My very first advertiser order from Performancing

After my expensive lesson at the bank with my ReviewMe cheque, I was looking at my ads and wondering if some of them were worth the while.

I had put up the Performancing house ad on my blogs for some time now and it hasn’t been performing at all. Probably its too competitive with more bloggers than advertisers. My blogs usually end on Page 5 or lower and there are so many blogs for an advertiser to choose from.

I decided to move my Performancing Partners badge way down right to the bottom of my sidebar for a start. My next step would be to remove it completely because all the ads were making my blog ugly and I needed to free up the space for something else with better value.

After I did that, I got my first order from an advertiser on my Mothering Times blog. Woohoo! (If you are busybody you can go view the ad on that blog. Its right below my PayPerPost Affliate button. I moved it back up to the top again from the bottom of the sidebar where it was relingushing to give it a bit more prominence. Afterall the advertiser picked me, so I must do my part. Hehe.)

Cheap thrill but still I’m thrilled nevertheless. Unlike an adsense ad, this feels different in the sense that an advertiser actually went through the listings and picked my blog to advertise on. Wow! Feels good but then a little bit of pressure too. Lol. The advertiser booked my space for a month so I hope that they get something out of it at least, like some clicks and some follow through. Otherwise kesiannya for picking my blog.

This is just part of my ongoing story for my foray into the world of blog advertising. It has certainly made blogging a lot more interesting to me.

Have you started advertising on your blog? No? What are you waiting for? For begginers, I would recommend that you try out Google Adsense first. Its the easiest to implement. Just paste a few codes on your blog and you’re done. Then you can sit back and wait for the pennies to start rolling in.


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7 thoughts on “My very first advertiser order from Performancing

  1. Wah…I took it down two days ago. Then I read this entry in blogline I quickly go put it up again. Hahaha…you lucky girl! Congrats! Way to go!

    Btw, I read your previous post. I prefer paypal then cheques. Quite happy I recently used what I earned to pay for my hosting fees and also a flickr account. For cheques, I try to accumulate a bit more. But so far, I haven’t go cheque payments so no issue.

    In Singapore you can withdraw your paypal money isn’t it, unlike here.

  2. Jeles wei!! I abandoned it completely oredi.

    After that Performancing said they will be placing some “click ads” – (ads that they only pay when people click on the ads and actually buy something)on those small time blogs like mine. But I figured it was not worth the trouble as to harap people to click and buy in Malaysia is like hoping for my beer belly to go away! So no more Performancing for me! better write a few more reviews.

    Jeles hor? *nyek nyek*

  3. LOL, expensive lesson ler…. I put Bryan’s Paypal in both my TLA and ReviewMe ‘cos too mah fan to take and transfer. Bryan becomes my khai chai liao. Hahaha. And I got cold cash in hand by 10th of the month. Best lah, I strongly recommend you use PayPal for all the small payments like ReviewMe, TLA and Performancing. Unless the cheque is over USD200, it is not worth it to cash. USD100 still ok but still not worth it.

    I oso want to adopt him as kai chai liao. Kekekeke.

  4. Google Adsense ah?? OK you ask wan so I brave myself and install. Try and see.

    Faster apply. If get accepted, the worse you could do is earn US10 in 6 months but usually its better lah. Hehe. After you install make sure you do a little bit of “marketing” by submitting your site to the big 3 search engine, Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as lots of website directories. Then you can belanja me some kopi from your kopitiam okie?

  5. How to submit to these websites?? Will definitely belanja you kopi will oso throw in chicken rice.

    If you are using a personalised page for Google, Yahoo and MSN, make sure you subscribe to your own blog feed, that way the search engines will surely pick it up. You can also do a google search for “submit your site to google” (replacing “google” with “Yahoo” and “MSN” will bring you to the relevant page where you can submit your site). I’m on a diet, I donch want chicken rice. Just loti with kaya to go with my kopi please!

  6. MG, looks like it is hard work hor…got to strategise and what sai but good for you. People like you and FH and this other person….Mx5(??) will do well because you all got otak lah. Don’t forget, my otak give to my daughter alledi.
    Is chicken rice not healthier and less fat than kaya? At least FH offers you belanja…for me only free kopi. 🙁

    Well, we both have a daughter and a son each so our otak sama-sama only lah… And by the way, its 5XMom not Mx5. She’d be amused to see the new nickname you’ve given her. Sounds like some machine gun like dat. Hahaha.

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