5 things you didn’t know about me

Immomsdaughter tagged me, so here goes.

Hmm… lets see….

  1. I can down a couple of beers, a tequilla pop, a margarita etc at one go without getting drunk. Hehe. But I haven’t touched a drink since I got pregnant and breastfed and got pregnant and breastfed again. Must take care of the baby mah.
  2. I used to be a Conference Manager (which required me to run around a fair bit), then I quit and became a remisier (which required me to be at the office to execute trades), now I’m a SAHM and a blogger (which requires me to be at home most of the time).
  3. I love prawn fritters and fried wantons. (or anything deep fried for that matter). Very unhealthy hor.
  4. I love to sing (in the bathroom at home) and dance (with the kids at home)
  5. I have a bad temper and poor communication skills. (Poor Mr MG have to put up with me. Hehe.)

Thats it! I think everyone else has been tagged by now so I won’t tag anyone but if you haven’t and would like to do this tag. Consider yourself tagged. (Let me know and I will link you too.)

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  1. dolphine says:

    Wow… you were once a remiser. I almost went for the representative exam coz I was so sick of my jo at that time.

    I registered for the exam but I then had it defered. Hee..heee… That was 3 years ago.

    Now market hot, got regret not taking the exams 3 years ago anot? heheh.

  2. dolphine says:

    Haaa haaaa… actually not… I prefer to be just a player to remiser, I’m not PR person la.

    Besides these days young retail players mostly go for online trading.

    Yes, some say its a sunset industry because of online trading.

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