Old Ginger. Thats me! Most of those who has read my blog from two years ago knows how old I am. Its no big secret. But for those of you who don’t, I’m born in 1966. Go figure yourself. Haha.

I’ve passed Fourty and that makes me an old ginger! Now if only I knew all the things I know now in my 40s when I was in my 20s. Why, I would….

  • play harder
  • work harder
  • save more (so that I have more money now in my 40s. Haha.)
  • travel more
  • live, love and laugh more
  • etc etc etc

So now, I’m in my 20s stuck in a 40s body. Hahaha. I’m forever young. Age is just a number. The older I am (in body) the younger I become (in my mind). Lol!

My birthday’s in the month of June and like every other year, I have to buy my own birthday cake. That hubby of mine only knows how to buy chocolate cake. Even when I specified to him, I don’t want chocolate cake. I want something different that is green or orange, he still comes home with a chocolate cake (because he likes chocolate). Every since I’ve known him, I’ve been buying my own cakes for my own birthday. Its only in the past 2-3 years that he’s offered to buy for me but he gets it wrong! So I think I’ll stick to buying my own. Hahaha. That way, I can choose whatever I like.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish other Gemini’s a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to BKworm, Narrowband and Sesame. Thats all the Geminis I know. Anymore out there? Hands up please! And anymore out there who buy their own cakes? Hands up please!


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