I read on the PPP blog this morning this blog post: Increase the Quality of your Bog. Here’s an exerpt from that post:

My first thought was to pick a few blogs at random but given the previous post it appears people are too sensitive for that. Instead I will open it up to all of you. Who wants to step up and get some constructive feedback?

Post your blog address in the comments and I will take a look at it from an advertisers point of view. I will review it, give my honest feedback (no holds barred) and post it to this blog for all to learn from. You can take my advice or leave it. I have certainly gained a lot from all of your feedback, this is how we get better together.

I’m game. I immediately posted my blog url to get some feedback. I’m shaking in my knees in fear but I’m ready for some feedback. I think feedback is good. Feedback will help you improve. I’m nervous but this is a good chance to receive some feedback.

PPP posties, if you wish to receive feedback too, go and post your blog url in the comment section of that blog post.

I’m only worried the response will be so overwhelming that they won’t have enough time to give feedback on all. Lol!

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