6 weird things about me

Siwwy Pig wanted to peek in my handbag. Ok. You can have a look here. (No pictures so anticlimax eh?) and both Siwwy Pig and Angel Eyes wants to know 6 weird things about me. Hmm….. okie, lets see….

  1. I can’t think of anything weird…….. Hey! Thats weird!
  2. I can’t sleep anywhere else accept on my bed. Not on the sofa or anywhere else and I must have my bolster!
  3. I like to eat my meals while I’m preparing food for the family to save time. By the time I finish cooking, I’ve finished my lunch/dinner and can move on to or concentrate on other things.
  4. I like to sleep when other people are awake and I’m awake when others are sleepy. I’m a nightbird.
  5. I’m soft spoken but with my kids I can get really LOUD!!!
  6. I can’t think of anything else. Isn’t that weird?

Ok. Not tagging anyone since I’ve just been called the tagging monster *pouts* by someone.

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One thought on “6 weird things about me

  1. how to eat when still cooking ah???? pinch the food as you are cooking them??? 😛

    After I finish cooking, sometimes I eat while I’m scooping up the food onto plates for them and while washing up the cooking wok and pans so that my sink won’t be so full of dishes after everyone has finished their meal.

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