I sold my apartment in one week without using a real estate agent (Part 1)

After I decided to put up my apartment for sale, I saw several real estate agents just to get the feel of things. They all told me that my apartment is only worth so much so much, blah blah blah and that they had several buyers who wanted to look at the place.

Eventually I decided to sell it on my own without going through an agent (cos’ I was stingy and didn’t want to pay 2% agent fees!) I also felt that an agent could not give me enough value added service since I understood the process well enough and since I had no intention of passing the keys to any one of them, I would still have to go through the trouble of showing potential buyers personallly.

And so having made that decision, I went to Ace Hardware and bought a “For Sale” sign. I also made another homemade sign myself and stuck them on the window and front balcony door of the apartment.

Guess what? I received my first call, while I was driving away from the apartment and by the end of the first week I had received about 18 calls and made several viewing appointments with a few prospective buyers.

I received an offer plus a counter offer from two different parties within that week and cancelled the viewing appointment with the rest.

I’ll talk about the two offers in my next blog post.


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  1. mott says:

    Hahah..i took the lazy way out. I mass-emailed to all my friends..and onward and onward. Got the sale done in two weeks. U shud consider being a realtor..since u’re quite hardworking!

    Oh! Now why didn’t I think of that. Haha. So did you sell to one of your friend’s eventually or further down the onward and onward?

  2. Samm says:

    Actually, it’s good to buy good locations in the first place. This is so that we can have no problem selling it next time, huh. You are NOT stingy by not giving the agent their 2%. If we have the time, it’s still best to do things on our own, right. We learn more this way. Congratulations on your sale. So, what to do with the money. Sve up for the future, ya. Money is NOT easy to come by.

    The money has gone into the new house. Didn’t get to see any of it. LOL!

  3. FireHorse says:

    *Pat on back* good for you, he he got enough money left over to belanja kah? I am probably coming back in June to see the triplets, can call you up or not, we go out, now dat you rich ady must rub solder. (Rub, rub)

    Coming back in June? Great! Just in time for my birthday. YOU can belanja me. Hehehe.

  4. msaufong says:

    wah..so fast? I wish I can sell off my apartment too..but seem like impossible..eventho I willing to selling it with earning a cents…haii…my house location just too many apartment & new house..I saw my house waiting for sell at the same floor..the sign oledi there for 1/2 year ler..but seem like no response at all..

    Mine is very old but its the only cheap apartment in the area…..

  5. mott says:

    I sold to a friend, eventually. She was looking to move out from her parent’s place. Lucky for me…perfect timing! Plus, my aptmt’s location … near the Curve! Plus, the other aptmts were just building at that time!

    Wow, very good timing indeed!

  6. Judy Leese says:

    Wow, either you are very good at selling or you have a way of advertising. Both also compliments lah unlike your hairdresser’s comment. 🙂
    Next time, when I want to sell my house here to return to Melb, I call you hor? Afterall, you don’t charge agent’s fee right? 🙂

    Hmm…lets see. To help you sell house in Melb, I have to buy airticket to go there. Okie lah! I charge you ONLY 5% comm since we so friend friend. Deal? Hahaha.

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