8 Amazing Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Holographic Or Lighted Decorations Are Very Popular Christmas Decorations. This Post Showcases 10 Popular Lighted Holographic Christmas Decorations For Outdoor As Well As Indoor Use.

Image Credit: 3-Piece Glistening Striped Gift Box Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration Set

Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Through the clever use of lights, Christmas Decorations can now appear 3 dimensional in holographic lighted decoration. Holographic lighted Christmas decoration is a really cool way to decorate your home for the holidays. You can use lighted holographic Christmas for indoor as well as outdoor use. The focus of this lens is on lighted holographic decorations you can use for your outdoor Christmas decorations.

This post highlights 8 best holographic lights you can use for your outdoor Christmas decorations. These lights are rather popular and include holographic presents as you see here in this intro image, holographic train lights, lighted holographic Santa sleigh and more. I hope you find something amazing to decorate your home with this year. Holographic lights will surely make your neighbors stop and stare so do invest in a really interesting one that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Remember, your holographic light decoration is the central point of your Christmas decoration, so make it a good one.

8 Amazing Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

1. 8.5′ Holographic Lighted 4-Piece Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art – LIghted Holographic Christmas Train Is Very Popular And The Reason Is Clear. It Is Fab

NorthLight 8.5 ft. Holographic Lighted 4-Piece Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art BUY NOW!

Here is a 4 piece holographic lighted train that measures 8.5 foot for your yard decoration. It comes pre-lit with 600 mini multi-color lights to create the holographic train image. You can change the light speed settings to steady, slow or chasing for the effect that you want.

Although this holographic train set is listed for both indoor and outdoor use, I think it will look better outdoors. The holographic Christmas train will stand out more outdoors against the darkness of the night.

2. 5 ft lighted SANTA and REINDEER set CHRISTMAS OUTDOOR DECORATION – The Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh Is Another Popular And Sought After Christmas Outdoor

Christmas 5ft Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh with Reindeer Yard Decoration with 150 Lights BUY NOW!

You will just have to stop and have a second look at this Santa Sleigh holographic lights. This vivid Santa Sleigh display will light up your neighborhood, in particularly your home with 100 lights.

You can illuminate the way to your house for all your visitors to your home this Christmas with this dazzling lighted holographic Santa Sleigh decoration

3. 42″ Holographic Lighted 3-Piece Christmas Nativity Set Yard Art Decoration – Lighted Holographic Nativity Set For Outdoor Display Reminds Us Of The Meaning Of Christmas

Fontanini by Roman Holy Family Lighted Yard Art 3-Piece 48-Inch BUY NOW!

This Holographic Lighted Nativity Yard Art Set comes in 3 pieces. The Christmas Nativity Holographic Light Decoration is pre-lit with mini lights and is 4 feet tall.

The design is pre-assembled, so it is very easy to put up. All you have to do is take out the pieces, unfold them and plug in.

4. Lighted Crystal 3-D Outdoor Christmas Flamingo Decoration – A Holographic Lighted Display Creates 3-D Imagery That Takes You Off To The Tropics During Christas

Fontanini by Roman Holy Family Lighted Yard Art 3-Piece 48-Inch BUY NOW!
Candy Cane Lane Pre-Lit 3D Sculpture Outdoor Christmas Flamingo (Set of 2) BUY NOW!

A 3-D Lighted Pair Or Christmas Flamingoes is a unique way to light up your yard or the outdoors. You can also use this holographic Christmas flamingo indoors if you like.

It comes with ground stakes for easy installation of this lighted Christmas Display for your visitors.

Sometimes less is more and in the case of this 3-D lighted Christmas decoration, the simplicity is what makes it stand out really brightly as an outdoor Christmas decor. With this Christmas decoration as your focal point, you can add more items easily without looking like you are being carried away or over zealous with your Christmas Outdoor decoration. It also adds a fun tropical theme to your decoration

5. Animated Holographic Santa Yard Sculpture with Lights – Make Your House The Center Of Attraction In Your Neighborhood With This Holographic Santa Lights

21″ Holographic Waving Santa 100 Light Xmas Silhouette Indoor Outdoor Window Christmas Lights BUY NOW!

Watch Santa dance wave to you in this cute waving Santa holographic Christmas Light Decoration.

Multicolored lights are used to create this 3-D image of a waving Santa. Lights can be adjusted to be Steady iluminating or optional flashing making it look like an animated waving 3-D santa.

At just 21 inches tall, this Santa Lights can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

6. 24″ Stacked Holographic Snowflake Present Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration – Lighted Christmas Presents Holographic Decorations

24″ Stacked Holographic Snowflake Present Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration BUY NOW!

This Christmas presents lighted holographic decoration is a dazzling display of Christmas presents in red, blue and green with a decorative bow on top of the presents accented with silver snowflakes. The holographic design which is made up of pre-lit 70 clear lights really makes the Christmas presents display stand out .

Lawn stakes are included for easy installation but do note that the Christmas presents come as it is and cannot be dismantled to display differently.

7. 24 Holographic Lawn Stake Pathway Markers Outdoor Christmas Decorations 30″ – This Christmas Cutout Lawn Stake Set Is Not A Lighted Holographic Display

I love this because I love variety. This mini holographic display is perfect for those who don’t want to put up a huge display.

You can still have a holographic decoration with this pack of 24 Pack of 24 Holographic Christmas Lawn Stakes.

This fun double sided holographic cutouts on metal stakes include waving Santa Clauses with sparkling silver trims, snowmen with dazzling silver and blue scarves, , silver and blue snowflakes and “Santa Stop Here!” stop signs.

Please note that these are not lights. The holographic display is created using sparkling silver holographic trim. They look better during the day or indoors.

8. Impact Innovations Lighted Red Holographic Bow Decoration 24 ” Red – This lighted Holographic Bow Would Look Great On Your Front Door

Impact Innovations Tinsel Bow 24″ Red BUY NOW!

This lighted holographic bow measures 24 inches. It includes 20 mini red lights.

This holographic bow lights will look great on front doors or against windows and matches well with lighted holographic presents and Christmas wreath lights.

Questions To Ask Before Buying Real Estate

Buying real estate from an agent like Westerville Ohio Realtors is sometimes a once in a lifetime thing for many people. Just like shopping for anything else, you must be prepared. Do your homework. Research. Research. Research and ask the right questions. Write your questions down on a piece of paper if you have to. Here are some questions you should ask before buying real estate.

Why is the seller selling?

This is probably the very first question you want to ask. Why is the seller selling? Is there a problem with the property? Are they in a hurry to sell? If yes, perhaps you could get a better price for the house.

What is included in the sale?

Are fixtures and furniture included? Sometimes what you see is not what you get. The house owner may be selling the property bare and removing the lovely fixtures you saw. Ask exactly what is included. Request for an inventory list so you know exactly what you will be paying for.

Is there any problems in the house I need to know about?

One of the worst things you can do is to inherit the problems of a second hand property on the market. Leaking roofs, termites and other problems can be very hard to fix. In fact, when you view the property, make sure you check the ceiling and walls for water stain signs and termite trails.

Has the old owners done any refurbishing lately?

Ask specifically about water pipes and electrical wiring. When was the last time these were fixed or changed? Be aware on whether you will need to do any rewiring and factor those into the price that you want to pay.

Is the price negotiable?

This will give you a better idea on how flexible the seller will be on the asking price. You should also ask how long the property has been in the market and the market price for real estate in the same area

In addition to asking these questions, you should also drive around the property. Look at the neighborhood stores and public conveniences. Talk to the neighbors. Make sure you do all these research and choose carefully, like you would a life partner. After all, your house will be something that you will be living in for most of your life.

Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

This post gives you some quick tips and ideas for decorating your dorm room specially for girls only. You can have your dorm ready in the 5 easy steps shown or checklist provided.
Dormitory Survival Kit – Decorative Sign Set for Daughters – Set of 3 BUY NOW!

Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – How To Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps

Girls, if this is the first time away from home and you don’t know how to decorate your room away from home, your dorm room, then this lens will help you. Parents, if you are sending your child away from home for the first time, this lens has ideas on what to get for your daughter to make her as comfortable as possible in her new dorm room.

This post will show you how to decorate your dorm room in 5 easy steps. You don’ t have to be overwhelmed and lost when you think about decorating your dorm room. Just think about decorating your dorm room area by area and in no time, your dorm room will look like it has been designed by a pro.

Quick Tips On How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

1.Decide on your dorm room bedding – this is your focal point

2. Then focus on your walls and floor. Mix and match items and colors to match your bedding

3. Organize, Organize, Organize

4. Add in some extras, some personal little things that you like

Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps – Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – Checklist

You may feel overwhelmed when you think of decorating the entire dorm room all at once. So, break up this task and you will be able to think of ideas one at a time working through the checklist.

Break down your dorm room decorating by concentrating on each area separately. Go down this list one by one and decorate each part of your dorm one at a time.

If you prefer, you can click on each step and go directly to the area you want to decorate.

STEP 1: Keep Your Dorm Bed Snug And Cozy While Making It The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor

Dorm Room Bedding Is The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor


Your Dorm Bed not only keeps you snug and cozy, it is the focal point of your dorm room. Since a dorm room is quite small, the first thing you see when you enter the dorm is your bed. Your bed can be the focal point for your dorm room decorating. Your dorm bed will also be the one that you will be lying on at the end of a hard day’s work so make it as comfy as you can. Dorm room bedding is the most important decorating item you can get for your dorm room.

Get a good comforter set with the color theme that you want for your dorm room. This will be the focal point for your dorm room. Get comfortable throw cushions and make your dorm bed as cozy as you can. Get striking colors or warm muted colors, it is up to you. Cushions in complementary colors or those in striking bold colors will give your dorm room the look that YOU want. You don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to do this. Just get a good bedding in your taste and style and then match the rest of your dorm room to that focal point, the dorm bed.

A good option would be to choose a colorful dorm room bedding set. In that way, you will have more colors to work with for the rest of your dorm room.

Step 2: Decorate Your Dorm Walls With Memories From Home Or With Fun Posters, Wall Decals, Calendars Or Writing Boards – Don’t Leave Your Dorm Room Walls Empty

Melannco 12-Opening Collage Frame (Espresso) BUY NOW!

After you have decided on your bedding, the next step would be to tackle your walls. Think of what you like. If you like to be reminded of memories of home, a photo collage would be great.

You can also opt for fun wall decals with sayings or colorful wall decals to match your bedding.

Another idea would be to hang up posters or include organizers or calendars or chalk boards for you to write down reminders and more.

If You Prefer A More Colorful Way To Display Your Photos, Try This

Bundle Monster Wall Deco DIY Paper Photo Frame with Mini Clothespins and Stickers – BUY NOW!

Tip: Remember to get items that can be cleaned easily as you will be doing the cleaning, not mum!

Step 3: Warm And Snug Rugs For Your Dorm Floors Add Texture And Design To Your Dorm Room – Your Dorm Bed Is Cozy With Just The Right Bedding, You Have Decorated

Do More of What Makes You Happy Scatter Rug Floor Mat BUY NOW!

The next step in our 5 step dorm room decorating is to decorate your floor. Yes, you can decorate your floors too with warm, comfortable and cozy rugs or with cute bathroom mats or with a mat that makes a statement like this floor mat with a quote.

Tip: Get a place for verything and keep everything it its place.

Step 4: Dorm Room Organization Is Essential So That Your Little Space Is Not Cluttered And Messy

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place Should Be The Motto For Every Small Room. You Can Keep Your Dorm Room Neatly Organized With Organization Kits And Boxes To Keep Everything Neatly Away.

You will need laundry bags, bathroom caddies, personal organizers, shelf organizers, storage boxes, accessory drawers and more. You may also need hanging organizers for your shoes, accessories or clothes.

Honey-Can-Do Back To School Home Organization Kit, Blue BUY NOW!

Step 5: Finally, You Will Need Dorm Room Extras For That Extra Oomph – You Can Really Have Fun With This Part Of Decorating Your Room

Your dorm room has got the right bedding with the style and color you want, you have decorated the walls of your dorm room with pretty pictures from home, you managed to find a cute floor mat to match your style and you’ve got the organizers you need. Now, you can add the final touch like dividing your dorm room between work and play area by using Bead Curtains.

You can add knick knacks and other cute finds for your tables, shelves and then you can relax in your dorm room that feels like home and one that is totally you.

3 ft x 6 ft Bubble Beaded Curtain – Room Divider – Rainbow BUY NOW!

Quick Tip: Room Decals Are The Way To For Easy Decorating That Looks Good And Can Be Changed When You Get Bored Of The Look Or Theme For Your Dorm Room

Leopard Print Heart Wall Decals Cheetah Decoration Sticker for Dorm BUY NOW!

Top 10 Gifts For Grandfather

This post has suggestions for the Top 10 Gifts to buy for Grandfather on his birthday or for Christmas or other celebrations or just because he is Grandfather.

Top 10 GIfts For Grandpa

Grandpas are hard to buy gifts for. Grandmas are easier. Every time I try to search for a gift for grandfathers, all I see are keepsakes photo frames and mugs like the one you see in this picture. That is why I created this lens, to feature the best Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa ideas. If you are searching for a gift for grandpa for Christmas or for grandpa’s birthday, you can get grandpa some of these less uncommon and unique gifts for grandfather.

The Top 10 Gifts For Grandfather below include gifts for all budgets and they are listed in no particular order.

Photo Credit: Grandfather Mug From Amazon

No 1 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Get Grandfather A Digital Photo Frame So He Can Enjoy Watching Your Family Photos In A Slideshow

Pandigital 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame BUY NOW!

This is exactly what I got for my dad (my children’s grandfather) for his 80th birthday this year. We got him a 10″ digital photo frame with 2 GB of internal memory. The newer generation digital frames come with memory so you can actually store your photos in the frame itself without inserting a thumb drive. My father has dementia, has a stoma and is physically disabled. Previously we got him a personalized photo book and he enjoyed looking at the photos. This year, we decided to get the digital photo frame.

We chose 10″ so that it would be bigger and easier for him to view. We decided to go for internal memory and we downloaded all the photos we wanted to give to him so he won’t have to worry about a thing about setting up the frame or inserting thumb drives etc. We even got the kids to play the piano and sing a birthday song then we recorded it and stored it in the digital frame for grandpa to watch.

We also personalized his frame. This is how we did it. Now, digital frames normally come in boring black or white. You can get colorful ones too but we wanted to personalize ours. What we did was to purchase some grandpa theme scrapbook stickers and paste them onto the frame. They turned out so beautiful. Ours was a 3D sticker with gems. I was so lucky to be able to find it on very short notice. We pasted gems and flowers on the side. On the top we added “Happy Memories” and at the bottom of the frame was “Smile” and “Dad”.

You can use this idea too to personalize your digital frames. It is very easy to do and the results are amazing.

These days you can find wireless WIFI enabled digital photo frames or battery operated and chargeable digital frames with remote sensor on and off buttons. All these functions will help grandpa enjoy his digital photo frame without hassle. Just make sure you charge up the batteries for grandpa, set up and download all your pictures and videos and let grandfather enjoy watching your family slide shows instantly.

No 2 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Get Grandfather A Universal Remote Control To Simplify Things For Grandpa

URC WR7 Universal Remote Control for up to 7 A/V Components with 4 Favorite Channel Buttons BUY NOW!

I am easily confused by all the remote controls in the house. There is one for the TV, one for the internet box, two for the two dvd players we have at home. I’m not a grandmother yet but I would certainly appreciate a universal remote control and so would grandpa.

This would be an excellent Christmas gift or Birthday gift for grandfathers. In fact, this would make a good gift for fathers too or mothers as in my case.

No 3 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Tool Kit Is A Good Gift For The Grandpa Who Likes To Fix Everything

Apollo Precision Tools DT9408 53-Piece Household Tool Kit

Have you noticed that many grandpas are good fixers. They can fix anything in the house. For grandfathers who enjoy pottering around the house fixing things, you can get grandpa a tool kit as a gift.

For the DIY grandpa, the more tools the better. If you have a higher budget you can get the best tool kit with lots of household tools which will delight grandpa. Otherwise, a simple tool kit will be just as good. A tool box is another good idea as a gift for grandpa for his birthday or for Christmas.

Apollo Precision Tools DT9408 53-Piece Household Tool Kit BUY NOW!

No 4 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Low Vision Playing Cards Is A Good Gift For Grandfathers Who Like To Play Cards

If your grandfather likes to play cards or play bridge but he has low or limited vision, then delight him with this set of Low Vision Playing Cards Bundle of 4 Decks.

These cards have extra large numbers and icons. The spades, diamond, heart, and club icons are 3/4 inches tall.

This makes it easier for grandfather to play bridge without having to squint his eyes. Young kids will also enjoy playing these extra large number size playing cards with grandpa.

No 5 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Give Grandpa A Gift For His Patio Or Garden

Old-Fashioned Solar Lantern BUY NOW!

These decorative solar lights are perfect for grandpa’s patio or garden. They are easy to install with no wiring or electricity required. It would make a very nice piece of decor for grandpa’s garden.

However, do take note that most solar lights are not very bright generally, so these would look great for grandpa’s garden but can’t be used as reading lights.

No 6 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Put Together A Family Tree Frame With All Your Family Photos As A Gift For Grandfather

Haven Family Tree Metal Collage Frame BUY NOW!

New View Family Tree Metal Collage Frame

Another good gift birthday or Christmas gift for grandfather is a family tree collage.

You can do this family tree collage by collecting all the beautiful photos of your family together with grandpa and placing them in a family tree frame.

Please do not give this gift to grandpa blank without photos for grandfather to insert himself. Make sure, you carefully select photos your grandfather will love to look at, including photos of you and your family and place them in the frames. Don’t forget to include a photo of grandpa and you.

No 7 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – T-Shirt With Funny Saying For Grandpa Are Good Gifts Too

This Is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like Funny T-shirt BUY NOW!

This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like Funny T-shirt

This Funny T-shirt reads “This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like”

If you think grandpa is cool, you can get him this t-shirt.or you can search for more funny tshirts for grandpa here with sayings like “I’m not 70, I’m 18 with 52 years of experience” or “Retired but working full time spoiling my grandchildren” and more.

No 8 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Special Mug For Grandpa For His Daily Hot Drink

Grandpa Pottery Mug BUY NOW!

I know I said something in the intro about not giving grandpa common gifts like mugs but I couldn’t resist adding this stoneware mug for grandpa.

I think this is a really beautiful mug for grandpa with poem. It says “Grandpa you are loved” on one side and the other side has a short poem that reads “Grandpa, there’s a special place in my heart for you…a place of laughter and fun, hugs and good times, wisdom and memories. My heart is ever grateful to God for giving me you.”

Grandpa can think of you every day when he drinks from this mug, a gift from you to him for grandpa’s birthday or for Christmas.

No 9 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Decorative Figurine For Grandpa’s Home Can Be A Gift To Grandpa Too

Well Seasoned by Pavilion Best Grandpa Ever 5-Inch Block Figurine BUY NOW!

Well Seasoned by Pavilion Best Grandpa Ever 5-Inch Block Figurine

Well Seasoned By Pavillion has many such cute figurines and other Grandpa And Grandma Gifts which will make great Christmas Gifts or Birthday gifts for Grandpa.

No 10 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Give Grandpa A Canvas Wall Art Handprint From The Kids

Pearhead Handprint Wall Art Set, Blue BUY NOW!

Canvas Pink Wall Art Handprint Set

You can give grandpa a DIY canvas wall art of the kids handprints. This is a very nice keepsakes gift for grandfather.

This Canvas Wall Art Handprint Set comes with four colored canvases, white paint and paint tray to create a DIY handprint masterpiece for grandfather which will last for many years. Good Christmas gift or birthday present for grandpa.

I suggest you use Fabric Markers to write in the names of the each family member whose handprint is on the canvas so you won’t forget them in time or you could get them to sign below their handprint to make it look even more personalized and creative.

Hope you find something for good old grandpa from our Top 10 Gifts Ideas For Grandfather Suggestions.

How To Light Up Your Home With Decorative Solar Lights

Decorative Solar Lights

Solar Powered Lights are an easy way to light up your garden. This hub shows you how to light up your home porch, balcony or garden with various solar lights.

How To Light Up Your Home With Solar Powered Decorative Lights

Harness the power of the sun. Save on energy. Use solar lights. Solar lights are easy to use and are great for home decoration purposes especially during festive seasons. They really make your garden and your home light up without costing you money. Solar powered lights are safe with no ugly and dangerous extension cords. No electrical outlet is needed and your solar powered decorative lights will automatically turn on at dusk. What could be better than that?

In this post, I will show you the various types of solar powered decorative lights available and how you can light up your home using these solar lights to illuminate your garden, pathways and homes into a magical fairyland.

Invest In A Solar Powered Post Cap For The Fence Posts Around Your House – An easy way to decorate the first point of greeting to your home.

Stained Glass Solar Post Cap Lamp

Solar Powered Post Caps are easy to affix. You can just place them atop your fence posts, screw them on and that is it. No electrical outlets are needed, no wiring is required. Areas that are especially difficult to wire will now be easily illuminated using solar powered post cap lights just like this one.

I love the stained glass look in this post cap solar powered lights. If you prefer, you can wall mount the solar lights too since some of them come with extra wall brackets for dual use. The solar powered post cap lights in the picture has been mounted on the wall but you can do away with the brackets and place them on your fence post caps too.

Moonrays Stained-Glass Solar-Powered LED Post-Cap Lamp BUY NOW!

Solar Powered Pathway Lights For Outdoors – Once you have got your bridge, fence or post cap lights, you can consider solar powered pathway lights as part of your garden decor and lighting

Solar Powered Pathway Lights soaks up the sun’s energy by day and shines brightly in the night for up to . Not only will solar powered pathway lights illuminate walks, gardens, and patios, they will also double up as your garden’s landscaping.

Some solar powered pathway lights come with two mounting options. Posts or Shepherd’s hook. Either way, they are easy to mount. Some of the solar lights even have a flicker candle effect and look like real candles in the night.

Moonrays Richmond Solar Light, Metal Path Light, Rubbed Bronze, 2-Pack BUY NOW!

Decorative Solar Lights In Various Animal Shapes Add Instant Charm To Your Garden – If you have a pond or flowerbed, it is a good idea to get cute decorative solar lights to pretty up your garden immediately.

Turtles on a Log Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Light

Nature inspired accents like these cute turtles on a log solar powered decorative lights pretty up any flower bed or pond instantly. Watch them light up like magic in the night. It only adds more charm to your garden landscape.

You can add solar light turtles, solar powered ladybirds, solar ladybirds, dragonflies, butterflies and more. Just place them where you want them or drive them into the ground with their posts. They are easy to install and fun.

Moonrays Turtles on a Log Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Light BUY NOW!

Flower Solar Lights Make Great Gifts For Moms, Sisters, Friends and Wives – These Solar Lights are everlasting. The colors may fade but they won’t wilt!

Solar Powered Flower Light, Hibiscus And Humming Bird Fixture

Another way to landscape your garden is to include solar powered flower lights in various strategic places. You can get lilies, roses, a single stalk or a bunch. It is up to you to use your creativity to light up and decorate your garden at the same time.

Flower solar lights is a fun way to add colors to your garden during the day and accent lights during the night. You can create different moods and feel using different colors and different flowers using solar powered flower lights.

These flower solar lights “grow” on a stake. All you need to do is stick them into the ground and charge the rechargeable batteries occasionally.

Moonrays Solar-Powered Hummingbirg with Pink Habiscus Flowers Garden LED Metal Stake Light BUY NOW!

Tips For Using Solar Lights

  1. Keep The Solar Panel Clean Of Any Garden Debris, Stone or Sand
  2. Solar Lights work best in a dark area at night. However, during the day, make sure they get at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight
  3. Get good quality solar lights that will last because the solar lights will be exposed to daily nature elements, sun, rain, snow etc.
  4. Think of what you want to use your solar lights for. Is it for a no frills light up your wall for security or for decorative and landscaping purposes or for saving money on electricity bill. Draw up your garden plan. Think about where you want to set up your solar lights before you shop on impulse.
  5. When you first set up your solar lights, you should charge it for 2-3 days under direct sunlight before first use.
    Always follow the instructions that come with your solar lights. Keep those instructions in case you need to replace the batteries after a couple of years.

Holiday Solar Lights Are Easy To Install Or Keep – Get String Holiday Lights, Hanging Solar Lights and Solar Lights With a Holiday Theme if your intention is to decorate your home for the holidays

Hanging Solar Lights, String Solar Lights, Solar Lights For Stairs, Shrubs, Bushes, Windows are great for holiday use.

If you have a tree in your garden, you can use these hanging solar lights or string solar lights not only during the holidays but all year round.

Hanging Solar Garden Light – Nine (9) Cornet Shaped Solar Lights, Solar Tree Lighting – Three Sets of 3 Each (9 Total) Lights BUY NOW!

String Solar Lights Can Be Used Not Only For The Garden – If You Don’t Have A Garden or Tree, You can Still Use String Solar Lights Or Other Solar Powered Lights

Solar Lights can be used in small spaces like balconies. You can have a small garden of potted plants.

Light them up with solar lights that glow in the dark but make sure your solar lights get plenty of sunlight during the day.

Britta Products Luminous Glow Solar String Light, Set of 12 BUY NOW!

Another Popular Type Of Decorative Solar Light Is The Solar Lantern Light – The Solar Lantern Light Can Be Hung Up Or Placed On A Patio Or Garden Table With Wonderful Results

Solar Mission Lantern Lights

You can get Chinese Lantern Solar Lights or other types of Lantern Solar Lights to create different effects for your outdoor space.

Smart Solar San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern BUY NOW!

Solar Lighted Garden Statue Give Your Garden Landscaping That Extra Oomph! – Garden Statues are a fun way to landscape your garden. Garden Statues That Light Up

Solar Lighted Garden Statue

I love how a garden statue can instantly decorate and be the focal point of a garden. A carefully placed garden statue, whether it is a little girl or boy statue or garden fairy statues make wonderful fixtures and decor for a garden. If the garden statues glow in the night with solar power, it is pretty amazing.

You don’t have to be a landscaper or hire a gardener to do these special effects for your garden. No wiring, no experts are needed. All that is required is a little creativity.

Girl Child with Ducks and Solar Watering Can Garden Yard Statue Ceramic On/off Switch BUY NOW!

A Few Colorful Solar Lighted Jars Placed On A Table Top Or At A Corner Of A Garden Can Quickly Add Charm And Interest To An Outdoor Corner

Smart Solar/Smart Solar 3772WRM1 Glass Mosaic Solar T-Light. Amber

When getting Solar Lighted Jars as a decorative item, choose those that have mosaic design or lighted prisms to get the best lighting effect and clever play with lights.

Smart Solar Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern, Champagne BUY NOW!

As you can see from this post, solar lights can really add character to your garden. It is also environmental friendly and easy to set up as you do not require any electrical plus points or wires.

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