My good friend Fatty Poh wanted to know why I married a guy from KL wor.

  1. I small town girl mah. Small town girl easily impressed by hot shot big city KL boy loh that is why.
  2. KL Guys knows how to take short cuts one and get you through traffic jams or flooded roads in 5 minutes flat to reach your destination.
  3. If you like shopping you sure love KL guys. Lepak at the shopping complex is what we do the best.
  4. What do you do on a date with a KL guy? Shop and Eat loh. Both oso my favourites.
  5. When I say want to go back to my hometown during Chinese New Year he say ok because going to Penang is a holiday or vacation to him mah.
  6. KL guys makes you feel on top of the world…… when you watch the panaromic city view together from KL Tower that is.
  7. When I feel like partying till I drop, my KL guy can take me clubbing and pub hopping non-stop. There’s no shortage of watering holes in KL.
  8. After partying non-stop, we still can lepak at the Mamak shops until the wee hours of the morning if I still donch feel sleepy.
  9. Then when we feel guilty for having had too much food, drink and partying, we go to Lake Gardens to exercise and sweat it out.
  10. But most of all, I love my KL guy because he is my hubby, my confidante and my best friend. Muaks to you Mr MG.

PabloPabla, if you sked your wife scold you for being on an island with 6 ladies, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Tell us the Top 10 reasons why you marry your (fill in the blanks *hometown*) wife. (You see, I told ya I was gonna tag you till you fly white flag. Hahaha)

Anyone else wannd do this tag, please feel free….

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