Now why is it that after you’ve fixed your leaking roof,


the rain goes away and the sun comes out to play, day after day?

Now I won’t know whether they fixed it ….. since I can’t test it …… since there’s no rain.

Hmmmm…now if it rains heavily again a few months from now, my contractor will tell me that its a new leak and charge me all over again for repair works. Grrrrr!

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  1. michelle says:

    Arg…u still can test it by creating fake rain. Use your garden host.

    My garden hose not enuf power. You come and pour pails of water for me can anot?

  2. Tracy says:

    Michelle beat me to commenting by asking u to use the hose to test the leak. Or try pouring pails of water to see whether it still leaks or not. Hahaha! *fast fast run away*

    You come and help Michelle pour pails of water for me can anot?

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