Welcome to my new blog!




Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to my new blog! If I could I would pass out some real drinks and refreshments. LoL!

So………………. what does everyone think? Hehehe.

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28 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Congratulations on your new home!!
    Love the house warming party 😛

    Thank you. A bit early in the day for champagne though. Maybe should have put in some karipap and nasi lemak pictures instead.

  2. Am I the first here??? Woohoo! Looks very techie, ler! But I like the header 🙂 which softens the look a bit.

    Thats because I borrowed the template of a tech guy mah. Hmmm maybe need more softening eh? But I dunno how yet…..

  3. wowwweee… alot of advertisements here hor? You are like running a fullfledge business online already. Heehee!! Hope you will generate alot of income in days to come. A toast to a great start *clink clink**sip* 😉

    A housewife has got to do what a housewife got to do to earn some $$$. Errr… go easy on the drink. Afterwards tipsy first thing in the morning. Hehe.

  4. Keong hee, keong hee. Always very happy to hear of another mom going dot com. Hehehe.

    Ok, since they mention about the ads, here are the files to look:

    1) squaresidebar.php – Delete all the thing there and add yr adsense 336Xsomething code there.

    2) For the singlepage.php, you need to delete off some of Bryan’s pre-set ad’s suggestions, I think. Look out for the Best Deal word and delete off the parts below it.

    Think of WordPress files as Blogger, except that they broke it into smaller parts. Bryan’s template is considered one of the easier to modify. And psstt…good adsense income too.


    Thank you for the tips sifu. I think Byran has helped me paste the code on the squaresidebar already but at the moment not showing anything yet so got empty box there. As for the singlepage one, I am still showing the dummy ad because dunno how to remove. LoL!

  5. Beautiful!!
    like the wide version better though, more space to fool around. hehehee..
    Do change your permalinks to include your post title. Better for search engines.

    Ah Pek. How ar to change permalinks to include post title?

  6. wah, new look..new beginning and new goodies to come! Loads of ads though. Got to wade through to get to the gems within. 🙂

    Where? Where? What ads? Hehe. Are there really that many? My old blog has lots more actually.

  7. Congratulations on the new blog! The header looks good, although I would suggest not placing the Ad Sense ads there (the header’s so cute!!).

    Moby, the template came with the codes. I don’t know how to take it down! Haha. Silly but true.

  8. MG, congratulations! Well done! Yes, I’ll have champagne please. Very nice, very appealing.
    Yes, like Sesame, I would like to know which host lei, can find out or not? 🙂

    Judy, you’re thinking of own domain? Would be good to have one now while you are still newkidontheblog. Hehe. I’ll email you the contact.

  9. Wah, MG, I commented after Sesame but because Sesame is in Malaysia and the time is way ahead of mine, my comment has appeared before Sesame’s…..this blog really know how to tell the time hor? So clever one.

    Really ah? But that makes me a little bit blur and pusing kepala because it does not appear in the order in which they came in. Still got some getting used to.

  10. Congrats! Congrats! Good move. Nice header you have there. Which web hosting company did you go for? Hmm..but quite a lot of ads hor.

    Just pretend you don’t see the ads, or you can accidentally click on them. Hahaha.

  11. Hi, congrats. Thx for the champagne…. burp. ooops, i’m still breastfeeding, hoh. *puts glass down*. Me, like you, still fumbling around with my template. No time to really fiddle with it yet. Hence, still ads-free a the moment. I’ll just let the SE pick it up first, like what 5xmom says. Till then, gaaawwwddd…… so much to do….

    I can’t wait to see yours!

  12. Dearest Miss Mumsgather,

    Congratulation! *gambatte ne*

    Great job Miss MG 🙂 I truly can’t wait to read your amazing post soon. Really been your die-hard-fanz already. Love the banner so much; simple but attractive 😉

    May God bless you and your beloved family. I pray for you. Best of Luck~

    Thanks. As usual you overwhelm  me with your flowery words. Hehe.

  13. I mong cha cha, I didn’t even see your new blog opening ceremony post. Too late or not, still got some more champagne left???? Keong Hee Keong Hee

    Of course got! Cheers! *clink clink* (Don’t drink too much!)

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