London Choco Roll Varieties

Whenever the courier man comes, the kids are curious to know whats in the package. Will it be yet another boring skincare product for mum or will it be some delicious snacks?

The courier man did not disappoint today. He brought with him a pack of London Choco Roll in several varieties. The kid was delighted.

Our London Choco Roll Variety Pack

So, let’s see what varieties of London Choco Rolls we received. It’s always exciting to open up a parcel full of gifts in different variations. We received 4 varieties all together.

  1. We had London Roll Strawberry Flavour cake.
London Roll Strawberry Flavour Cake

2. We also had London Roll Milk Flavour Cake

London Roll Milk Flavour Cake

3. Next we had something called a London Love Cake with Cheese and Butter Flavour.

Love Cake Cheese & Butter Flavoured

4. Finally we had a Double Choco Milk Cream Cake

London Choco Roll Double Choco Milk Cream Cake

If you wish to know the varieties of London Choco Rolls and Cakes, you can visit their website which I just linked to. They have an amazing variety, several pages of it in fact!

Thank you London Choco Roll for selecting me as one of the winners for your July giveaway and thank you for the surprise Touch n Go card too.

Laneige and Mamonde Free Samples

I noticed that those who love to enter giveaways and contests also share another thing in common. They love free samples and other freebies including door gifts at events etc. Well, okay not all of them do but some of them do like free samples as I do. I like being able to test out products before I buy them and I also like to try out new products.

Today, I managed to get free samples for two well-known Korean Skincare brands – Laneige and Mamonde. How lucky! Here’s the one from Mamonde. It’s the new Moisture Ceramide Cream with Hibiscus extract. I haven’t tried it yet but one thing I know is I will love the fragrance. Mamonde’s products are inspired by Flowers. Their products smell refreshingly natural, no chemical smells.

Mamonde Ceramide Intense Cream Sample Pack

You can redeem your Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream sample here while stocks last. Note that you have to complete a google form and flash your confirmation email to the beauty consultant to redeem. The sample is a 3-day trial pack with 6 packets in the pack. Sometimes they run out of stock so you get just 1 or 2 which makes it hard to decide whether the product is right for you. You should get 6 for the full pack.

I was also curious about the Laneige Focus Active Ampoule Trial Kit. The sample kit includes 3 pieces of 1.7ml ampoule. They’re so cute! They’re for brightening, firming and repair.

Laneige Focus Active Ampoule Trial Kit

Here is the redemption link for the Laneige Focus Active Ampoule.

After you have completed the redemption form, you will receive an email with a redemption code. The code has an expiry date of 1 week from the date you complete the form, so don’t complete it till you know you have time to visit the counter. You can redeem your sample at any Laneige boutique counter nationwide by showing your unique code and your IC as verification. It is available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.

If you are wondering when to apply an ampoule, here’s an article on what is an ampoule and which stage of your skincare you should apply it.

Chlorophyll drinks

Today the courier came by with some chlorophyll drinks. It’s a little bit embarrassing to have the couriers dropping by and ringing my bell so frequently. The neighbours probably think I am addicted to online shopping or something.

Anyway, I won these from a Friendship Day Giveaway organized by Surya Malaysia. I had won Apple Cider Vinegar from Surya before in a contest organized by Big Pharmacy so I was expecting to see more ACV mistakenly.

I was surprised to find two bottles of chlorophyll drinks instead. They were Peach and Lychee Flavoured Chlorophyll drinks. I wonder how they taste as I have not got a chance to taste it yet. Chlorophyll reminds me of grass and leaves. Will they go well with Lychee and Peach?

Chlorophyll Drinks

Here’s a closer look at the two flavours.

Here’s a look at the ingredients. The Lychee one contains Water, Lychee, Apple and Chlorophyll whereas the Peach one contains Water, Peach, Passionfruit and Chlorophyll. You are supposed to mix 25ml of these with 125 ml of lukewarm water to serve.

I can’t wait to try it later. Thank you to Surya Malaysia for this opportunity to try these health drinks. Below is the contest I entered. My winning entry was reminiscing about the time when I was in college and we were playing hide and seek in a bungalow by the beach in the dark and one of my friends hid in the cupboard and the cupboard broke. It is one of the things that I will never forget. The fun times and things we did when we were younger. Happy Friendship Day 2019.

The Giveaway Banner

Munch Till Kow Kow

Today the giveaway prize that my foodie had been waiting for arrived. Every time the courier delivers a package, he would feel the package and if it turned out to be one of my skin care stuff again, he would be disappointed.

The package did not disappoint today. It was a whole big packet of Kow Kow Mixed Peanuts!

There were 20 packs in all

The mixed bag of nuts came in 4 flavours. They were Shandong Peanuts, Crispy Broad Beans with Onions and Garlic flavour, Coated Peanuts (Spicy) and Coated Peanuts (Original).

The Kow Kow Mixed Peanuts Package came in 4 Flavours

Here’s a close-up look at the four nuts. Crunch. Crunch.

Here are the four varieties of the packet of nuts.

The packaging is so cute and colourful

I am not sure if the nuts will last the day. I think they will be all gone before the day is over!

Thank you Kow Kow for this wonderful gift which I won in a giveaway recently.

One Giveaway Three Prizes

I joined a giveaway by Guardian and SilkyGirl a while back. Well, actually I join many Guardian giveaways and many SilkyGirl giveaways too. You just have to love Guardian for the many giveaways they run for the different brands they carry and Silkygirl for their many affordable products.

Anyway, I joined one or several with the SilkyGirl brand. Some were for foundation, some for matte lipsticks or eyeliners etc. I won the Guardian and SilkyGirl Gen Matte Cushion Foundation giveaway. I will tell you a little bit more about this later on in the post.

First, I want to express my gratitude to Guardian and SilkGirl because to my surprise I received 3 items all together! They are the SilkyGirl Gen Matte Cushion Foundation, the SilkyGirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream and the SilkGirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner! Wowee! Good things come in threes!

1. The SilkyGirl Gen Matte Cushion Foundation is in a stick format with a
sponge applicator at the top with a cover and all you have to do is twist the base to dispense the foundation. Never had a foundation like that before so it will be interesting to try. This foundation has SPF 25/PA++ too. Recommended retail price is RM46.90. I got 01 Light which is perfect for my skin tone.

2. The SilkyGirl Matte Junkie lip cream came in my favourite colour. 04-Vintage. Super! Retail price is currently RM24.90 ( or RM22.41 with 10% off) at Guardian. It’s a matte lip cream. I like them in matte because if I want to make them look glossy, all I have to do is add lip gloss.

3. The SilkyGirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black which is waterproof and currently retailing at RM22.90 (with 34% discount = RM15). Now this one, I need some practice to make sure I can draw it with great precision….

Love them and can’t wait to try them! Now if only I had a place to go or a party to attend. No matter. I will wear it out this weekend to the market. Hey! A girl has got to look good all the time right? Who knows you might just bump into an old flame or an old classmate and you wouldn’t want to look like something the cat dragged out. Thank you Guardian and SilkyGirl!

Quick update: Being the impatient person that I am, I coudn’t wait till my market excursion to try them out so I immediately tested them. Verdict: Love the foundation. So easy to apply and carry around and it feels lightweight and has good coverage. Love the matte lip cream. Feels lightweight and moist when applied but magically turns matte when done. Nice colour too. As for the precision liquid eyeliner, I obviously need more practice with these things. I never can quite get the hang of having a steady hand when applying liquid liners. If you have a steady hand, it will look great on you.

Incidentally, I also received an email informing me that I won movie merchandise for Alladin the movie. I wonder what I got for that? A magic lamp to conjure up more prizes? LoL. I hope. Whatever it is, I will appreciate and treasure it.

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