We are busy busy busy. There’s never any free time. We always tell ourselves, “Ok, when we get this done then we’ll have more time” but something else always comes along. I guess thats life.

First we were busy renovating, moving house and settling in. Now we are busy shopping for schools and kindergardens for my girl. I’ve also just finished the intensive toilet training for my boy.

We also haven’t fully settled into the house yet. There are odds and ends to be done, utilities accounts to be closed for the old house, one of two more things to get for the new house things like that. Lots of errands and running around required. Pity I don’t have a car and have to drag the two kids along so we always have to wait for weekends or for when hubby is free so that makes our weekends rather packed with errands since there aren’t that many weekends around. Also its difficult for hubby to get leave all the time or his boss will think he is very lepak. (lazy attitude) We’re relying on his one income so he can’t mess up at work. Its very stressful for him, this burden. (which is why I write paid posts). I just had feedback from one of my readers that the quality of my blogs has dropped from too many paid posts. Sob sob.

Talking about blogs, I just finished doing up the categories for all my old posts, all 561 of them on my Parenting Times blog and 183 of them on my Mothering Times blog. Phew! Thats hard work! But it was quite fun too to look back at what I wrote. I’m still using my old blogger template as I’m stubborn and refuse to change to the new blogger customised ones since I’m so used to the old template. So I had to manually include the categories into my sidebar. I did it following this article for anyone who is interested: Blogger Hack: Adding Categories to Your Sidebar Without Losing Your Old Template

Ok, got to go now and work on some of those long To Do Lists…………. (pssst.. I’ll work on some of those tags soon okie? patience.. patience…. hahaha *runs away*)

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