Gaberment Hospital

I was at a gaberment hospital and I was impressed by the equipment, the service was reasonably good and the price cheap.

I only have one grouse, the long waits and not being able to get to see the doctor I want or my regular doctor because of the way the system works.

When I was at the hospital I asked for my doctor or rather my hubby called him to go and see me but he said kenot because thats not normal procedure. He wasn’t making his rounds then so he had to let the others do theirs according to procedure. Eventually he was kind enough to come see me but only briefly.

Subsequently I was given an appointment to see him about one or two weeks after discharge. I waited for 2 1/2 hours along with two restless kiddoes but when it came to my turn or almost my number, he came rushing out and told me he had to go for a meeting, he told me to just take the medicine prescribed and see another doctor.

Hmmm… when I complained to my girlfriend about this she said “Eh didn’t you know? You must give some gift basket or etc lah to get to see the loctor you want. Better learn lah.” to which I replied “Yah hor, my aunt used to give some angpow to the loctors and nurses she saw and she always got called ahead of the others but I don’t know how to do things like that. I’m just too straight.”

Hmm….. well, I’m not quiting on the doctor yet because I don’t blame him. He is really a good neurologist and when I do get to see him, he takes his time to explain things to me and is very patient. Its just the system. Overworked and underpaid I guess. I wish things could be a little better but its a lot improved now I think. Like I said at the start, the hospital equipment, the service, the kind nurses, even the food and the food catering service was reasonable (though I didn’t have much appetite) and of course the subsidised hospital price, they’re all good. :) 

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8 thoughts on “Gaberment Hospital

  1. Ohh yes…gomen loctor like that…take a little rasuah, else you need to know someone who works in the hospital to jump queue. I (we… including my parents) experienced that many years ago back in our hometown

    But I donch want to jump queue wor. I only want to see my loctor after waiting for 2 1/2 hours instead of seeing another one.

  2. I veli big fan of garbenment hospital, to me they are the best, cheap and good, some more. My experiences so far with them has been good.

    Good good. We praise instead of criticise gomen all the time. Haha.

  3. Hi MG – am on MC today and got the chance to bloghop! Hope that you’re feeling better. Chin up – super intelligent doctors around to help us cope with many things ok =)

    This is supposed to be an incurable disorder, controlled only by drugs so super intelligent doctors also can’t help very much I’m afraid. Just have to learn to come to terms with it ler.

  4. Must appreciate all the doctors who work there, it is not a nice and orderly place to work. I heard bad stories. Oh well, the gomen need to improve the way they run the hosp.

    You are right. Most things have improved tremendously but the way things are run still has room for improvement.

  5. 1-2 weeks is okay. My Mum had to wait like 3 months to meet a specialist! That’s crazy. What if we cant wait 3 months?

    3 months! Oh dear. Thats tough!

  6. I was just at Firehorse’ blog.
    Hope you are feeling better and have everything under control. 🙂

    The problem with having this condition is sometimes you feel good, normal, going about your normal business and then suddenly you have a seizure. Just have to take more precaution thats all, I guess.

  7. I worked in the gomen hospital for 9 years, worked every day with full dedication. Lost 40 over days of annual leave just like that and taken only one day of MC.

    You’re very right that gomen doctors work their butts off for the patients.

    Regardng your neuro problem.. it’s good that you’ve come to terms with it. You’ll be having repeat visits to your doctor. That’ll form a closer doctor-patient relationship already.

    The common problem that will come is if he leaves the gomen for private practice… then you’ll have to decide whether to follow him or continue with another doctor in the neurology clinic.

    Hi Bernard. Thanks for dropping by with your comment. I hope I haven’t posted anything offensive to you about the gomen docs and hospitals. 😛 So far I have not been able to see the same neuro under the gomen system. I think I saw 3-4 different ones, I can’t remember. Now I have an option to see the same neuro in the evening though but have to pay a bit more. I prefer that because I think having the same doc follow up is better than seeing a different one everytime! 

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