Be careful what you wish for….

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

Some years ago, while driving along a busy road, hubby complained about the jam and said

“I wish the roads would not be so jammed up all the time when going to and from work. Its so jammed up everywhere! Even the malls are jammed up!”

And then the economic downturn came and the roads became quieter and the malls became even quieter and some had to be closed down. And he didn’t have a job for a time so there was no need to drive to and from “jammed” roads. Hmmm…..

When I was pregnant, I complained. “I wish I didn’t have to wear this clumsy and ugly looking maternity clothes. I feel so heavy and fat!”

Now, I can’t get pregnant or rather it would probably not be a good idea for me to get pregnant. Hmmmm….

When the kids were little, I said “I wish they would grow up faster then it would be easier to look after them.”

Well they have grown up now but it isn’t that much easier to look after them (lol!) and oh how I miss those sweet baby moments. Hahaha.

Whats the moral behind this? Be happy with who you are and what you have right now and don’t wish for anything else or you just might get it! Don’t wish that your kids will be less talkative or not jump around so much (you should be happy they are healthy and happy instead of sickly in the hospital) or that your spouse will not work so late (he may lose his job and not have work at all if your wish comes true!), or that your old folks will not impose on you so much or (enjoy whatever time you have left with your old folks and that includes the in laws) ……..It would be so silly to wish your life away instead of enjoying what you have.

Be thankful for everything that you have. Be thankful even for the traffic jams because it means the economy is robust and you have a job to go to! Lol!



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13 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for….

  1. Ya Ya, do agree with u, just be happy and don’t complain too much hor?

    No PIL? U are one lucky woman!

    Haha. One less thing to fight with the hubby about.

  2. I knoe have to be careful what I ask for, I ask for lotsa comments now I answer all individually, I getting a bit dizzy, mata oso a bit setok, scroll up and down countless time, sekali scroll up forgot what bottom say must scroll down again.

    Hahahaha. YOU asked for it!!

  3. OK now I hop to blog #2, 3 more to go, hiya char bor so many blogs, I sit here rest a bit.

    Now I got no time, if not I create more and more blogs. Creating blogs is like collecting cyber real estate like dat. Very shiok wan yunno. So….. when are you going to set up your second blog?

  4. i kena b4! i wish that hubby will come back soon and he came back half an hour after leaving the house with blood all over his leg! accident! now i scared d to make a wish!

    Oh No. Thats scary.

  5. True to my word…’re tagged 😛

    *scratch head* How to do that one ar… when my childrens’ names are my girl, my boy or baby or cutie pie or sweetie pie online?

  6. You’ve made it sound so scary to wish for things.

    Well just keep positive mindand think of happy things. Coz I believe if one always thinks good, the good things will slowly come, the right brain power.

    When I first learned that I am pregnant with this second baby, I wish that my little darling would slowly learn to sleep on herself.

    And now she can get into slumber by herself, and I just need to sit next to her. I no longer need to carry her in my arm and walk the whole room just to get her to sleep (though I did enjoy those moment but I think it’s time for her to be a little indepent).

    Lol! Dolphine, I just meant, don’t always think that the grass is greener on the other side and wish for that. Its ok to wish and work towards a goal of having your kid go to sleep by herself as in your case. Lol!

  7. I totally agree on this.
    I have repeated countless time to a LOT of people: How happy you are, has nothing to do with how wealthy you are.
    When you are rich become poor, you automatically become unhappy.
    When you are poor become rich, you DON’T automatically become happy.
    So… no need to wish to become rich.
    Haha. (save your breath to wish for something else)

    Hi Yenjai. Its true what you said about no need to wish to become rich for the rich need not necessarily be happy. My friend observed this one day when she saw a family in an old car with the windows down (no aircon) with the occupants laughing away happily and compared it to another luxurious car with the occupants looking so sour faced. What for wish to become rich when you DON’T automatically become happy? Haha.

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