I put up my “Apartment for Sale” sign on a Sunday and by Wednesday, I received my first offer for it.

The lady who called said “Sell it to me. Please reserve it for me and don’t show it to anyone else” I told her that if she wants to do that she’d have to pay me a deposit.

Later after viewing the place, she informed me that she was helping her aunt to buy the apartment. “My aunt lets me handle everything and she doesn’t know a thing” she told me. And then she made an unusual request. “Could you raise your asking price to my aunt by RMXXX and after you receive your payment, could you pay me that RMXXX amount? This way you will still get your asking price” This lady was not young herself. She was probably about 50-60.

I was of course happy to get my asking price but hubby and I deliberated over what she asked of me. We were not happy to raise the amount to her aunt because it made us feel like partners in crime to cheat her aunt and so we being rather honest and perhaps too straight people told her “We will not raise the asking price to your aunt but we will still pay you the RMXXX that you are asking for. This will mean that we will get the asking price less RMXXX.”

Maybe we were a bit silly but it made us feel better. But you know what?!!! To my shock, she then told me “Oh! In that case, can  you raise your asking price to  my aunt by RMXXX and pay me RMXXX times  2?” Oh my goodness the cheek of the woman!!! So unbelievably greedy! I mean I was willing to get paid a lower amount so that she didn’t have to cheat her aunty and she took advantage of that fact and wanted to ask for more $$$ or get more out of the transaction! So unbelievable!

Anyway, we made an appointment for her to pay us the deposit the next day.

Oops! This post is getting long. I’ll talk about the counter offer in another post.

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