Whats the difference between living in a condo and a house

I thought that living in a house or landed property would be different from condo or shared community living. However, I discovered recently that its really not all that different afterall. Here are some of the similiarities I have observed.

  • Laundry – In a condo, your neighbours bring down your property value by hanging their laundry in the balcony like ugly flags that don’t match. In a house, your neighbours hang their laundry over your fence!
  • Rubbish – In a condo, your neighbours throw rubbish all over the common areas or place them outside their door (and yours) for you and your visitors to sniff. In a house, your neighbours throw rubbish in your bin!
  • Car Parking – In a condo, your neighbours park in your designated parking bay. In a house, your neighbours park their cars in front of your gate!

Errr.. those are my main observation for the time being. If I come across anything else to share I will. How about sharing some of your observations?

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3 thoughts on “Whats the difference between living in a condo and a house

  1. Gosh…where do u stay? Why so no manners one your neighbours? HAHAHA!! Just kidding…whereever you stay, in Condo/House, in Bkt D’sara or OUG..neighbours have the uncanny ability to irk us all!

    Really no manners hor?

  2. Yeah, I dislike ppl parking infront on my gate, no matter how many times I tell them, they still do that. Frus only.

    With house, no lift prob, no monthly maintenance fees and no need to carry heavy groceries all the way up.

    Yah, no need to use my trolley for groceries anymore. 🙂

  3. Wait till your neighbour renovate their house kau kau. That will be the worst, all the dust and dirt and rubbish.

    Err…. before I moved in, I renovated a little bit too. Hehe. But not kau kau lah. Cannot afford.

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