You know you’re a blogaholic serious blogger when everything is blogable.

  • you go to a restaurant and you shoot photos of your food because you think they will look great on your blog
  • you stay home to eat and you think that you might want to share your home cooking recipe with your blog readers
  • your neighbours annoy you or you receive bad service somewhere and you think to yourself “Oooh! I am so gonna rant about this on my blog!”
  • you see some nice decorations at the mall and wish you had brought along your digcam so you can share the scene on your blog
  • you have a blogger’s block and you don’t know what to write but you still manage to come up with a post that says “I have nothing to say today”
  • you are happy, sad or mad and you blog about it
  • you go on a holiday and you take many photos for your blog
  • you do crafts with your kids and you take pictures and blog about it
  • you buy something new for yourself and you blog about it
  • you go on a diet and you blog about what you eat or don’t eat

I could go on and on because the list is endless since everything is blogable. I’ll leave you other serious bloggers (ahem!) to continue with the list. Hehe.

Why am I writing this post? I was very busy last week and didn’t get to be near the pc very much so I’m suffering from blog withdrawal symptoms.

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