I had three generalized tonic clonic seizures in a day about 2 weeks ago. It is a most distressing and spooky or shocking thing for me and my family. I’ve had two seizures in my life before prior to this incident. They both happened in my sleep so I certainly didn’t expect to have a seizure while I was awake and going about my normal daily routine and I certainly didn’t expect to have 3 in a day!

I was about to have my bath and standing in front of the mirror when I suddenly let out a cry (I guess thats air being expelled from my lungs), walked backwards and fell right in front of where the kids were playing. I hope I didn’t scare any of them! (Someone in a seizure certainly isn’t a pretty sight and thats putting it mildly. In fact they look rather scary.)

Later on, I had two more seizures while I was resting in bed to recover from the first. They were also witnessed by my children whom I hope isn’t too afraid by it all. I won’t go into any more details about it for now since it spooks me that I lost myself that day and cannot remember what happened for the rest of the day though I may have been awake and talking to those around me. I only remember getting into the car to go to hospital.

My family admitted me to hospital under emergency admittance. The doctors kept me there for 2 days to make sure that I didn’t develop pneumonia since I had an infection from it (started coughing after I awoke) from inhaling fluid into the lungs, I suppose.

I’m fine now physically but mentally, not so, I think. I’m totally freaked out by the incident and so afraid now. Fear is not a very nice feeling to have. I feel like my life has suddenly been derailed and what I’ve got to do now is fix the rails and get back on the tracks. I must maintain a positive attitude.

I was undecided about whether to blog about it but blogging has always been my love and a form of writing therapy so blog on I shall even though I feel afraid to even write about it.    


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