Back to work

Its back to work today for most people who have taken a whole week off for the Chinese New Year festivities. And so it is for me too. Hehe. I’m back! Back to blog that is.

Its back to home school for the kids too. Their lessons have been badly neglected for some time now since we’ve been busy moving and because of the holidays. So this lazy mama has to prepare to teach them again.

Another thing which I have been dreading. Its now time to toilet train both the kids. One for daytime, the other for night. Now, I’ve really been lazy at this one but theres no avoiding it now. I’ve got to prepare myself to wipe accidents all over the house for a time and be very, very, patient. Phew! I hope it works out.

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2 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. I hear you! I wish you all the bestest of luck in the world. I also wish you tons and tons of patience..becoz I know it’s a very trying time for you! Pray for lots of sunshine so you can hang/sun your laundry OVER your neighbour’s fence. KAH KAH KAH KAH!!!!!!!

    Yah hor. Soon during the toilet training sessions, I shall have lots of undies to hang over fences but then I very good neighbour one, no hanging laundry over neighbour’s fence but on both sides of my fence, others hang their laundry wor.

  2. I recall those toilet training days. I don’t miss it. lol

    Hi Rose. Welcome to my blog. I’m sure you don’t miss it. I was rather hoping you would say you don’t recall the toilet training days instead. Lol!

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