I’m a night owl, hubby is the early bird. Not only that, these days his job requires him to stay back later not by choice but lets put it this way, if he doesn’t he may find himself without a job and us without any income.

Usually he tries to come home early and do his work at home but even then he’s too tired. Quite often he falls asleep immediately after dinner and wakes up in the wee hours to do some work.

As for me, I’m still in lala land of sleep when he wakes up to go to work. So that leaves us with no time to talk at all. Luckily we have sms. He used to have msn at the office but not anymore. That was useful. Boo Hoo Hoo.

Now in order to “talk” I have to resort to writing things down on a paper or email or whatever just so I won’t forget to tell him and sometimes he replies to me on paper too. Silly! But at least we get to “talk” that way.

The corporate world is so sad. Being employed means you have to work hard for long hours. Why can’t employers see that employees need to have a balanced life in order to function better at work? Why can’t they see that a time for rest, family and recreation increases productivity instead of the other way around?

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