My routine doctor appointment is approaching. I am anxious. I have 1001 questions for my doctor. I am afraid he will chase me out of his door before I am through with them!

One of the most important criterias a doctor should have (in my opinion) is people skills AND listening skills. I hate to see any doctor who treats me as just another patient and can’t wait to get me out of his door so he can see the next patient (after I’ve waited hours to see him). I’ve seen quite a few like that.

I know they’ve got lots of patients and they are pressed for time but at least try to listen and don’t make it so hard for the patient’s to ask a question.

There are also doctors who answer very defensively when you ask a question, as if you’re challenging them. Perhaps it is annoying to field questions for all knowing patients who ask you all sorts and manners of questions from what little they’ve learned from the internet but please understand that patients ask these questions out of ignorance and desire to learn and understand their own conditions and not to challenge you so you don’t have to act defensive.

Of course I’m speaking in general terms and not all doctors are like that but from my own experience of seeing some, quite a number actually have the kind of body language and curt and brief mannerism that makes me afraid to ask any questions. They don’t say it but I can see and feel what they’re thinking and they’re thinking…


So here I am, anxious and worried again, before my next doctor’s appointment. I hope it turns out ok. 

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