I had three generalized tonic clonic seizures in a day

I had three generalized tonic clonic seizures in a day about 2 weeks ago. It is a most distressing and spooky or shocking thing for me and my family. I’ve had two seizures in my life before prior to this incident. They both happened in my sleep so I certainly didn’t expect to have a seizure while I was awake and going about my normal daily routine and I certainly didn’t expect to have 3 in a day!

I was about to have my bath and standing in front of the mirror when I suddenly let out a cry (I guess thats air being expelled from my lungs), walked backwards and fell right in front of where the kids were playing. I hope I didn’t scare any of them! (Someone in a seizure certainly isn’t a pretty sight and thats putting it mildly. In fact they look rather scary.)

Later on, I had two more seizures while I was resting in bed to recover from the first. They were also witnessed by my children whom I hope isn’t too afraid by it all. I won’t go into any more details about it for now since it spooks me that I lost myself that day and cannot remember what happened for the rest of the day though I may have been awake and talking to those around me. I only remember getting into the car to go to hospital.

My family admitted me to hospital under emergency admittance. The doctors kept me there for 2 days to make sure that I didn’t develop pneumonia since I had an infection from it (started coughing after I awoke) from inhaling fluid into the lungs, I suppose.

I’m fine now physically but mentally, not so, I think. I’m totally freaked out by the incident and so afraid now. Fear is not a very nice feeling to have. I feel like my life has suddenly been derailed and what I’ve got to do now is fix the rails and get back on the tracks. I must maintain a positive attitude.

I was undecided about whether to blog about it but blogging has always been my love and a form of writing therapy so blog on I shall even though I feel afraid to even write about it.    


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25 thoughts on “I had three generalized tonic clonic seizures in a day

  1. no wonder didn’t see your update recently…
    really sorry to hear about your incident… hope you will have a speedy and complete recovery 🙂

    Thank you. Physically I’m alright now accept sleepy most of the time from the medication but I’m having some trouble springing back psychologically. 🙁

  2. Do take care! Blog but don’t spend too much time on it. Not good for eyes and tiring for brains.

    I can’t get over the fear that my brains the most important part of me can seize up at any time and leave me unconcious. Aiyooo…. really scary but I’ll try to overcome my fear.

  3. I was worried for you. Wondering what happened? I don’t even know what to say….I just hope your kids aren’t too scared about it. I wonder how to talk to kids about this.

    Prayers for you.

    I’ve had a talk with the 5 year old who is able to tell me that she is scared by the sounds I made. I taught her how to use my handphone and housephone to call her daddy just in case. As for the 3 year old he is a bit young too understand, he could only ask “Why mummy not feeling well?” curiously.

  4. Have been having you in my thought lately when I see no updates in your blog for 2 weeks. Been wondering how you were. Thought you were busy with your girl girl schooling.

    Take care yeah… me will pray for your good health.

    Ya lor. Now I have to postpone or stall the girl girl’s schooling. Haiyh!

  5. Ooooo, dat was bad news but glad to hear dat u are okay now. Actually hor, u really need to be extra careful. 3 seizures in one day is serious. Do take good care of urself.

    I’m taking anticonvulsant meds and trying to get as much sleep as possible. Hopefully that helps.

  6. I was just lurking around yesterday, wondering about you and where you have gone to. So sorry to hear about this. I am all (cyber) ears and shoulders if you need one, ok?

    Thank you so much Lilian. I know that you are one person I can count on to listen if I ever need a listnening ear no matter how busy you are. 🙂

  7. Hey, take care okay? Is this curable? Kind of dangerous if you’re alone with the kids most of the time…

    I have epilepsy, diagnosed at age 41. You think these kinds of things only happen to someone else, not you…….. Its not curable, not as far as I know but the seizures can be controlled with medication. (although you’ll have to live with the side effects but thats preferable…..)

  8. Do rest more. I think you should start to teach your girl to dial her daddy’s phone numbers. It is too scary. I hope you’re feeling better today.

    Yes, I’ve taught my girl. I feel better but still a bit scared and sleepy (from the medication)…

  9. Oh gosh, no wonder there were no post on your blog for some time. Take care & rest well 🙂

    Ya lor hor. It’ll have to take something quite serious like these to make me stay off my blog yes? Haha.

  10. Hope you have a speedy recovery and do a thorough medical check. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Take good care of your health.

    Yes, I’ve had my medical checks. Its epilepsy.

  11. That is scary just reading about your experience. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you have a good talk with the children. They are probably very worried about you.

    Yes, I’ve had a chat with the older one. The younger one just needs lots of hugs of reassurance, as do I. 🙂 

  12. Sorry to hear about what happened.

    Was wondering why were you missing for so long.

    Hey take good care of yourself and have some good rest.

    I’ll have a good rest but life must go on too.


  13. hav been wondering where u’ve been as there was no updates in your blog for a long time…which is very rare.
    Take care and God bless.

    Well yes, I’m back to update my blog now but at a much slower pace. Whereas previously I could write several posts a day on each of my blogs, now I’ll probably just write a post a day or less and rotate that over my blogs so you’ll probably just read a post or two a week or something like that for each blog. 🙂

  14. oh dear, pray you recover from this physically and mentally and that it never recurs again. you take care, ya?

    Thanks. I hope it never recurs too with medication now. Still I can’t help feeling afraid. I even feel afraid to stand in front of the dressing table mirror where it happened but I will not allow fear to make it worse than it is so I will overcome it. 🙂

  15. My prayers are with you ..! you take care..! i am asking God to watch over you . .and send angels to watch over your children.
    Maybe best to explain to your children what is going on.. so they are more prepared.. ??

    Thank you mamabok. You are too kind. Yes, I have explained to the older girl that “mama has epilepsy which will sometimes make mama have a fit or a seizure like what you saw the other day. When that happens, you must call daddy.” Then I showed her how to use my handphone and the housephone to call her dad. I hope she remembers how! But she is a smart girl and I am sure she will. 🙂

  16. OH NO!! i was busy with my work and didn’t blog hop And now when i read yr blog , only know about yr condition! You take care,,probably u’re too stressed!

    A little bit stressed lah but mostly tak cukup tidur I think.

  17. Take care and rest well.

    I’m doing just that. Eat sleep eat sleep and one of the side effects of the meds I’m taking is weight gain. Very soon, I will become a fat pig. WAAAAHHH!

  18. I am sooooo sorry for being late, my whole family was sick, so was I and had not been blog hopping too much. Will e-mail you right now, this is scary, I dun understand how can they not find a cause for this and it keeps happening???

    My dear, no worries. I know I can write to you if I wanted to. Its just that I didn’t feel very much like writing. I hope you and your family are feeling fine now. Another thing, if it keeps happening and they can’t find a cause it means epilepsy loh. Better than brain tumour I suppose…

  19. Dearest Mumsgather,

    Please, take great care of your health; mentally and physically. I’ll always pray for you *gambatte ne*

    p/s: I wondered why you didn’t update your blog as usual, and now I know. May all the great things happen to you!

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