I find that I have very little time for blog hopping and leaving comments on my favourite blogs now that I’m doing some sponsored posts. Theres only that many hours in a day. Oh, I still read my favourite blogs especially those on my sidebar which I have subscribed to with my Bloglines feedreader but I usually just read them from Bloglines itself without visiting the actual pages. This saves me time.

That makes me a little sad since I have less interaction with my fellow bloggers this way but hey! A housewife has got to do what a housewife has got to do…… to earn a little extra to supplement her one income family.

Writing paid posts is a dream job for housewives like me. It gives me the opportunity to earn some income and still be right here at home to look after my kids. It gives me the opportunity to make money in my pyjamas! Normally I would try to write one or two sponsored posts before the kids awake. It feels really nice to have earned some cash before they get up for the day and require my attention.

However its not really easy to earn that money. It requires a lot of writing! Most companies which pays you to write require that you have one or two of your own original posts on your blog in between the paid posts. So that means I would be writing several blog posts in a day to fulfill that requirement. I try to write quality posts that go with the theme of each of my blogs and not just filler posts.

Oh, I have no problems writing because I love to write. Its only time I have a problem with. I wish I had more of the resource called TIME! Now the time I used to have for visiting blogs have been eaten up by the time I need to write blog posts. I really wish I had more time!

If you are a housewife like me, interested to earn a legitimate income, why not check out PayPerPost for a start?

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