Where is the heart of your home? For me, its got to be the kitchen and the study room. Thats where I spend most of my time. I’m hardly ever in the living room. I don’t have time to watch tv. I don’t have Astro and I don’t watch tv. The dining room is for eating and the bedroom is for sleeping and ahem! other activities.

I can be found in the study room most of the time and the kitchen the rest of the time. So those two rooms are the heart of my home and must be comfortable and practical.

My kitchen is a practical one. Its small and cramp but I like it because its practical. I placed a round table right in the center of the kitchen which makes it even more cramp but thats fine by me because its practical. It gives me more work space and the kids can sit there and have their meal while I work or they can sit and chat with me or help out or both. Its perfect.

To anyone else, reading this, I’m curious. Where is the heart of your home?

BTW, parents with school going kids, can you head on over to my Parenting Times blog and give me some help and your views on my dilemma?

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