I have only a couple of blogs. I know many others who have lots more. I wonder where they find the time to maintain all of them? If I had more time, I surely would like to have more blogs too….. to house my split personality. I would have a blog to portray the different sides of me and for each and every topic that interests me. Lol!

So whats the benefit of having several blogs?

  1. You still get to post when the server of one of them is down. Just make sure you don’t host all of them at the same place. Hehe. Take for example, this morning I just can’t seem to log in to my blogger, but I can still post here. This is very important to satisfy the blogging needs of a blogaholic. Lol!
  2. You make more money. More blogs means more ad space etc.
  3. You can hide some posts in those blogs which you know has less readers. Sometimes I like to rant or post some other personal stuff, I spread them out over my blogs. I know no one actually reads ALL of my blogs. They may follow just one. So by spreading it out, I still get some privacy even though I like to blog on a public blog and I don’t like to password protect my posts. I don’t read password protected posts even though the blogger sends me the password. Its just too troublesome. As it is there is never enough time to bloghop. I just read from my feedreader most of the time. Why not just write in your personal diary if you want some privacy some might say but then its just not the same. Posting on my blog gives me the convenience of putting everything in one place (or rather several places) plus I can add photos, animations, cartoons and videos too. By spreading it out, no one can read me like a book. I’ve had new readers read each and everyone of my backdated posts and telling me so. Its a bit unnerving to have a stranger know so much about you at one reading so by spreading it out, now readers only get to know a part of me. If you think this is strange and weird, well, I am strange and weird. Lol!

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