Dora The Explorer Movie Merchandise

Dora The Explorer movie merchandise

Dora and the Explorer brings back a lot of childhood memories of our kids to us. They watched Dora episodes, read Dora storybooks, played Dora games. The little one would wake up extra early during the weekends, knock on the door and requested to play the Dora Game on TV. At the time, there were no mobile phones or fanciful apps so we relied on the good old tv and tapes for the games.

Winning Dora merchandise was therefore something very happy for us. The Dora movie merchandise we won include a World Scratch Map (you scratch off the parts of the world you have visited to reveal the colourful map beneath.

Quite often you will receive a poster as part of the movie merchandise you win in a giveaway. The Scratch Map is one of the best posters we have ever received!

There’s also a light up yoyo toy and a beautiful compass and the Dora backpack too.

I love this set, not only because it has very nice items but also because of the memories it brings. I end this post with the lyrics of the map song from Dora and the explorer.

If there is a place you got to go
I am the one you need to know
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!

If there is a place you got to get
I can get you there I bet
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map! (repeat till end of song)

Lovely Dora and the Lost City of Gold Compass
Dora the Explorer purple backpack
Dora the Explorer Movie Merchandise Set

Durian Mooncake 2019

I have this craving for durians because no one in my family loves it like I do. I couldn’t possibly eat durians on my own so every durian season I would watch durian come and durian go on social media unfolding before my very eyes without touching even one.

So, to my delight I won a musang king durian mooncake recently. That ought to still my cravings for a while.

Not too long ago, I joined a giveaway by Paybats (@iBATSmy). Paybats offers payment solution for companies and in conjuction with the Mid Autumn Festival, they were running a giveaway campaign with 30 boxes of durian mooncake to giveaway!

iBATS Mid-Autumn Contest

I was really happy to be named one of the winners. Yay!

I won consolation prize of a box of durian mooncake

I soon received an evoucher to collect a box of mooncake as shown in the picture. RM108, that is the price of the box of 4 mooncakes.

My evoucher looks good enough to eat!

The evoucher is from Chi Liu Xiang Durian Dessert shop which does all kinds of durian confectionary. So that’s how I got to satisfy my durian craving.

I love the baby blue packaging. Its really sweet and pretty. So are the durian mooncakes.

Durian Mooncake successfully redeemed

The flower pattern from the durian mold was also very nice.

Four mooncakes in a box
There were two flower designs. This one is rose.

What about the durian mooncake? Well, it was yummy. Deliciously melt in the mouth, so soft, I wonder how they molded it into this shape. Recently I tried a mouthful of durian mooncake from a famous Chinese restaurant but it was not as good as this. That one was frozen, hard and the durian was more like ice-cream rather than durian. It did not retain the softness like this one did.

Yummy, soft, melt in the mouth musang king durian mooncake

When I was rushing out to collect this mooncake, I received notification that I had won another mooncake set! More about that in coming post!

Malaysia Mooncake boxes 2019

Are we buying mooncakes or mooncake packaging? We’re definitely paying for packaging prizes as sellers get more and more innovative with their packages to outdo one another. This is especially so with hotel mooncakes. Some restaurant mooncakes have joined in the packaging war. However, you can still get the standard square tin boxes. Anyway, the best way to check out the best mooncake boxes is to go to a mooncake fair. There’s lots of mooncake to taste too. To me, they all taste the same. My taste buds just aren’t that discerning.

Let’s have a look at what’s available this year. We’re only looking at packaging in this post. The mooncake flavours and prices are not covered.

KL Hilton has teamed up with bag designers with Christy Ng and Khoon Hooi designer bags for their mooncake boxes 2019.

KL hilton x Christy Ng

Next, Concorde Hotel has two variations that look quite different. One is a lighted globe and the other is a jewelry box in pastel colours. Interesting isn’t it?

Lighted Globes from Concorde Hotel
Jewelry Box Mooncake Packaging from Concorde Hotel 2019

Shangri-La Hotel has a red box with gold flower design for its mooncakes 2019.

Shangri-la Mooncake Box 2019

I got so distracted by the beautiful display counter for Intercontinental Hotel Mooncakes 2019 that I only got half of the mooncake package. You can see it at the edge of the picture. It looks rather like a bag too.

Hotel Intercontinental Mooncakes 2019

Intercontinental Hotel also has a variation for the little ones that come with a bumble bee bag and cute cartoon shaped mooncakes.

Hotel Intercontinental Cartoon Shaped Mooncakes

The Westin has a something they call the Yue Fantasy which can be lighted up as well with palm tree design and do I see a rabbit there? Yes, I think I do. “Yue” is the pinyin for the Chinese word Moon.

The Westin Yue Fantasy Mooncakes 2019

This round blue mooncake box with a colourful cover is from Dragon-i restaurant. They have another red squarish package but I did not manage to take a picture of that because I was too busy buying their durian mooncake to double up as a birthday “cake” for my brother. The durian mooncake cost RM36 for a set of two.

Dragon-i Durian Mooncakes

Sheraton Petaling Jaya has shiny and sparkly chests for their mooncake boxes. There are a few designs to choose from.

Sheraton Petaling Jaya Shiny Chests Mooncake Boxes 2019

Finally, here’s packaging suitable for kids and collectors of Hello Kitty and Doraemon from Good Chen, which is in the confectionery business.

Hello Kitty and Doraemon Mooncake Packaging from Good Chen

What’s mooncake festival without lanterns? And so I conclude this post with some lanterns for the children. Lanterns these days don’t even look like lanterns anymore. Have a look and see what you think?

Traditional Style Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Lanterns
Robot Lanterns for Boys
Doll Lanterns for Girls

What do you think of the mooncake boxes for 2019?

Lunch at Palsaik Korean BBQ Mid Valley Megamall

Palsaik Korean BBG Restaurant, Mid Valley Megamall

Since this was a long weekend, we decided to get together to celebrate my brother’s birthday which is in early September. We went to Palsaik Korean BBQ as I had won a RM50 voucher from their opening promo at Mid Valley Megamall.

The above picture shows the entrance to the restaurant. I was wondering about the number 8 and then a search on the About page of Palsaik Korean BBQ Facebook page states that “sa:k] is the Korean word for pork belly. As such Palsaik¬†Samgyupsal¬†means eight coloured pork belly. ”

I won a RM50 voucher during Palsaik Korea BBQ Mid Valley Megamall opening

Since it was our first time there, we decided to order common dishes like the bibimbap, the korean pancake and a set meal for 2-4 pax. This was more than enough food for the 5 of us. Below are a few pages from the menu so you have an idea of the prices of the meals.

Chicken Bibimbap and Seafood Pancake
A couple set for 2 persons
A party set

Here is the actual meal. The actual did not disappoint. It was good. Basically you can choose from a set and then, select the soup. The set comes with pork marinated with different ingredients and salads and salad leaves for wrapping the freshly grilled pork. Then you are supposed to feed each other with the wrapped salad leave and pork just like the way you watch them do in the Korean dramas. I’m only kidding about the feed each other part but they always seem to do that all the time, it got stuck on my mind.

The bibimbap had a sweet sour taste and is appetizing.


The Korean pancake was nicely crisp on the outside.

Korean Pancake

The pork belly came in 8 different marinates, ginseng, wine, pine, garlic, herbs, curry, miso paste and hot. They are grilled just right and the chef was smart enough to cart each type into 5 pieces and arrange them according to the different marinates so that everyone has a chance to try one of each.

Pork marinated with 8 different herbs and spices

There’s a lot of meat but also a lot of salads so no problem.

Salads and the famed
Korean imported Perilla leaves

You can choose from seafood soybean, clear clam soup or kimchi soup. We decided on clear clam soup. The soup was not overpowering in taste. It was light.

Clear Clam Soup

Grilling was perfectly done.

BBQ marinated meats grilled to perfection

After the meal, we had 2 durian mooncakes while the restaurant played a happy birthday song in Korean for my brother. A very delicious and satisfying meal. Burp!

Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant Mid Valley Megamall

Cafe Art by Aik Cheong

Yesterday morning I received notification that I had won an Aik Cheong Coffee RM50 Gift Box. In the afternoon, I received a message from Aik Cheong with the shipping tracking code. Today, I received the gift pack. Wow! How efficient! You gotta love them! Just like you love coffee!

The courier came with a big package and I was really curious to know what’s inside.

Aik Cheong Gift Box

Let’s see. There’s a Kopi-O coffee mixture bag. This is like the kind of kopi that we used to brew at home or those you find in the kedai kopi type. It has a different type of aroma and taste compared to white coffee. There’s also the 3-in-1 white coffee original and the 4-in-1 white coffee with hazelnut flavour. Yum. Yum.

Aik Cheong Merdeka 2019 Contest

Oh, and I like this best. The Aik Cheong Cafe Art Variety Pack made up of chocolate, latte, cappuccino and matcha satchets. That’s so cute. It will make a very nice gift for friends, relatives and colleagues who love drinking coffee. I have two sisters who can’t stop drinking coffee. Going to open up all this and distribute some to the both of them as a surprise. I love receiving surprises and giving surprises too. Thank you Aik Cheong, for making this possible.

Aik Cheong Cafe Art Variety Pack
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