Tatooed Eyebrows Anyone?

I read an article about eyebrows tatooing recently and had a discussion with a friend about it. Well. I, for one, will never go for one of these procedures in the name of beauty.

My friend was tempted but she agreed with me that eyebrow fashion do change over the years. It becomes, thick then thin, then curved, then straight etc. If you have yours removed and tatooed than you’re stuck with it. At least with your natural one, you can pluck and draw. Thats more natural looking and easier to manage.

Eyebrow Tattoo, Eyebrow Embroidery. Gee! I don’t know the difference and I don’t care to know. My sis tells me that someone she knows had her eyeliner drawn on permanently a few years ago. (I don’t know how thats done.) It looked great at the time but now that heavily drawned eyes are out of fashion to make way for the more natural look, she looks like Countess Dracula. Hahaha.

So, no. I don’t want to feel pain in my pocket and pain on my brows only to have it out of fashion in a few years time. Lol! I told you, I was kedekut. Hehe. 

However I do envy looking at those beautiful women with eyebrows to die for. They really look great and great looking eyebrows can change one’s look quite dramatically. Mine look like a bunch of bush above my eyes. Hahaha. I have no time to even pluck them. Caring for my two little ones take up all of my time!

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  1. Yvy says:

    aiseyman….then go for eyebrow treading la. any indian beauty shop can do for u n only RM5 nia. plus this one, u can change with the times!! lol i normally get mine done when i leave the plucking for too long. but now cant coz i’m in ozland. 🙁 have to maintain myself.

    Treading not painful one meh?

  2. stay-at-home mum says:

    I have seen some ladies with tatooed eyebrows,and overtime it turns Green!! You wouldnt want to look like shrek would you? Yuck! I wouldnt do it! I like mine, bushy as it is ….no time even to neaten!

    ShreK??! Eek! Shriek!!! Hahaha. We are evil to laugh at others.

  3. kiasumum says:

    ahemm… i’m one of them.. not tatooing… is embroidery, want to look good ma, somemore not as bushy as you guys have. 🙂

    No need to pluck pluck pluck like us hor? Haha.

  4. dolphine says:

    I think Eyebrow Embroidery or Tattoo are fine. But having eyeliner drawn on permanently is like… BIG OUCH… though I don’t really bother about my own eyebrows, just once in a while having them trimmed when I go for my yearly or half-yearly facial, so they look neat. I’m so lazy and stingy.

    The last time I had my eyebrows shaved and drawn was for my wedding photos so you can’t beat me in the miserly department. Haha. 

  5. Judy Leese says:

    Yes, yes. I had my eyebrows picked since I was 12 and now I find that it is too thin and as they are not dark, I have to use eyebrow pencil all the time. Scared of pain wor!

    Last time fashion thin thin one mah. Hey. I’m going to see fatty poh soon. Any pesanan or words for her?

  6. sasha says:

    wei wei…next time uwalk pass the saloon hor. Ask them to do for u. Rm5 only. They chikchiak chikchiak very fast wan and nicely done.

    But tattoo no no for me. My mum went and it was like a swoosh ontop of her eyes. So funny.

    Embroidery is for those with lil hair. More natural.

    I have no time to even walk in pass a salon. So how? Anyway for embroidery, I’m told that they will pluck away most of your natural hair so you will have very little remaining wor.

  7. Judy says:

    MG, yes, please tell FH that I cannot jaga her kopitiam like she does. Nobody comes to chit chat anymore. 🙁
    Also, ask her to eat as much as possible on my behalf…especially laksa, char kueh teow, satay, crabs with mantou…..aiyoh, salivating already.

    No worries Judy. When she is back, the chatters will be back too. You’ll see. And I’ll remind her to eat. We’ll go to eat some of the char kueh teow, laksa etc on your behalf. Haha.

  8. Yvy says:

    not really lar….maybe the first time, will feel like ants biting but in time, u get used to it. it’s not so pain until u need painkillers lar! 🙂 go try once, it only takes a few minutes for both brows. 😉 good luck!

    I wish I had the time to try. 🙁

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