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The yoga poses image above was sourced from Yoga 

I would like to do or take up some Yoga because I read that it will help me in a lot of areas. However I have no time to go for classes and I am just totally baffled by the number of yoga poses and have no idea what each of them will do for me and which pose to do and whether I am doing the right thing.

I bought a Yoga for Beginners dvd but it looks too advanced for me! Hmm… and the title specifically mentioned “For Beginners.” Chey!Â

I look at the Yoga books available at the bookstores but they puzzle me too and besides I find tapes easier to follow then books. Its easier to have someone tell you what to do rather than to look at pictures, read and try to decipher them yourself.

I know that Yoga has been around for years but I’m sceptical about those who treat it like a fad or some latest exercise thingy to lose weight and tone up. It should be more than that shouldn’t it?

Errr….. can someone enlighten me please? Anyone?

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  1. kiasumum says:

    I just join the yoga class two weeks back and i find it really good so far. I’ve also bought this yoga kits from MPH, it’s come in a box contain a book, dvd and yoga mat cost around RM49.90 but the quality of the mat not so good. The title is Simply Pilates (Mind, Body, Breath) by Jennifer Pohlman.

    I thought pilate and yoga were different? Excuse me but I’m really ignorant. You must blog about your yoga class so I can have free lessons. Haha.


  2. Tracy says:

    Sorry can’t help u there. I don’t think Yoga’s for me cos I’m scared I’ll hear some ‘cracking’ sounds from those ‘old’ bones of mine if I’m made to ‘twist’ and ‘bend’ like what’s pictured. *blek*

    Age is only a number but bones will not lie. Haha.

  3. kiasumum says:

    yup… both is different. i learned yoga but bought pilates book coz of the FREE mat…. hehehehe

    Lol! I’m also looking for an exercise mat. But then you said its poor quality. Hmm.

  4. sesame says:

    I find those DVDs or CDs don’t work so well. Attending a class is better because you have a trainer to guide you. And for yoga, breathing technique is also important.

    I took it for awhile. Good for posture. But I got lazy…

    Unfortunately I can’t attend a class. 🙁

  5. Judy Leese says:

    At my age, with my ‘lau kut’, how to bend backwards like that wor. I better don’t play play with yoga, nanti I have to use tongkat to walk.

    You don’t have to bend backwards, you can bend forwards mah. My sisters who are 46 and 49 are attending classes too so lau lau also can wut. Haha. (My sisters better not read this or they will scold me for calling them lau lau) Hahaha.

  6. Annie Q says:

    Yoga i did attend few times and also pilate ,for me it a bit slow.I still prefer body balance,its a conbination of yoga n pilate.Quite fun too,but now i hardly got time. 🙁 Maybe u can get some book on those basic move for yoga or vedeo as u said. Try it a few times u will find it quite easy.It more concentrate on breafing.

    Oh, I didn’t know there was such thing called body balance.

  7. dolphine says:

    Before I got pregnant, I attended this three months yoga class at my workplace’s gym. The instructor is an experienced one.

    Sun salutations is one of the most basic posture you can start with. Check out this video

    U need to go slowly to avoid overwork your muscle. Every turn and move you need to do gradually, together with proper breathing technique, inhale-fill your tummy with air with the count of six slowly, and exhale-expel all the air slowly with the count of eight. (Hope I remember everything correctly). You can start with 3 sets first then slowly increase. That was how my instructor taught, every class she would ask us to do more than the previous class. It helps in increase your stamina and body flexibility.

    She also encourage to start slow first and as time goes slowly push our limit little by little, to increase the flexibility.

    Before doing the sun salutation, you should start with some light warm ups, can refer to this site:

    But beware certain poses are not suitable for people with back pain, neck pain, or even knee pain.

    You can also try Half Spinal Twist, Double Leg Raises, Seated Forward Bend, Hands to Feet, Triangle Pose, and Final Corpse (for relaxation).

    Hope they work for you. And they are all could remember now.

    Oh thank you so much Dolphine for your suggestions and the links. Its very sweet of you 🙂

  8. Yvy says:

    yoga is good from what i’ve heard. dont worry abt the poses – i know they look impossible but in due time, u can achieve that too. according to a program i watched on telly, they said not to push urself too much. just go as much as u can – no one can become plastic-woman over night u know? 🙂 All the best!!

    I find that I become more energized as opposed to more tired when I do my almost exercises and I can stretch further and further when I repeat my almost daily stretching exercises. Hehe. So Yoga should be the same if done daily or as often as one can.

  9. YogaJess says:

    When they say it’s for beginners, I’m sure it is for beginners. Practise make perfect tho. Give yourself few lesson to master some posture. The diagram up there is easy peasy. Wait till you see the intermediate posture. I’m hoping like a frog!

    You look pretty good on your Yoga blog so I’m sure you don’t have to hop around like a frog lah.

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