What is an aura?

Many seizures start with a warning symptom known as an epileptic aura. The medical term “aura” should not be confused with the mystical aura that supposedly surrounds a living body, although both descriptions come from the Greek for “breeze” or “breath”.

In some circumstances the aura itself may be the entire extent of the epileptic episode, in others there is progression to a full-blown seizure, according to neurologist Dr Andrew Rose-Innes.

People experience widely varied auras. For some, the aura is emotional: a sudden feeling of anxiety, tension or fear. For others, it takes the form of a specific sensation that only they can feel, such as cooling or warming, a particular taste, or a sound (sometimes musical). In some cases the aura appears as a particular odour, often unpleasant, such as burning rubber.

The aura can also manifest in certain people as a feeling of déjà vu – where people or places appear strangely familiar; or its opposite, jamais vu – where people or situations that should be familiar, appear strange. Frequently, the aura is something that the person finds impossible to describe – simply a “funny feeling”.

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Well now I’m going to attempt to describe my aura but its not easy. I can only describe it as “that funny feeling”. That funny feeling to me is a feeling of primitive fear. I feel afraid (of what I don’t know. I just feel afraid) plus all the accompanying feeling that someone feels when they feel afraid. I feel cold. I feel fear deep inside of me. I feel my stomach feel funny and I feel that something is wrong with me. That is what I feel.

I remember my very first aura. It happened when I was in my late 20s or early 30s. I had been head hunted for an interview. The interview was supposed to be over drinks in the evening at a hotel. I was in the hotel toilet when I felt this strange feeling of fear. Perhaps its the stress which brought it on but I remember the feeling clearly. That was the first time.

Subsequently over the years, sometimes it goes away for several months and sometimes it returns with what seems to me like a vengeance. It’ll come every other day several times a day and when it does. I feel breathless like I’m out of breath and cannot breathe very well throughout the day. I feel all wound up like a wound up clock.

So far this feeling of fear has preceded my seizures. Many articles I read say that if one has this aura then the seizure may come over the next few minutes or hours. Thats tough! If I have this several times a day what am I supposed to do then. Lie down all day????!!!!

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