Dad is going for an MRI today. He has been complaining about dizziness and nausea a couple of times recently. I hope that they won’t find any blockages and order a surgery or something like that.

The physician says his dizziness and nausea may be caused by a middle ear imbalance and gave him medication for that. Thats an additional 2 tablets to what he is currently taking. Dad hates taking new medication. I don’t blame him because he is taking quite a few even before this new addition.

His mental health seem to have deteriorated slightly off late. He can’t seem to handle many simple tasks anymore, is often quiet, sometimes say nonsensical things. I just hope that this doesn’t mean that he has had some more mini strokes that we have not been aware of or that the early onset of dementia caused by stroke his getting worse. Sigh. I hope that the MRI won’t give us any bad news.

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