Books I Read

  • In my teens I read Enid Blyton and other adventure books
  • In my late teens I read mostly Babara Cartland type Romance Novels, trashy celebrity gossips and scary novels
  • In my 20s I read women’s magazines and other fashion magazines, more scary plus adventure novels
  • In my 30s I read Business Magazines (kononlah, wanted to be or emulate successful business woman. Hahaha.)
  • In my late 30s I read Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales (to the kids of course) and Parenting Books and Articles
  • And now in  my 40s this is what I read. Tadaaa….


Yup! The 3 books I’ve ordered have arrived and I shall be digging my nose into them at the speed of lighting. I usually read at the speed of lighting and can finish any book in a jiffy. So these are the current books on my nightstand. Nice “light” reading material aren’t they? Lol! Give me my brainless fashion magazines anytime.


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One comment

  1. Tracy says:

    Hahaha, same as what I read during my younger days – Enid Blyton (and Nancy Drew), Babara Cartland books. Now parenting magazines and books, children’s fairy tales and an addition to those – a Chinese-English Dictionary with Order of Strokes. To think of it, (Gaks!) no time to read any of those novels any more … sigh …

    Hahaha Tracy, I was just thinking of getting a Chinese-English Dictionary with Order of Strokes. What a coincidence.

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