No Time To Talk!

I’m a night owl, hubby is the early bird. Not only that, these days his job requires him to stay back later not by choice but lets put it this way, if he doesn’t he may find himself without a job and us without any income.

Usually he tries to come home early and do his work at home but even then he’s too tired. Quite often he falls asleep immediately after dinner and wakes up in the wee hours to do some work.

As for me, I’m still in lala land of sleep when he wakes up to go to work. So that leaves us with no time to talk at all. Luckily we have sms. He used to have msn at the office but not anymore. That was useful. Boo Hoo Hoo.

Now in order to “talk” I have to resort to writing things down on a paper or email or whatever just so I won’t forget to tell him and sometimes he replies to me on paper too. Silly! But at least we get to “talk” that way.

The corporate world is so sad. Being employed means you have to work hard for long hours. Why can’t employers see that employees need to have a balanced life in order to function better at work? Why can’t they see that a time for rest, family and recreation increases productivity instead of the other way around?

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  1. Bkworm says:

    oh dear, your scenario sounds so much like mine except I still get to talk to hubby a wee bit in the morning coz I have to get up early to get breakfast ready for the school going kid. But working late seems to be the trend nowadays in the corporate world. It looks like if you don’t work late, there is something wrong with you!

    Its sad isn’t it.

  2. sasha says:

    so sad. Me and my hub also seldom speak. What more hug and kiss. *sigh* Not a very healthy way to maintain a r/ship / marriage eh? but what to do? Cari makan ma

    Yah loh. Wut to do? Cari makan ma.

  3. dragonmummy says:

    I was very depress with my hub’s working hours for the past few weeks. We also hardly have time to talk, don’t even mention about intimate moment. For example last nite, he came back nearly at 12a.m The kids kept asking for him, especially JS, who kept asking me to call daddy, ended up the kids slept at 1 a.m coz they want to play and bond with daddy, that left no time for me with hubby. 🙁

    I wrote down things on the blog so that he can read about what’s going on at home and how I feel, etc etc.

    Like Sasha said “what to do ,cari makan ma”, if no work means we no more income coz I have to solely rely on him to bring back the bread. 🙁

    At least your hubby reads what you write on your blog. Mine doesn’t. Theres good and bad with that. Good=Can rant. Bad= Cannot hint. Lol!!

    For one income home wives like us, its hard to say anything about the hours because we have to be understanding about the stresses that comes with long hours (not that they wish to choose it) or we may find our families without any income. What to do cari makan ma!

  4. Tracy says:

    I used to be with my hubby the whole day when I was working but after being a SAHM …. sigh …. really don’t have the time to talk. I always want to tell him about what I did at home and what happened esp. how naughty his daughter was during the day but …. sigh … forget it … just don’t want him to feel I’m so ‘loh soh’ (nag nag nag, complain complain). Sometimes I wish I’m back to work in the office.

    Do like me loh. Write down so you won’t forget. Hehe.

  5. Jefferene says:

    My hubby working hour is from 10-9.30pm, 6 days a week, only off on Sunday. I can’t complaint coz he has been working in this co since day 1 When I met him. At least he dedicates all his off day to us.

    I am quite lucky that myself is working with UK bosses, they are more considerate and understand the need for balance of life. You know, my boss have to ask us to go home early when he was here in Malaysia.

    Sounds like you’ve found your equilibrium so thats good. 🙂

  6. mott says:

    aiya…not only corporate world la. even those who are tau-kehs..still have to work. At least corp. world employees get public holidays off. Tau-kehs must work extra hard on those days to earn money!

    All for money. Aiya..without it can die..with it, also can die…


    I agree that taukehs oso work long hours and they have their own set of stresses BUT taukeh’s hours are more flexible AND they don’t have to deal with office polictics and back stabbing and they don’t have the pressure to perform or else…. It really is the survival of the fittest out there and its tough!

  7. Mummy to Chumsy says:

    i guess working in asian countries are like that unlike in the US or Canada. Over here not only have to work late but gotta entertain clients too 🙁

    Entertain clients.  Yes, that too.

  8. FireHorse says:

    SMS how lohmantic, yeah Mr. FH and I oso lidat sometime so during weekend, we reli dun wan to sleep so we can talk whole night long.

    Unfortunately even tho we dunwan to sleep, we HAVE to sleep! Otherwise kenot function the next day.

  9. karenyiau says:

    Oh my….it’s so similar with my screnario. My hubby after work also continue to work from home & the boss also will call him after working hours & even weekends & talk very long winded, really interrupting our private time. :

    Aiyoo. What type of boss….but what to do? Cari makan yah?

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