Hubby and I were just discussing about how our weekends are being taken over by errands. We never seem to be able to have a lazy relaxing weekends doing nothing accept eat, sleep, laze around and perhaps browse throught the newspapers.

We’re constantly rushing around doing this or that. There is always some tasks that needs to be accomplished and weekends are the only times we have left to do those since by the time he gets home during weekdays its almost impossible to get anything done especially if it involves visit to government offices or other places offering service.

Sometimes this gets soooooo tiring. How we wish we could just sit home and laze about but hubby says to look at the bright side. He says that means we are getting more and more things done as we move along. Anyway like I’ve said before, he is Mr Positive and always looks at the bright side of things and seldom complain.

I wonder how everyone else spends their weekends? If you laze around, don’t bother to comment and make me envious. Lol!

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