Montessorimum thinks I need to run away from the hubby and the kids so she has invited me to her island in the sun. Hmm lets see, who else shall I invite to be on the island leh?

I wanted to invite 5xmom because so we can go and kee siau together gether buden hor she’s so popular everyone wants her on their island, dunno whether she got time to hop on mine anot?

Then of course I must bring along the loyar buruk PabloPabla. He damn good cook, everything on the island oso he can turn and make it hochiak (delicious) one I am sure. When I see his hochiak blog I sure lau nuah (salivate) one.

But then I very greedy one. Hmmm… one cook not good enough. I think msaufong should join my island too.

After feasting, we better go and pan leng leng (make ourselves pretty) so powderpuff mae must come along to give us some beauty tips so that we are ready to be rescued by hunks on the beach.

I am worried of being bored on the island so I will pull along Sesame whom I have a lot in common with and we can chat from dawn to dusk.

Everyone on my island, you’ve just been tagged.

Pssst I’ve got tons of tag homework but I thought I should do this one first before I run out of people to invite to be on my island. Hehe.

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