tummy.

After doing some belly dancing at home, you can take up a belly dancing class if you like it

A belly dancing class is most enjoyable and wearing the costumes are all part of the fun

After doing some belly dancing at home, you can take up a belly dancing class if you like it

A belly dancing class is most enjoyable and wearing the costumes are all part of the fun
How to start Belly Dancing For Fitness – Read up all about it. Read about the basic moves, the culture, the clothing for belly dancing. Next you give Belly Dancing a try in the comfort of your home – All you need is a Belly Dancing DVD to get you started. Remember to dress the part.

A Unitard is perfect for Belly Dancing Practise

A unitard is comfortable for dance practice. You can create different looks by layering or adding a Belly Dancing Hip Scarf.

For dance practise, I prefer to keep it plain and simple but of course you can always wear a Belly Dancing Costume complete with gold coins, lace, sequins and see through material for your garment for a belly dancing class or a costume party. It’s up to you.

Belly Dancing Pants for dancing practise – The more comfortable and stretchable the material, the better it is

If you are wearing separates for your belly dancing garment, pick strong, striking colors that can easily match many kinds of dancing costume. I like black.

Belly Dancing Harem Pants are for professional belly dancers whereas for dancing practice and exercise it is better to get comfortable, stretchy materials.

Last but not least, accesorize – Add instant glamour to your belly dancing practise outfit with a belly dancing hip scarf

A Belly Dancing Hip Scarf is simple but instantly add on to the belly dancing look even if its just for dancing fitness fun. You can choose from different styles, then wear them with your basic unitard or belly dancing tops and bottoms to create a different look every time.

Belly Dancing Accessories

Once you have mastered belly dancing and enjoy it as a recreation in addition to fitness, you can add accessories like Belly Dancing Veils as well as belly dancing arm cuffs and really have fun dressing up and dancing!

Just for fun – Belly Dancing Costumes are great for a costume party

Belly Dancing Costume Sets are not just for the professional belly dancer.

Belly Dancing Costumes with its Sequined Bra tops and flowy chiffon skirts and fun accessories are great for a costume party. They’re also great for belly dance competitions and contests.

My Yoga Instructor

Downward Facing Dog

The two kids were at the PC playing. I was full of concentration and trying to follow the video on the screen. I was listening to the instructions … “press back, exhale and push back into the downward facing dog.”

Still full of concentration, suddenly I heard a small voice say “Mummy, your backside not high enough.” Hahaha. It was my girl. She then proceeded to push me up higher like what she saw on the screen. Who needs a Yoga Instructor when I’ve got a personal Yoga trainer right at home. Lol! Oh make that two because she was soon joined by her little brother who proceeded to crawl under me. “Tunnel, tunnel” he said.

Life is never dull as a SAHM. Why, you even get constant interrruptions entertainment when you’re trying to do some Yoga at home with the kids.  I’m still doing my basic Yoga and wonder if I will ever do any Ashtanga Yoga exercises.

Yoga – Sun Salutation Links

I am unable to attend Yoga classes so as usual, I turn to the web for help.

My sister tells me that her Yoga instructor told her to do some Sun Salutations daily for her Yoga exercise. She gave me some diagrams to follow but I’m afraid I don’t follow diagrams very well.

I would much prefer to have an instructor guide me but since I can’t, I can still follow some of these animations and video guides which I found on the internet. I’m putting them here for my easy reference but feel free to bookmark this page and use the same links if you find them useful too.

  1. Sun Salutation Animation from – I love the stickman animation. They’re so cute!
  2. The Sun Salutation step by step from – I like this one because its easy to follow and at the end of it there is a diagram of all the steps in one line so I can view the whole sequence.
  3. Yoga Exercise – Sun Salutation from – I like this animation too and the supporting drawings tell me when to inhale and exhale so its easier for a Yoga newbie like me.
  4. Yoga Video Sun Salutation A and Yoga Video Sun Salutation B from – I like these for obvious reasons. It comes with music and instructions like attending a real Yoga class but sometimes the video is slow to load.

Next, I’ll probably be searching for some relaxing music and Yoga or meditation music to support me in my Yoga exercise. If you have any good links, I would appreciate if you could share them with me too. Thank you.

Yoga Poses

The yoga poses image above was sourced from Yoga 

I would like to do or take up some Yoga because I read that it will help me in a lot of areas. However I have no time to go for classes and I am just totally baffled by the number of yoga poses and have no idea what each of them will do for me and which pose to do and whether I am doing the right thing.

I bought a Yoga for Beginners dvd but it looks too advanced for me! Hmm… and the title specifically mentioned “For Beginners.” Chey!Â

I look at the Yoga books available at the bookstores but they puzzle me too and besides I find tapes easier to follow then books. Its easier to have someone tell you what to do rather than to look at pictures, read and try to decipher them yourself.

I know that Yoga has been around for years but I’m sceptical about those who treat it like a fad or some latest exercise thingy to lose weight and tone up. It should be more than that shouldn’t it?

Errr….. can someone enlighten me please? Anyone?

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