We had a housewarming party for the immediate relatives over the weekend. I was worried before the gathering but it was a success. My brothers and sisters gave us two side table top lamps to warm up the house further with light! 🙂

My house was truly warmed up that evening. The kids ran about all over the house and played happily amongst themselves. The teenagers whom I was worried about entertaining, entertained themselves. Two of them came with their guitars and they sat in the corner of the living room and sang their hearts away. It was great. They had nice voices, they enjoyed singing, and I had live entertainment or music. Two others asked for a pack of playing cards which someone suggested in my comments section and they went off to play happily.

The younger kids wanted to watch a video. They were happy at first but their attention span lasted for a mere 10 minutes. After that they asked “Aunty, can we play with the computer.” I said “Sure”. They were delighted to discover that I had broadband and squeals of laughter were heard after they logged on to their game site.

My little ones ran here and there excited to see so many people in their house. One of their aunts and uncles gave them a huge tiger and giraffe blown up balloon each and they were very happy with it.

As for the adults, they were entertained with food, coffee and wine. I catered because I’m no good at cooking for a big group. Luckily we were able to find a good cook from a open air coffee shop who also did catering as most of the caterers were fully booked since it was the “Chap Goh Meh” (15th day of Chinese New Year) weekend. The caterer did not include servers. It was a drop off service. They dropped off the food and tables and came to collect them when we called them after the gathering but that was fine. It saved me a lot of work and I was able to enjoy myself too instead of being too busy to speak to my guests.

We had considered taking the relatives out for dinner before adjourning back to the house but we felt that it wouldn’t feel much like a housewarming this way. We are glad we decided to have the catered dinner at home. All in all, I’m happy with the way things went. My house is well and truly warmed up now.

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