My First Apartment (Part 1)

Yesterday, I closed the door to my first apartment for the very last time with a tinge of sadness. As I walked throught the empty rooms, flashes of memories flit through my mind.

I looked at the greying carpet and remembered its early shiny sheen. I remembered the first night I slept in my airconditioned, carpeted room (the first time I had aircond in my own room) feeling really proud of myself for owning the place, my first real home. (All my life I had lived in rented houses or rooms. I didn’t have the security of a house to call home until then although rented houses did a good job of being “home” most of the time.) Its just a cheap, 20 (now 30) year old walk up apartment but I felt pride nevertheless.

I saw my wedding dress hanging at the window, the night before my wedding and the sisters and nieces who came to be with me that night. This was the place where we “chut moon” (bride’s house) from to go to the groom’s house for the tea ceremony which is why my heart is heavy not to be able to see the place again, the place where I held my wedding tea ceremony. (Most people would hold the tea ceremony at their parent’s house because it is a symbol to show that you are now leaving your parent’s home to go to the grooms family home to be wed to the groom. I didn’t have any family house so my own apartment was used as the bride’s house for the ceremony. Nevermind I suppose, I have photos as a reminder)

I saw through my minds eye, the good times I spent there with my dad and boyfriend (hubby now). Yes, I felt sad to say goodbye.

The whole weekend was very busy for us organising and making the move (this is only the beggining!) made worse by the fact that baby had runny nose and a fever. Poor baby did not get the bed rest he needed and had to follow us around. I carried him all day while we dealt with lorry drivers, contractors etc.

My poor little baby. Got to go and manja him now and continue this post some other time.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I’ve shifted twice and I understand how u felt when u left ur apartment in which u had so many good memories. Eventhough the place was rented but still there’s ‘kum ching’ (love feelings? trying to crack my rusty brain for the appropriate word but *duh*) for it hor?

    I’ve shifted close to 10 times and each place is memorable like you said.

  2. Mae says:

    Still living in our first condo but we are looking for a bigger place. I wonder if I will have those feelings when I move out…we moved in when we got married, brought Jesse home when he was 2 days old “sniff”

    Your “sniff” there tells me that you most certainly would be having those feelings. LOL!

  3. Mama Bok says:

    Hope baby gets well soon.. and you enjoy your new house.. as much as your old one. 🙂 Nevermind.. memories will follow you .. and your hub and children.. all the way wherever you go.. because you and your love ones.. are the ones who makes these memories.. 🙂

    The sick merry go round has started again. Now my girl and me has got it as well.

  4. miche says:

    i so agree with mama bok…together u can make much much more sweet memories…

    hope baby will get well soon…all my 3 children is down with clogh and runny nose…mommy n daddy also coughing!

    Looks like its the sick season again eh?

  5. Mama Vixen says:

    wah!!! i’ve obviously not been coming often enough – now ur blog so dahsyat already!!! happening…what with adsense lar n all these things u are up to!! *gives MG standing ovation* just wanted to pop by [now that i have a wee bit of time] to wish u happy new year!! n happy moving to new house too before it’s too late. 😀 *muaks*

    Wah, I almost couldn’t “recognise” you too since you have changed username oredi. Hahaha. *muaks back*

  6. sasha says:

    wah new year new house..! Good! Baby get well soon!

    Moving house close to new year is a bad idea ler. Its the peak season, so difficult to get things done.

  7. FireHorse says:

    Sniff, sniff, sniff, this is soooo sad, dat’s the apartment you took me to right when we met up with each other before your kids were even born? Did you take pictures when everything was vacated? Just so you can bring it out and think of good times that you had there and also show them to the kids when they get older. You know me I am very sentimental when it comes to things like that, heck I still have most of your old letters to me. Kiss baby for me, hope he gets well soon.

    Hahaha. I kept your letters too! We should exchange them one day so that we can laugh our heads off over what we had written.

  8. J Leese says:

    MG, it’s ok, don’t be sad. It’s a sign of moving on to better and greater things. Life gets better. 🙂
    The only time I do think back is when I sometimes feel I want to be rich and then I would say things like, “Shouldn’t have sold that flat, shouldn’t have sold the first house, should have kept the block of land….” Now I also don’t think too much!
    I hope baby gets well soon.

    My girl and I are sick now too. 🙁

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