This post is strictly for ladies!

I’m packing my stuff. My style of packing is usually to “throw”. Hehe. “Throwing” helps me reduce clutter and keeps things neat and tidy. A neat and tidy place keeps me organised and clears my mind too.

Today, I want to throw out my old bras and I’m inviting all the ladies out there to join me. Haha. Have you got any of those old, torn, got hole or lace oso come out adi bras? Throw!

Oh, and what about those sexy, lacy thingys that you have outgrown (either became too big or too small for you) but feel too “sayang” to get rid off? Throw! 

You knowlah, our sizes change all the time due to pregnancy and breastfeeding etc, once small, suddenly voluptous, suddenly flat like an airport. So don’t hang on to the old. (You’re not going to be able to fit into them again.) Throw!

Go and do this today. Don’t procrastinate. Go and clear your lingerie drawers. Then go buy yourself some new ones as a reward. Hehe. Come on lah. Lets do this together. Its fun and it’ll help us reduce clutter in our homes.

This post applies to undies as well, not just bras. Throw out your old, worn out, torn, too big/too small undies as well please.


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